Iron Maiden / The Book Of Souls Live Chapter / 1DVD+1Bonus DVDR

Iron Maiden / The Book Of Souls Live Chapter / 1DVD+1Bonus DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
The Concert Film plus Bonus DVDR “Live Chapter Documentary” Pro-Shot

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Steve Harris’ s whole live movie has appeared on permanent preservation press DVD. Just the other day, it is a pro shot video edition of the official live work “THE BOOK OF SOULS: LIVE CHAPTER” just released.

【Permanent preservation press DVD for video work】
IRON MAIDEN has released the official live board & DVD for almost every album since the 21st century. That “BOOK OF SOULS WORLD TOUR 2016 – 2017” was also an example and the live album “LIVE CHAPTER” was released. But this time it was a bit different from usual. There was no release of the video edition DVD which was customary, only the live album. Video edition became free distribution of the net. Of course, there is no omission in spite of being a delivery. Like the previous video work, Steve himself has edited and supervised himself, and it was a multicamera Pro shot work perfectly built in. Steve said in the interview “DVD is not selling so much anymore”, but if it is, then live CD will be more severe, and in the same interview “Our fans want products, they I will not do it by downloading. ”
Apart from that, surprised the maniacs around the world who I thought would be able to buy DVDs as a matter of course. Besides, only through the first delivery, currently distributed in tune units. Intro movies decorating the beginning have also been cut. In a review of a magazine, “I’d like to ask you to release on a physical DVD”, and in the forum of each country, “Do not you think that it is saturated by putting out DVD too much?” “It is planning to make DVD of Donington 92 in the near future Do you want to raise that expectation? “And so on, we also call speculation. This work is one piece to meet that expectation. It is a press DVD that permanently leaves streaming delivered full pro shots.

【Video work as the top of the tour】
The inside is an absolutely perfect official pro shot. From this tour there was also a definite pro shot “WACKEN 2016”, but this work carefully selected the best take from 14 world tours, whereas that was the one-time live through show. Currently IRON MAIDEN seems to be recording / shooting all shows, from which Steve himself checks everything and builds it with “Kore!” That is why the perfection of the performance is super class. “WACKEN 2016” is still delicious once-through freshness, but to be honest it is still one thing. I could not say “a best show”. However, this work is a famous performance that Steyr himself is convinced in every song.
This work is also edited. The “Number of The Beast” from the above-mentioned Wacken show and “The Book Of Souls” and “Blood Brothers” by Donington’s show had broadcast pro shots before, but this work is another angle / different editing. Steve preference zoom cuts are frequently used, and overlapping processing is also added. Also, the talk of the blues is almost cut entirely (because there are many local talks?), And it is configured so that the performance is continued all the time. In that respect the vivid document feeling is diminished (again, “WACKEN 2016” is also hard to throw away), but that is as much a “pro” shot as a pro shot of a natural character.

“WACKEN 2016” was also a really wonderful full pro shot. The above-mentioned freshness and “Tears Of A Clown” and “Hallowed Be Thy Name” which are not in this work are precious. Even now, the value of “WACKEN 2016” has not declined a bit. However, this work is undoubtedly the vertex work. It is an official work following “ROCK IN RIO” “DEATH ON THE ROAD” “EN VIVO!”, And is a video version of the live versus the original album.
It is sad that we can not have this masterpiece at hand. It is too lonesome. Even now it is released for free on a song basis, and it is meaningless to just put it on DVDR. If the official is not issued, someone has to make it into a pressed disc with its complete form. That’s it. It is a “work” that will remain forever.

スティーヴ・ハリス渾身のライヴ映画が永久保存プレスDVDで登場。つい先日、リリースされたばかりの公式ライヴ作品『THE BOOK OF SOULS: LIVE CHAPTER』のプロショット映像編です。

21世紀になってから、ほぼアルバム毎に公式ライヴ盤&DVDを発表してきたIRON MAIDEN。“THE BOOK OF SOULS WORLD TOUR 2016-2017”もその例に漏れず、ライヴアルバム『LIVE CHAPTER』が発売されたわけです。しかし、今回はいつもとはちょっと違った。慣例となっていた映像編DVDの発売がなく、ライヴアルバムのみ。映像編はネットの無料配信となったのです。もちろん、配信だからと言って手抜きなし。これまでの映像作と同様、司令塔スティーヴ自身が編集・監修しており、完璧に作り込まれたマルチカメラ・プロショット作品でした。スティーヴはインタビューで「DVDは、今はもうそれほど売れない」と発言していましたが、だったらライヴCDはもっと厳しいでしょうし、同じインタビューで「俺たちのファンは商品を求めている。彼らはダウンロードで済ませたりしない」とも言っていますが……。

