Guns N’ Roses / Chicago 1987 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

Guns N’ Roses / Chicago 1987 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR / Zodiac
Translated Text:

Live at UIC Pavilion, University Of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL. USA 18th December 1987 plus Bonus CDR “St Paul 1987”

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“APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR” has repainted the entire earth. From that legendary tour, a wonderful new excavation live album has appeared!
It is contained in this work “December 18, 1987 Chicago performance”. This show was a concert of “hole” which had never been found any recordings or images. In any case, every legendary tour has been excavated every and every 30 years until now. “As expected” … It was thought that it is already, but it is no excuse for a new discover. Moreover, it is high quality recording until abnormal! Let’s first grasp the position of the show from the whole picture of the tour before the contents to worry about.

· June 19th – 28th: ​​Europe # 1 (UK 3 shows)
· August 1 – September 17: North America # 1 (24 shows)
· September 29 – October 8: Europe # 2 (8 shows)
· October 16 – December 31: North America # 2 (49 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· January 5 – February 12: North America # 3 (13 performances)
· March 31 – June 8: North America # 4 (30 performances)
· July 9 – September 17: North America # 5 + Donington (40 shows)
· December 4 – 19: Japan / Oceania (9 shows)

This is the big picture of “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR 1987-1988”. The Chicago performance of this work was a concert of “1987 end of the year” which corresponds to 42 performances of “North America # 2”. Actually, around this time, GUNS N ‘ROSES was also hit by accident. Steven Adler brawled in a bar and fractured his arm. He was greeted by Fred Kowley of CINDERELLA. It was nine performances from Friday 17th December 1987 to January 5th 1988 when Fred was acting as a substitute, and this work was also a concert corresponding to the second performance of that.
This work which contained such a show is the master who was just released from the prestigious “Krw_co” and is said to be an incredibly superb and superb audience … which was hitherto concealed …… even an advertisement Unbelievable dimension. In any case, it is furiously clear and indisputable direct. The venue reverberation was hardly felt, all instruments are close to the line recording flash. That’s it, the guitar rubs the strings, the vocals are super clear at the breath level. Besides, there is hardly any audience / noise. No, if you listen carefully with your headphones, there is real real enthusiasm … … well, it sounds like …. It is audience feeling like the snare ringing so it seems that it is a customer record, but it is almost like a spill soundboard almost like listening comfort.
Mania around the world are becoming turbulent only so much super and superb master, but there were only two fatal shortcomings. One is pitch. The master who appeared on the net has a pitch that is crazy crazy, and in severe parts it is more than 60% faster. The other is ending. Recording will end in the middle of the final song “Paradise City” (around 3 / 1.5 minutes). Therefore, this work solves these drawbacks with mastering. First, while correcting the pitch perfectly, the sound balance that was somewhat closer to the midrange range was also adjusted (although it was not fatal, but I did the best version at the same time). The last record missed is supplemented on the following day “December 19 Madison Concert”.

The wonderfulness of the first publicly released “Chicago Show” which became the best version in this way … …. As the drum is Fred Kourley, I can not say “magic of that five people”, but in reverse it is a valuable record. Moreover, the sense of stability is amazing although it says that it is eyes of 2 pinch hits. On top of that, the energy of “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR” that has changed the world explodes … … There is no husband this is bad.
Although it is a short show only on the undercard of Alice Cooper, as a new excavation of historic tours, valuable hit performance. It is a masterpiece that has drawn the whole picture with strange high-quality sound. It is “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR” for the first time to listen to all songs, all notes, and a word of MC. Thirty years since that wonderful tour, another new page appears.
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地球を丸ごと塗り替えた“APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”。あの伝説のツアーから、驚異の新発掘ライヴアルバムが登場です!
本作に収められているのは「1987年12月18日シカゴ公演」。このショウは、これまで録音も映像も一切見つかっていなかった“穴”のコンサートでした。何しろ、伝説ツアーだけに、今日までの30年間にありとあらゆる記録が掘り起こされてきました。「さすがにもう……」と思われていたのですが、まさかまさかの新発掘。しかも、異常なまでのハイクオリティ録音なのです! 気になる中身の前に、まずはショウのポジションをツアーの全体像から把握してみましょう。


これが“APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR 1987-1988”の全体像。本作のシカゴ公演は「北米#2」の42公演目にあたる“1987年末期”のコンサートでした。実はこの頃、GUNS N’ ROSESはアクシデントにも見舞われてもいた。スティーヴン・アドラーがバーで喧嘩騒ぎとなり、腕を骨折。CINDERELLAのフレッド・コウリーを代役に迎えていました。フレッドが代役を務めていたのは、1987年12月17日から1988年1月5日までの9公演で、本作はその2公演目にあたるコンサートでもありました。
それほどの超・極上マスターだけに世界中のマニアが騒然となっているのですが、致命的な欠点が2つだけあった。1つはピッチ。ネットに登場したマスターはピッチが豪快に狂っており、酷いパートでは60%以上も速くなっている。もう1つはエンディング。最終曲「Paradise City」の途中(3分半辺り)で録音が終了してしまうのです。そこで、本作ではこうした欠点をマスタリングで解消。まず、ピッチを完全に補正しつつ、やや中音域に寄っていたサウンド・バランスも調整(これは致命的とまではなかったものの、ついでに?ベスト・バージョンを期しました)。ラストの録音漏れは翌日「12月19日マディソン公演」で補完いたしました。

