Journey / Definitive Budokan 1983/ 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Journey / Definitive Budokan 1983/ 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Zion

Translated Text:
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 2nd March 1983 plus Bonus DVDR “Budokan 1983 Upgrade.  STEREO SBD


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Reprinted with the ultimate quality that renews the highest peak in Soundboard in Japan, one of the greatest peaks. It is permanent preservation decision!
At the height time, of course, “FRONTIERS”. The ultimate sound board is a traditional FM sound source of “March 2, 1983: Nippon Budokan” performance. This soundboard is a big staple in the classic that does not start even if it says the fourth five. Even in the Japanese performance which was carried out at the same time as the launch of the daimyo ‘s famous daimyo’ FRONTIERS ‘, it was a radio broadcast by a public broadcaster, which was a highlight of Nippon Budokan. Although it is a traditional sound board that has produced many episodes, this work is the ultimate board that further upgraded its highest peak master.

【Quality beyond the top of traditional sound board】
What became the original of this work was unearthed as “FRONTIERS IN TOKYO” from the Calm & Storm label five years ago, and was masterfully acknowledged as the highest peak ever. Radio broadcasting seems to be a good sound no matter who can record, but this master clearly has a different level. What I recorded was Mr. Miracle Man who was a master of producing a number of masterpieces in audience recording, but he was not only a recording person but also a recordingist. The sound which used the high-end equipment of those days and was also paying attention to the reception situation was overwhelming with many existing groups. It is not uncommon for the air check at that time to be a weak light sound of the bass, or it is not unusual to be sticky with the received noise, but this master has plenty of moderate and bassy responses, even the glossy dwells in the expanding treble There. A glittering sound up to one tone is a perfect official class …… No, even the official standard of Pinkili is a famous board class noises. It kicks off all the departures, and it is a superb sound with no more items yet.
However, there are many good demons. Although the basic sound was so wonderful, it was not perfect. Noise of less than 0.1 seconds existed in “Wheel In The Sky”, there were abnormalities due to tape for several seconds in “Frontiers” “Do not Stop Believin ‘” “Separate Ways”. Returning the reverse, although the basic quality was high enough to be called the highest peak ever in spite of such a disorder, this work is a complete restoration of such a drawback. Noise is eliminated, and uneven running of the audible limit is also corrected. I complemented the part which can not be recovered as it is as it was with another air check · master.
Furthermore, it utilizes the TV broadcast version sound board, not the radio broadcast. We also reproduced the beginning of “Chain Reaction” which was lacking in FM broadcasting. Of course, tying quality is also thoroughly implemented when connecting. Although it can not be a full show even on both radio and television broadcasts, you can enjoy seamlessly without breaking the soundboard of this day to the maximum. And polished as a whole. I realized the definite version specification which is more stereoscopic and extremely official.

【First Vertex Show to listen to intense rare music】
What is drawn with such ultimate quality is exactly the supreme live in Japan. Let’s confirm the position of the show from the schedule of the time here.

“February 22” FRONTIERS “release”
· February 22: Aichi Gymnasium
· February 24th + 25th: Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium
· February 26: Fukuoka Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
· February 28: Kyoto Prefectural Gymnasium
· March 1st: Nippon Budokan
· March 2: Nippon Budokan 【this work】
· March 4: Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium

This is a Japanese performance in a great heyday. Japan is a kick-off place of the world tour that began at the same time as “FRONTIERS” was released. It was a momentary moment when I took over the world with “ESCAPE” and started to re-uniformed again. Besides, the seventh performances are really delicious. Although it is a general theory to the last, it is said that even if it is a live live band it does not become effective from the tour first day, it will be familiar with a new set list with 5-6 performances from the start of the tour. This work seventh performance point is where the full power operation has just begun. In addition, they are the tour’s first tour / highlight performance for them, and they are not tired at all, and they are well-cared for the first goal. It is a masterpiece that has become a masterpiece.
And the contents are also special. Of course, we also play classic styles such as “Wheel In The Sky”, “Any Way You Want It”, “Lovin ‘, Touchin’, Squeezin ‘”, but basically “ESCAPE” “FRONTIERS” concentrate reduction. Six songs are selected from both albums, and it is the concentration which made 2 big famous boards tightly consolidated. Besides, it also plays intense rare songs such as “Frontiers” that fell in the early stages of the tour and “Do not Fight It” with Kenny Loggins. In our shop, we also introduced the best sound board album at the height of the peak “NORMAN 1983: PRE – FM MASTER (Zion – 106)” “PHILADELPHIA 1983: SUPERSTARS IN CONCERT (Zion – 128)”, I can not even listen to super masterpieces.