その中身は、完全無欠の公式プロショット。このツアーからは決定版プロショット『WACKEN 2016』もありましたが、あちらがショウ1回の通し生放送だったのに対し、本作はワールドツアー14カ所からベスト・テイクを厳選している。現在のIRON MAIDENは、すべてのショウを録音/撮影しているらしく、そこからスティーヴ自身がすべてをチェックし、「コレぞ!」で組み上げている。それだけに演奏の完成度は超一級。『WACKEN 2016』は今でも1回通しの生々しさが美味しいのですが、正直なところ調子は今ひとつ。“ベスト・ショウ”とは言えませんでした。しかし、本作はどの曲もスティー自身が納得の名演なのです。
本作は編集も凝っている。前述ヴァッケン公演からの「The Number Of The Beast」やドニントン公演の「The Book Of Souls」「Blood Brothers」は、これまでも放送プロショットがありましたが、本作は別アングル/別編集。スティーヴ好みのズームカットが多用され、重ね処理なども加えられています。また、全体でもブルースのトークがほとんどカットされ(現地話が多いから?)、ひたすら演奏が続く構成になっている。その点で生々しいドキュメント感は薄れている(やはり『WACKEN 2016』も捨てがたい)ものの、それだけ“作品”然とした品格のプロショットなのです。

『WACKEN 2016』も本当に素晴らしいフル・プロショットでした。先述した生々しさや、本作にはない「Tears Of A Clown」「Hallowed Be Thy Name」も貴重。今もなお、『WACKEN 2016』の価値は些かも衰えてはいません。しかし、頂点作は間違いなく本作。『ROCK IN RIO』『DEATH ON THE ROAD』『EN VIVO!』に続く公式作品であり、オリジナル・アルバムに対するライヴ編の映像版です。

2. IF ETERNITY SHOULD FAIL – Live at Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney, Australia 6th May 2016
3. SPEED OF LIGHT – Live at Grandwest Arena, Cape Town, South Africa 18th May 2016
4. WRATHCHILD – Live at 3 Arena, Dublin, Ireland 6th May 2017
5. CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED – Live at Bell Center, Montreal, Canada 1st April 2016
6. DEATH OR GLORY – Live at Wroclaw Stadium, Wroclaw, Poland 3rd July 2016
7. THE RED AND THE BLACK – Live at Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo, Japan 21st April 2016
8. THE TROOPER – Live at Estadio Jorge Magico Gonzalez, San Salvador, El Salvador 6th March 2016
9. POWERSLAVE – Live at Plaza Dell’Unita D’Italia, Trieste, Italy 26th July 2016
10. THE GREAT UNKNOWN – Live at MRA Arena, Newcastle, England 14th May 2017
11. THE BOOK OF SOULS – Live at Download Festival, Donington, England 12th June 2016
12. FEAR OF THE DARK – Live at Arena Castelao, Fortaleza, Brazil 24th March 2016
13. IRON MAIDEN – Live at Estadio Velez Sarsfield, Buenos Aires, Argentina 15th March 2016
14. THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST – Live at Open Air Festival, Wacken, Germany 4th August 2016
15. BLOOD BROTHERS – Live at Download Festival, Donington, England 12th June 2016
16. WASTED YEARS – Live at HSBC Arena, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 17th March 2016

105min. Dolby 2.0 Stereo 16:9



Iron Maiden / Live Chapter Documentary / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Translated text:

Live Documentary & Bonus Footage. Pro-Shot

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Main press press DVD is a super decision board which realized permanent preservation of the video work abandoned by the official. However, the official video concerning “THE BOOK OF SOULS: LIVE CHAPTER” was not only live images. So, I got a bonus disc that included such related official footage and more delicious professional shots.
First of all, “Tour Intro 2017” is recorded at the beginning. It is a CG movie that gets rolled before the live show. A similar movie is also recorded on the main press CD, but “2016 version” there, this work is another “2017 version”. In the “2016 version”, there was a scene where ED FORCE ONE jumped out from the jungle, but after that, the 2017 tour was the main bus movement in Europe. So another version was created that does not include ED FORCE ONE. Of course, there is no ED FORCE ONE but it is Eddie who rampages instead. You can see deep power scenes that trace Eddy to the depths of ruins and clench a huge heart.
Next is the main documentary. This gathered 10 kinds of images released at the same time as the main live image. Members and staff will talk about the tour with a familiar dressing room scene, setting up situation, maneuvering landscape of ED FORCE ONE and so on. While tense, Adrian and Dave playfully tailored to the opening a cappella, Blues aiming at timing to jump out to the stage, Steve who is playing football on the off day, plenty of scenes that can not be seen in the main live video. Among other things, Buying Stage’s Stilm Eddie. I am killing the staff while waiting for a turn with a handy feeling (laugh).
Although it is an interesting documentary, interviews alone are somewhat lonesome. So I added delicious bonus footage to this work. First of all, two promo clips. It is a live clip of the only clip “Speed ​​Of Light” produced from “THE BOOK OF SOULS” and “Death Or Glory” released during the tour. The former is a classic · game-like CG featuring, and recently it is a MAIDEN-like clip that is focusing on games. However, this game screen is original and different from “LEGACY OF THE BEAST”. And another “Death Or Glory” is completely different from the main press DVD. Not only are we using concert scenes for images, but also voices are live.
Next, three promotional images. The two are tour trailers CM, a familiar illustration moves with grinding with CG, exciting expectation of a spectacular live. And, last is the CM of the game “LEGACY OF THE BEAST”. This is a masterpiece! While Eddie waits for a turn at the tour destination of “THE BOOK OF SOULS WORLD TOUR”, he is crushing castors in the game. The staff will have time! Even if it is urgent, Eddie who is keen about it is pretty funny CM.