こうしてベスト・バージョンとなった初公開の“シカゴ公演”の素晴らしさ……。ドラムがフレッド・コウリーなだけに“あの5人”のマジックとはいきませんが、逆に言えば貴重な記録。しかも、代打2公演目だと言うのに安定感が凄い。その上で、世界を変えてしまった“APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”のエナジーが炸裂する……これが悪かろうハズがありません。
アリス・クーパーの前座だけに短めのショウではありますが、歴史的なツアーの新発掘にして、貴重な代打公演。その全貌を異様なハイクオリティ・サウンドで描ききった大傑作です。すべての曲、すべてのノート、MCの一言にいたるまで、初めて聴く“APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”なのです。あの素晴らしきツアーから30年、また新たな1ページが登場です。
1. Intro 2. It’s So Easy 3. Out Ta Get Me 4. Mr. Brownstone 5. Sweet Child O’ Mine
6. My Michelle 7. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 8. Welcome To The Jungle
9. Band Introductions 10. Nightrain
11. Paradise City (★3:34~Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI. USA 19th December 1987)

Axl Rose – Vocals Slash – Guitar Izzy Stradlin – Guitar Duff McKagan – Bass
Fred Coury – Drums

Zodiac 262

Guns N’ Roses / St Paul 1987 / 1Single CDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Roy Wilkins Auditorium, St. Paul, MN. USA 17th December 1987

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The main press CD is a splendid new excavation album that draws miraculous tours with super and superb sounds. Originally it is a sufficiently powerful title even without a bonus, but there is one more recording that I want to deliver even if it does not matter. So, it is an attachment decision pressed against the decision board that does not need a bonus!
The identity of such a work is the first day when Fred Kourry was invited as a substitute drummer at “St. Paul performance on December 17, 1987”. Yes, it is an audience recording that corresponds to the day before the main press press CD. Unlike Chicago performances of this volume, this show is known to record, but this work is not such a copy or remaster of that origin, but this is also the finest excavation. Actually, it is a work by the same recording person as the main press CD and it was also released from the prestigious “Krw_co” as well.
Just as the same recorder, excavation of prestige, this work is also unusual high quality sound. As expected it is not an unusual direct feeling as much as the main press CD, but it is a sound that sounds like an audience recording, but the transparency of air, clearness is higher for this work. Less audience and noise is a good game, overall it is as high a score as the main press CD. Similarly to the main press press CD, the pitch was outrageously wonderful with the net sound source, but corrected correctly in this work. I finished it as the best version of this recording. Despite the masterpiece so far, there are three reasons why this work went to the bonus. Incomplete recording where the recording is completed in the middle of “Nightrain”, type of things that makes sense of justice rather than the impact that the personality of the sound is “surprised”, although it is another recording, there is already existing departure . Although I was missing press making in this way, this work is also a good name recording suitable for permanent preservation for quality.
What is painted with that sound is a wonderful show comparable to the main press CD. The viciousness that seems to be “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”, the bizarre singing voice of young Axel Rose, the glittery sound of Slash and Isy Stradlin, the groove of Dough McQuay gigoli and the substitution of Steven Adler Drumming of Fred · Cowley to serve …… Everything reaches straight clearly. Document that Fred’s drumming is somewhat stiff and steady is also document. It is exactly a live album which becomes a sister version of the main press CD.

There was another new discovery of the miracle. One condition is a half-split album in which all the conditions are similar to the main press CD. Because the excavation this time is shocking, I would like you to enjoy the whole picture of the impact with 2 sets. A masterpiece of the new excavation album with that feeling. Please, please also love at hand. It is a wonderful live album suitable for it.
そのサウンドで描かれるのは、本編プレスCDにも匹敵する素晴らしいショウ。“APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”らしい荒々しさ、若きアクセル・ローズの傍若無人な歌声、スラッシュとイジー・ストラドリンの艶やかな音色、ゴリゴリとしたダフ・マッケイガンのグルーヴ、そしてスティーヴン・アドラーの代役を務めるフレッド・コウリーのドラミング……すべてがクリアに真っ直ぐ届く。フレッドのドラミングがやや堅めで堅実にこなしているのもドキュメント。まさに本編プレスCDの姉妹編となるライヴアルバムなのです。


1. Intro 2. It’s So Easy 3. Out Ta Get Me 4. Mr. Brownstone 5. Sweet Child O’ Mine
6. My Michelle 7. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 8. Welcome To The Jungle
9. Member Introduction 10. Nightrain

Axl Rose – Vocals Slash – Guitar Izzy Stradlin – Guitar Duff McKagan – Bass
Fred Coury – Drums

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