Jethro Tull / A Song For Columbus / 1CDR

Jethro Tull / A Song For Columbus / 1CDR / Galaxy
Translated Text:
Live At Ohio Theater, Columbus, Ohio November 9th 1970, Audience

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Early Jethro Tull A valuable live instrument newly appeared from the 1970 American tour!

November 9, 1970 Collections from high-quality audience recording master recorded performances at the Columbus Ohio Theater, Ohio.

In the time period, the set list unique to this period is precious, as well as the track “My God” is showing live from a new album “Aqualung” that has completed recording before the announcement, and album “Benefit”.

Discovery of early Jethro Tull It is the appearance of a highly recommended title as a live sound source!



01. “Hemorroid the orangutan” preamble
02. My God
03. With You There To Help Me
04. By The Kind Permission Of
05. A Song For Jeffrey
06. Sossity, You’re A Woman / Reasons For Waiting
07. Dharma For One
08. We Used To Know
09. Guitar Solo
10. For A Thousand Mothers

Live At Ohio Theater, Columbus, Ohio November 9th 1970

Galaxy. GX040

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