Jeff Scott Soto Queen Concert / Queen Convention 2003 / 1DVDR

Jeff Scott Soto Queen Concert / Queen Convention 2003 / 1DVDR / Non Label
Live at the Official International Queen Fan Club Convention, Prestatyn, North Wales, UK 10th May 2003 PRO-SHOT

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The ultimate QUEEN tribute and the greatest QUEEN marathon ever made will be a gift release decision.
Even if you say “Tribute Concert” in a bite, there are many different personalities. Famous collections of celebrities, follower band reenactments, shows like a copy-and-match contest by copy-bang, and more. This work is different from any of them. The point is “songs”. It is a live performance where a professional musician with a long history of fighting sings QUEEN’s masterpiece.
First, the band you are playing is real. I am puzzled by the unfamiliar artist name “THE JSS”, but the main character of this work is Jeff Scott Sort. A passionate vocalist known for Yngwie Malmsteen, JOURNEY, TALISMAN and other activities. He has not only participated in “DRAGON ATTACK” and “THE CROWN JEWELS”, but has often performed with Brian May and Roger Taylor. He is also a singer who embodies the love of QUEEN from time to time, including participating in the tour of Spike Edney’s SAS and the official tribute band QUEEN EXTRAVAGANZA. And there is no hamper at the site. At the QUEEN fan club convention held at “Pretattin on May 18, 2003”, it was a stage in front of real QUEEN fans to the bones.
[It is a scene that seems to be ridiculed by half-hearted things, but it is a passion that is opposite to showing the material to silence such a real fan and to make it hot. The most amazing thing is the volume of songs played. From the next to the next, 29 repertoires were rolled out quickly, and it was still not enough to play, 16 songs were concentrated in two medleys. A total of 45 QUEEN numbers will continue to be played for about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Let’s arrange and experience the amazing “QUEEN Marathon” set.

● QUEEN (1 song): Keep Yourself Alive
● QUEEN II (1 song): Procession
-Medley: Ogre Battle / Nevermore
● SHEER HEART ATTACK (2 songs): Stone Cold Crazy / Killer Queen
・ Medley: Tenene Funster / Flick Of The Wrist / Dear Friends / Lily Of The Valley
● A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (3 songs): ’39 / You’re My Best Friend / Bohemian Rhapsody
-Medley: Death On Two Legs / I’m In Love With My Car / Love Of My Life
● A DAY AT THE RACES (2 songs): Tie Your Mother Down / Somebody To Love
・ Medley: You Take My Breath Away / Good Old Fashioned Loverboy / The Millionaire Waltz
NEWS OF THE WORLD (4 songs): Spread Your Wings / It’s Late / We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions
● JAZZ (3 songs): Let Me Entertain You / Fat Bottomed Girls / Don’t Stop Me Now
-Medley: Jealousy
● THE GAME (4 songs): Another One Bites The Dust / Dragon Attack / Save Me / Play The Game
● HOT SPACE (1 song): Under Pressure
● THE WORKS (3 songs): I Want To Break Free / Hammer To Fall / Radio Ga Ga
・ Medley: Princes Of The Universe / Who Wants To Live Forever
● THE MIRACLE (1 song): I Want It All
● INNUENDO (2 songs): These Are The Days Of Our Lives / The Show Must Go On
-Medley: Innuendo

… and it looks like this. Although it was arranged, it is huge. It seems strange that “Now I’m Here”, “Liar”, and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” are missing while performing up to this point. Not only the famous famous songs but also the rare songs that the head family QUEEN + has never played can be mentioned. As a reminder, Jeff is not a copy-and-burn musician who never eats with a QUEEN cover, but a real singer who usually plays with original songs. Because he shows off the power that he can’t do for a person without QUEEN love, it’s just powerful.
Moreover, the performance is also hot. The members are iron walls only for those who have participated in Jeff’s solo work, especially guitary Howie Simon, who has become a hot topic in ALCATRAZZ. Such a person sings and performs with enthusiasm. QUEEN doesn’t do anything about costumes, actions and performances, and there is no such thing as “how far is it similar” or “that is different”. On the other hand, it is a rocky stage that pushes the “goodness of music” straight without thorough arrangements that sell and sell everyday individuality. Genuine QUEEN fans are delighted at such a show. The sympathy and enthusiasm spreads through a series of singing songs that just say “It’s a good song!”

The order has been completely reversed due to its greatness, but the quality of this work that recorded such a show is excellent. It seems that it is often not counted as Jeff’s official work, but it was distributed as a half official. A stereo sound board with a multi-camera pro-shot that has a slightly handmade feel, and an official sound. In fact, I think that it is a handmade feeling to produce a homely warmth.
In the hard rock world, Jeff Scott Sort is one of the best in singing and passion. It is a video work that allows him to experience the full tribute concert that makes him feel the length of his thoughts on QUEEN. Unlike the copy-bang group, which gets cold if you make a mistake, it is completely different from the coverage of celebrities who are only friends of members. Fan show that fans recognize. Please fully enjoy this opportunity.

