Jackson Browne / Virginia Wolf Trap / 3CDR

Jackson Browne / Virginia Wolf Trap / 3CDR / Project Zip
Translated Text:
Live At Filene Center, Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA September 12th 2010. Soundboard

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From the 2010 national tour by Jackson Brown & David Lindley, the performances at the Vienna Wolf Trap, Filen Center in Virginia, Virginia on September 12, are recorded completely with the matrix / sound board sound source of the ear monitor · mix.
The first half is an acoustic set with David Lindley including cover of Warren Jivon and Springsteen, the second half is a highly recommendable title as a representative live tone source capturing the 2010 tour of just the fans in the performance by band formation!

Set Lists

Live At Filene Center, Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA September 12th 2010
DISC ONE: ACOUSTIC SET with David Lindley
01. Introduction/02. Seminole Bingo (Warren Zevon)/03. Brothers Under The Bridge (Bruce Springsteen)/04. For Everyman/05. Looking East /06. Soul Of A Man (Blind Willie Johnson)/07. More Than Eva Braun
01. Introduction/02. Off Of Wonderland/03. Giving That Heaven Away/04. Just Say Yeah/05. In The Shape Of A Heart/06. Your Bright Baby Blues/07. Fountain Of Sorrow/08. The Pretender/09. For A Dancer
01. Rock Me On The Water/02. My Problem Is You/03. Too Many Angels/04. Late For The Sky/05. Doctor My Eyes/06. Band Introductions/07. Running On Empty
Project Zip. PJZ-651A/B/C

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