Until now, live DVDs released by IRON MAIDEN included not only concert videos but also a number of bonus content. This work corresponds to the “THE BOOK OF SOULS: LIVE CHAPTER” version. It is the first DVD release of “THE BOOK OF SOULS: LIVE CHAPTER” to be completed, including this work as well as the main press press DVD of the live work. Please add to your collection as well!
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本編プレスDVDは、オフィシャルが放棄した映像作品の永久保存化を実現した超決定盤です。しかし、『THE BOOK OF SOULS: LIVE CHAPTER』にまつわる公式映像は、ライヴ映像だけではありませんでした。そこで、そうした関連オフィシャル映像をまとめ、さらに美味しいプロショットも収録したボーナス・ディスクもご用意しました。
まず冒頭に収録されているのは「Tour Intro 2017」。ライヴ前に流されるCGムービーです。本編プレスCDにも同様のムービーが収録されていますが、そちらは“2016年バージョン”で、本作は別の“2017年バージョン”です。“2016年バージョン”では、密林からED FORCE ONEが飛び立つシーンがフィーチュアされていましたが、その後、2017年ツアーはヨーロッパのバス移動がメイン。そこで、ED FORCE ONEが登場しない別バージョンが制作されたのです。もちろん、ED FORCE ONEがない代わりに大暴れするのはエディ。遺跡の奥深くまでエディを追跡し、巨大な心臓を握りつぶすド迫力シーンが見られます。
続くは、メインのドキュメンタリー。これは本編ライヴ映像と同時に公開された10種類の映像を集めました。お馴染みの楽屋風景や設置の様子、ED FORCE ONEの操縦風景などを交えつつ、メンバーやスタッフがツアーについて語ります。緊張しながらもオープニングのアカペラに合わせてふざけるエイドリアンやデイヴ、ステージに飛び出すタイミングを図るブルース、オフの日にサッカーに興じるスティーヴなど、本編ライヴ映像ではうかがえないシーンもたっぷり。特に見どころなのは、バックステージの竹馬エディ。手持ちぶさたな感じで出番を待ちながらスタッフをぶっ殺しています(笑)。
興味深いドキュメンタリーとは言え、インタビューだけではちょっと寂しい。そこで、本作には美味しいボーナス映像も追加しました。まずはプロモ・クリップ2曲。『THE BOOK OF SOULS』から制作された唯一のクリップ「Speed Of Light」と、ツアー中に公開された「Death Or Glory」のライヴ・クリップです。前者はクラシック・ゲーム風CGをフィーチュアしており、最近やけにゲームに注力しているMAIDENらしいクリップ。ただ、このゲーム画面はオリジナルで『LEGACY OF THE BEAST』とは違います。そして、もう1つの「Death Or Glory」は、本編プレスDVDとは完全別バージョン。映像にコンサート・シーンを使っているだけでなく、音声もライヴです。
続いてはプロモ映像3種。2つはツアーの予告編CMで、お馴染みのイラストがCGでグリグリと動き、スペクタクルなライヴの期待感を盛り上げる。そして、最後はゲーム『LEGACY OF THE BEAST』のCMです。これが傑作! “THE BOOK OF SOULS WORLD TOUR”のツアー先でエディが出番を待つ間、ゲームでヒマを潰しているのです。スタッフに時間だぞ!と急かされても熱中しているエディが可愛くも可笑しいCMです。

これまでIRON MAIDENがリリースしてきたライヴDVDはコンサート映像だけではなく、数々のボーナス・コンテンツも収録していました。本作は、その『THE BOOK OF SOULS: LIVE CHAPTER』版にあたるわけです。ライヴ作品の本編プレスDVDだけではなく、本作も含めて初めて『THE BOOK OF SOULS: LIVE CHAPTER』のDVD化は完成する。どうぞ、併せてあなたのコレクションに加えてください!

1. The Book Of Souls Tour Intro 2017
2. What’s The First Thing You’re Going To Do When You Get Home?
3. What Will You Miss, Now The Tour’s Over?
4. 3 Words To Describe The Tour…
5. If Eternity Should Fail (Alternate Intro)
6. Bruce’s Tour
7. Eddie, what have you done….
8. Messing Around On The Road
9. Steve’s Tour
10. Janick’s Tour
11. Dave’s Tour

12. Speed Of Light (Video Clip)
13. Death Or Glory (Live Clip)
14. The Book Of Souls World Tour 2016 Ad
15. The Book Of Souls World Tour 2017 Ad
16. Eddie battles Gods and Monsters…


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