Repair, complement and polish the traditional soundboard’s ultimate master. It is exactly “DEFINITIVE” live album that realized the highest quality. It is JOURNEY ‘s first prestigious performance that entered the height stage, super valuable “Frontiers” “Do not Fight It” are also insignificant items that can be enjoyed with the official name board class sound. Please, please fully enjoy the press 2CD which does not lose its glow forever!


本作の大元になったのは、5年前にCalm & Stormレーベルから『FRONTIERS IN TOKYO』として発掘され、史上最高峰と絶賛されたマスター。ラジオ放送は誰が録音しても良い音になりそうなものですが、このマスターは明らかにレベルが違った。記録したのは、かのMiracle Man氏でして、オーディエンス録音でも数々の傑作を生み出してきた名手ですが、録音家としてだけでなく記録家としても一級だった。当時のハイエンド機材を使用し、受信状況にも気を配ったサウンドは幾多の既発群を圧倒。当時のエアチェックというと低音の弱い軽いサウンドだったり、受信ノイズでザラ付くことも珍しくないのですが、このマスターは中低音もたっぷりとした手応えがあり、伸びる高音には光沢さえもが宿っている。1音1音まで艶やかなサウンドは完全オフィシャル級……いえ、ピンキリの公式基準でも名盤クラスの美音。あらゆる既発を一蹴し、そして今なお超える物のない極上サウンドなのです。
しかし、好事魔多し。基本サウンドはあまりも素晴らしかったものの、完璧ではなかった。「Wheel In The Sky」に0.1秒にも満たないノイズが1カ所、「Frontiers」「Don’t Stop Believin’」「Separate Ways」にテープヨレによる異常が数秒ずつ存在していたのです。逆を返せば、そんな乱れにも関わらず史上最高峰と呼ばれるほど基本クオリティが高かったわけですが、本作はそうした欠点を完全修復したもの。ノイズを除去し、可聴限界ギリギリの走行ムラも補正。そのままでどうしても回復できないパートも別のエアチェック・マスターで補完しました。
さらにラジオ放送ではなく、テレビ放送版サウンドボードも活用。FM放送では欠けていた「Chain Reaction」冒頭も再現しました。もちろん、繋ぐにあたって音質調整も徹底的に実施。ラジオ+テレビの両放送でもフルショウとはいかないわけですが、この日のサウンドボードを最大漏らさずシームレスに楽しめる。しかも全体的にも磨き上げ。一層立体感のある、極めてオフィシャル的な決定版仕様を実現したのです。


・3月2日:日本武道館 【本作】

そして、その中身も特濃。もちろん「Wheel In The Sky」「Any Way You Want It」「Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’」といった定番も演奏しますが、基本的に『ESCAPE』『FRONTIERS』の濃縮還元。両アルバムから6曲ずつがセレクトされ、2大名盤を1つにギュッと固めたような濃度なのです。しかも、その中にはツアー初期だけで落ちた「Frontiers」やケニー・ロギンスとの「Don’t Fight It」といった激レア曲も演奏している。当店では、絶頂期の極上サウンドボード・アルバム『NORMAN 1983: PRE-FM MASTER(Zion-106)』『PHILADELPHIA 1983: SUPERSTARS IN CONCERT(Zion-128)』もご紹介してきましたが、この2曲はそんな超傑作でも聴けないのです。

伝統サウンドボードの究極マスターを補修し、補完し、磨き上げ。至高のクオリティを実現した、まさに“DEFINITIVE”なライヴアルバムです。絶頂期に突入したJOURNEY最初の名演であり、超貴重な「Frontiers」「Don’t Fight It」もオフィシャル名盤級サウンドで楽しめる銘品中の銘品。どうぞ、永久に輝きを失わないプレス2CDで存分にご堪能ください!


Disc 1 (49:45)
1. Chain Reaction 2. Wheel In The Sky 3. Line Of Fire 4. Send Her My Love 5. Still They Ride
6. Open Arms 7. Keyboard Solo 8. Frontiers 9. Rubicon 10. Faithfully
11. Who’s Crying Now 12. Don’t Stop Believin’

Disc 2 (33:45)
1. Stone In Love 2. Keep On Running 3. Any Way You Want It 4. Separate Ways
5. Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ 6. Don’t Fight It 7. DJ Outro.(Separate Ways)


Steve Perry – Lead Vocal Neal Schon – Guitar, Vocal Jonathan Cain – Keyboards, Guitar, Vocal
Ross Valory – Bass, Vocal Steve Smith – Drums



Journey / Budokan 1983 Upgrade /1Single DVDR/ Non Label

Translated text:

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 2nd March 1983 ,Broadcast on Young Music Show. PRO-SHOT

