Kate Bush / Before The Dawn 2014 / 3CD Wx OBI Strip

Kate Bush / Before The Dawn 2014 / 3CD Wx OBI Strip / Heathcliff

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Live At Eventim Apollo London England August 26, 2014. Digitally Remastered



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Announced the tour 35 years suddenly, tickets sold out in a blink of an eye. Tour Kate Bush also said the topic of 2014 up to as they are made since 1979. In this tour entitled “Before The Dawn”, without even song double the tour was conducted 35 years ago, so-called Kate Bush Classic is sealed, it became a stage full of active sense. With topics buzzing tour of Kate Bush every day, from the fact that a number of famous artists are realistic, I can ask this tour is or not attention how in the UK. This work is fully recorded in the ultra-high-quality sound stage 26 the first day, August the very latest 2014 tour of the Kate Bush.

Stage configuration is divided into four parts, disc 1 opening of the concert. I kicked off of “Red Shoes” recorded in “Lily”. That the opening of the tour in 1979 is “Moving”, the lyrics because it was phrase impressive that “I broke the Lily of me” You, in a new tour, … in response to it how would too thought of that. Number catchy and “Hounds Of Love” and “Running Up That Hill” is followed thereafter. Suite titled album B-side of “Hounds Of Love”, and THE NINTH WAVE is played Chubby disk 2. And disk 3 concept album from the “Aerial”, that will be played chubby This is also a suite entitled A SKY OF HONEY. Angkor and concludes with a “Among Angels” and “Cloudbusting”, from “Words of 50 for snow” which is currently the latest album.

From latest tour of Kate Bush, the complete recording at ultra-high sound quality, the London show August 26, 2014. The stage was imposing an unexpected think 35 years tour, there is no tension on the first day, great stage have been expanded. It can be said Kate Bush and was completely resurrected here. I think I want to continue to stage activities. Press record firmly permanent preservation of the beautiful picture disc specification. Japanese with belt.

突如35年ぶりのツアーを発表し、チケットは瞬く間にソールドアウト。2014年最大の話題ともいえるケイトブッシュが1979年以来に行なったツアー。「Before The Dawn」と題されたこのツアーでは、35年前に行なったツアーとは曲がダブることもなく、いわゆるケイト・ブッシュ・クラシックは封印され、現役感溢れるステージとなりました。英国では連日ケイトブッシュのツアーで話題はもちきりで、数々の有名アーティストが臨場していることからも、このツアーがいかに注目を浴びていたかが伺えます。本作は、そのケイトブッシュの2014年最新ツアーのまさに初日、8月26日のステージを超高音質にて完全収録しています。 

ステージ構成は4部にわかれ、ディスク1はコンサートのオープニング。『Red Shoes』収録の「Lily」で開幕します。1979年ツアーのオープニングが「Moving」であったこと、その歌詞が “あなたは私のLilyを壊したのよ“ という印象的なフレーズだったので、新たなツアーでは、それを受けて・・・というのは考え過ぎでしょうか。その後は「Hounds Of Love」や「Running Up That Hill」などキャッチーなナンバーが続きます。ディスク2はアルバム『Hounds Of Love』のB面、THE NINTH WAVEと題された組曲がまるまる演奏されます。そしてディスク3はアルバム『Aerial』から、A SKY OF HONEYと題された組曲を、これもまたまるまる演奏されるというコンセプト。そしてアンコールは「Cloudbusting」と、現在のところ最新アルバムとなる『雪のための50の言葉』から「Among Angels」で締めくくられます。 


01. Introduction & Annoucement
02. Lily
03. Hounds of Love
04. Joanni
05. Top of the City
06. Running Up That Hill
07. King of the Mountain


01. Phoning TheCoastguards
02. And Dream of Sheep
03. Under Ice
04. Waking The Witch
05. Skit: FatherAand Son
06. Watching You Without Me
07. Jig of Life
08. Hello Earth
09. The Morning Fog


01. Prelude
02. Prologue
03. An Architect’s Dream
04. The Painter’s Link
05. Sunset
06. Aerial Tal
07. Somewhere in Between
08. Tawny Moon
09. Nocturn
10. Aerial

11. Among Angels
12. Cloudbusting


Heathcliff. HC-11/12/13

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