Kraftwerk / Complete Nagoya 1981 / 2CD

Kraftwerk / Complete Nagoya 1981 / 2CD / Virtuoso

Translated Text:
Live at Nagoya-shi Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan 13th September 1981

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A major board representing the legendary first visit to Japan is a major upgrade with a new discovery master. That famous board is “ORIENTAL COMPUTER (KW-1981-OR).” Yes, the Omoto cassette of the name recording which reigned long in the large staple of “KRAFTWERK in Japan” was excavated.
It is sucked into that name recording “September 13, 1981: Nagoya city public hall” performance. Speaking of first visit to Japan, FM broadcasting is also famous, and we’ve reported on numerous well-known boards at our shop. Let’s organize the schedule of the first visit to Japan, including the meaning of that collection arrangement.

· September 7th: Nakano Sanguraza
· September 8th: Nakano Sanguraza
· September 10: Shibuya Public Hall
→ “TOKYO 1981 3RD NIGHT”
· September 11: Osaka Festival Hall
· September 13: Nagoya City Auditorium → 【this work】

Over all, 5 shows. This work ‘s Nagoya performance is the ultimate superb album that is the last day of it. As mentioned above, this day was known as a large standard “ORIENTAL COMPUTER”, but it was regrettably about half of the show. Still, the sound was so terrible that it became a large standard, and our remaster board “COMPUTER WORLD IN NAGOYA: NAGOYA 1981” was very popular. This work unearthed Omoto cassette of such name recording by its own route. Directly made into CD. It is the first fully recorded album. In fact, its length is overwhelming. The episode was about 66 minutes at normal pitch, but this work is perfectly over 2 hours full show. Also included are “Computer Love”, “Home Computer”, “Neon Lights” and “Autobahn” that were not recorded, and the “Radioactivity” medley that had become a fadeout in the middle also firmly up to “The Voice Of Energy” and “Ohm Sweet Ohm” It can be tasted with the finest sound.
Besides, it’s not only long. Unique cassette unique upgrade sound is also terrible. Originally called “just like a sound board” was a name recording, but the direct feeling of the finest is as it is, the treble is further extended, the bass is far more fierce. It is a level where you can hardly feel the hiss noise which was slightly harsh. As a matter of fact, listening at the loud volume of the headphones will notice even a very small throat or clothing, but in addition to that it is the best sound board-like finest so that no evidence of audience recording is found.
However, this slight audience sense is also delicious. It is not mere silence, it is a silence that includes spectacular “sign”, so the tension feeling of drinking the first visit to Japan is brought up, the magnificent and precise cheers between songs and the contrast during performance are extremely real. At that time, it was also a manual performance that used the huge equipment called “I brought the whole studio”, but the live performance of Synthpop feels perfect and feels slightly creates a sense of urgency, and each time one song finishes Relax. Furthermore, the joy of noticing the introduction of “Showroom Dummies” is fresh, and the dynamism of enthusiasm for silence to change to boiling towards encore such as “Pocket Calculator” and “The Robots” is amazing. Unlike the full computer control present, it is a hot “live album” because it is a complete recording.

Even if the masterpiece “TOKYO 1981 3RD NIGHT (Virtuoso 300/301)” of Kinney recording which I wanted the fame of “the vertex board” and “the ultimate board” is passed over there, it is a famous large-sized record which does not draw a step. I found a master of miracles that caught my precious moments when Japan met new music. It is appearing as permanent preservation press 2CD specification suitable for the monumental monument in the history of Western music.

伝説の初来日を代表する名盤が新発掘マスターで大アップグレードです。その名盤とは『ORIENTAL COMPUTER(KW-1981-OR)』。そう、長らく“KRAFTWERK in Japan”の大定番に君臨してきた名録音の大元カセットが発掘されたのです。

・9月13日:名古屋市公会堂 →【本作】

以上、全5公演。本作の名古屋公演は、その最終日にあたる超極上オーディエンス・アルバムです。前述の通り、この日は大定番『ORIENTAL COMPUTER』で知られてきたわけですが、惜しむらくはショウの約半分という短さでした。それでも大定番になるほどサウンドが凄かったわけで、当店でもリマスター盤『COMPUTER WORLD IN NAGOYA : NAGOYA 1981』が大人気を博しました。本作は、そんな名録音の大元カセットを独自ルートで発掘。ダイレクトにCD化したもの。初の完全収録アルバムなのです。実際、その長さは圧倒的。既発は正常なピッチで約66分でしたが、本作はばっちりフルショウ2時間超え。未収録だった「Computer Love」「Home Computer」「Neon Lights」「Autobahn」も収録し、途中でフェイドアウトになっていた「Radioactivity」メドレーも「The Voice Of Energy」「Ohm Sweet Ohm」までしっかりと超極上サウンドで味わえるのです。
とは言え、このわずかなオーディエンス感覚もまた美味しい。単なる無音ではなく、観客の“気配”を含んだ無音だからこそ初来日の息を飲む緊張感が醸され、曲間の盛大で緻密な喝采と演奏中のコントラストが極めてリアル。当時は「スタジオを丸ごと持ち込んだ」と言われる巨大な機材を駆使した手動演奏でもあったわけですが、完璧に見えて微かに感じるシンセポップの生演奏が緊迫感を演出し、1曲終えるごとに弛緩する。さらには「Showroom Dummies」のイントロに気付いた歓喜は生々しく、「Pocket Calculator」や「The Robots」等のアンコールに向け、静寂が沸騰へと変わっていく熱狂のダイナミズムも凄い。完全コンピュータ制御の現在とは違い、完全収録だからこそ熱い“ライヴアルバム”なのです。

“頂点盤”・“究極盤”の名声を欲しいままにしたキニー録音の名作『TOKYO 1981 3RD NIGHT(Virtuoso 300/301)』を向こうに回しても、一歩も引かないフル収録の大名盤。日本が新しい音楽に出会った貴重な刹那を超極上に捉えきった奇跡のマスター発掘。洋楽史上の金字塔に相応しい永久保存プレス2CD仕様で登場です。


Disc 1 (56:25)
1. Intro. 2. Numbers 3. Computer World 4. Computer Love 5. Home Computer 6. The Model
7. Neon Lights 8. Autobahn

Disc 2 (64:59)
1. Radioactivity / The Voice Of Energy / Ohm Sweet Ohm 2. The Hall Of The Mirrors
3. Showroom Dummies 4. Trans-Europe Express 5. Pocket Calculator / Dentaku
6. The Robots 7. It’s More Fun To Compute

Virtuoso 373/374

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