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The main press 2CD is the highest quality quality album of traditional soundboard ever. Originally, it is an unnecessary absolute board such as unnecessary bonus, but by chance, another master of transcendence related to the same show is found. I want to experience it, it is a gorgeous attachment decision!
The master of transcendence is a familiar multicamera · pro shot, famous program “Young music · show”. This program also becomes a large staple as well as the FM broadcast of the main press press 2 CD, but the program is the first thing to see quality even if familiar. The other day, the master of the same recorder as TOTO’s “BUDOKAN 1982: UPGRADE VIDEO MASTER (Uxbridge 833)” in which the upside of the impersonation shocked, the best dubbing and zero item while recording at that time. Not only the freshness of Genete but also the high quality endurance equipment of 1983 and the receiving environment that was distracting to the reception environment was extremely vivid and the beauty that would not have been so far even those who watched at that time. Bonus DVDR “TOKYO 1983” which was the highest peak so far was also beautiful, but even above it. Not only glossy image quality but ghosts are totally different. Of course, it is not zero in this work just for air check 35 years ago, but it is much less, very thin. Easy-to-see image effects and lyrics / telops that are displayed in several songs are easy to see, and the members are also clear.
What is painted with such visual beauty is “the other side” of the press 2CD of this volume. Far from the 2nd floor stand, the audience seems to be in a big golden age even though the audience seats up to the stage back seats, but the members are still young and their members are dazzling. Jonathan Cain wearing a yellow SF-style costume, Ross balerie having Steinberger, Steve Smith who notices the amount of hair loss when taken from above, fearless Neil Sean who was still in her twenties, and Steve Perry who makes a glittering singer cast with that expression …… Five people like those coming out of PV of “Separate Ways” expand the performance which is dignified at the wide stage of Nippon Budokan.

Five people who are going to depart “FRONTIER TOUR” right now, JOURNEY trying to enjoy the height of the life. It is one piece you can witness with their appearance and music with the best multi-camera / pro shot. Besides not only conveying the “far side” of the press 2CD, it is a new excavation master that recalls memories of 35 years ago with a beautiful screen than beautiful memory. The ultimate sound board and supreme pro shot gorgeous “new top” set. Please, please enjoy plenty.

その超絶マスターとはお馴染みのマルチカメラ・プロショット、名物番組“ヤング・ミュージック・ショウ”です。この番組も本編プレス2CDのFM放送と同じく定番中の大定番になるわけですが、番組はお馴染みでもクオリティは初めて目にするもの。先日、まさかのアップグレードが衝撃を振りまいたTOTOの『BUDOKAN 1982: UPGRADE VIDEO MASTER(Uxbridge 833)』と同じ記録家のマスターで、当時録画したままダビング・ゼロの極上品。ジェネ鮮度だけでなく、1983年当時のハイエンド機材と受信環境にまで気を気張った画質は極めて鮮やかで、当時ご覧になった方でもここまでではなかっただろうという美しさ。これまで最高峰だったボーナスDVDR『TOKYO 1983』も美麗でしたが、さらに上。艶やかな画質だけでなくゴーストもまるで違う。もちろん、35年前のエアチェックだけに本作でもゼロではありませんが、格段に少なく、非常に薄い。時代がかった映像エフェクトや何曲かで表示される歌詞/テロップも見やすく、メンバーの姿もクッキリとしているのです。
そんな映像美で描かれるのは、本編プレス2CDの“向こう側”。2階スタンドどころか、ステージ裏の席までビッシリと詰まった客席だけでも一大黄金期のムードむんむんですが、やはり若かりしメンバーの姿が眩しい。黄色のSF風な衣装を身にまとったジョナサン・ケイン、スタインバーガーを構えるロス・バロリー、上から撮影するとヤバい髪量に気付いてしまうスティーヴ・スミス、まだ20代だった精悍なニール・ショーン、そしてあの表情で艶やかな熱唱を轟かせるスティーヴ・ペリー……。「Separate Ways」のPVからそのまま出てきたような5人が日本武道館の広いステージで堂々たるパフォーマンスを広げるのです。

今まさに“FRONTIER TOUR”に旅立たんとしている5人、人生の絶頂期を謳歌しようとしているJOURNEY。そんな彼らの姿と音楽を極上のマルチカメラ・プロショットで目撃できる1枚です。本編プレス2CDの“向こう側”を伝えてくれるだけでなく、美化された記憶よりも美しい画面で35年前の想い出が甦る新発掘マスター。究極サウンドボードと至高プロショットの豪華“新てっぺん”セット。どうぞ、併せてたっぷりとお楽しみください。
1. Intro. 2. Chain Reaction 3. Send Her My Love 4. Still They Ride 5. Open Arms
6. Rubicon 7. Faithfully 8. Who’s Crying Now 9. Don’t Stop Believin’ 10. Keep On Runnin’
11. Any Way You Want It 12. Separate Ways

Bonus Tracks
13. Any Way You Want It (Live Tokyo 1981 on “Best Hit USA”)
Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan 31st July 1981

14. Separate Ways (Promo Clip on “Legend Of Super Stars” )


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