★ It is a great performance. Please have a look. I’m sure the unseen fans will be surprised.

まず、演奏しているバンドが本物。見慣れないアーティスト名「THE JSS」に戸惑いますが、本作の主役はジェフ・スコット・ソート。イングヴェイ・マルムスティーンやJOURNEY、TALISMAN等の活動で知られる情熱派ヴォーカリストです。彼は『DRAGON ATTACK』『THE CROWN JEWELS』にも参加しているだけでなくブライアン・メイやロジャー・テイラーとも度々共演。スパイク・エドニーのSASや公式トリビュート・バンドQUEEN EXTRAVAGANZAのツアーにも参加するなど、常日頃からQUEEN愛を体現しているシンガーでもあります。そして、現場もハンパない。「2003年5月18日プレタティン」で開かれたQUEENのファンクラブ・コンヴェンションで、骨の髄まで本物のQUEENファンを前にしたステージだったのです。

●QUEEN(1曲):Keep Yourself Alive
●QUEEN II(1曲):Procession
・メドレー:Ogre Battle/Nevermore
●SHEER HEART ATTACK(2曲):Stone Cold Crazy/Killer Queen
・メドレー:Tenement Funster/Flick Of The Wrist/Dear Friends/Lily Of The Valley
●A NIGHT AT THE OPERA(3曲):’39/You’re My Best Friend/Bohemian Rhapsody
・メドレー:Death On Two Legs/I’m In Love With My Car/Love Of My Life
●A DAY AT THE RACES(2曲):Tie Your Mother Down/Somebody To Love
・メドレー:You Take My Breath Away/Good Old Fashioned Loverboy/The Millionaire Waltz
●NEWS OF THE WORLD(4曲):Spread Your Wings/It’s Late/We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions
●JAZZ(3曲):Let Me Entertain You/Fat Bottomed Girls/Don’t Stop Me Now
●THE GAME(4曲):Another One Bites The Dust/Dragon Attack/Save Me/Play The Game
●HOT SPACE(1曲):Under Pressure
●THE WORKS(3曲):I Want To Break Free/Hammer To Fall/Radio Ga Ga
・メドレー:Princes Of The Universe/Who Wants To Live Forever
●THE MIRACLE(1曲):I Want It All
● INNUENDO(2曲):These Are The Days Of Our Lives/The Show Must Go On

……と、このようになっています。整理したのに膨大。ここまで演っておきながら「Now I’m Here」や「Liar」「Crazy Little Thing Called Love」が抜けているのは不思議な気もしますが、とにかく凄い。定番の有名曲はもちろん、本家QUEEN+も演奏したことのないレア曲も挙げきれないほどにてんこ盛り。念のために付け加えますが、ジェフは決してQUEENカバーで食いつないでいるコピバン・ミュージシャンではなく、普段はオリジナル曲で勝負している本物のシンガー。そんな彼がQUEEN愛のない人間にできるはずがない力業を見せつけるのですから、それだけもド迫力です。



1. Procession
2. Let Me Entertain You
3. Tie Your Mother Down
4. Another One Bites The Dust
5. I Want To Break Free
6. Keep Yourself Alive
7. Spread Your Wings
8. Dragon Attack
9. Medley : Death On Two Legs / Princes Of The Universe / Tenement Funster / Flick Of The Wrist / Innuendo / Ogre Battle / I’m In Love With My Car

10. Fat Bottomed Girls
11. ’39
12. Hammer To Fall
13. Don’t Stop Me Now
14. You’re My Best Friend
15. Save Me
16. I Want It All
17. Guitar Solo
18. Stone Cold Crazy

19. Piano Medley : Dear Friends / You Take My Breath Away / Love Of My Life / Good Old Fashioned Loverboy / Jealousy / Nevermore / Lily Of The Valley / The Millionaire Waltz / Who Wants To Live Forever
20. Somebody To Love
21. Killer Queen
22. Play The Game
23. These Are The Days Of Our Lives
24. It’s Late
25. Under Pressure
26. Radio Ga Ga
27. Drum Solo
28. We Will Rock You
29. We Are The Champions

30 Bohemian Rhapsody
31 The Show Must Go On
32 God Save The Queen

Jeff Scott Soto – Vocals
Howie Simon – Guitar, Vocals
Gary Schutt – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Alex Papa – Drums, Vocals
Richard Mace – Backing Vocals
Pete Walkinshaw – Backing Vocals


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