George Harrison / Once In A Lifetime / 2CD With OBI Strip

George Harrison / Once In A Lifetime / 2CD With OBI Strip / Valkyrie

Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka Japan December 12, 1991. Digitally Remastered

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George was the most disgusted of the tour during the Beatles. From 1966, the Beatles will move the axis of activity as a musician from the stage to the studio, but it is said that George’s intention was strong. Even after the Beatles were dissolved, George had a single appearance but as a tour he only had a North American tour in 1974. After that, although releasing the album, the release gradually became available, the 1987 “Cloud Nine” which was the first work in 5 years, and Will Belize’s two work finally disappeared from the music scene It was. It was whispered at that time that fans were concentrating on gardening with jokes. During that blank period, Clapton, who had been known for close contact with George, said that various people asked “What is George doing now?”

Clapton asked how George was from various people understood that people in the world have not yet forgotten George, rather they would like to see George sing again, and told George that. But in 1974 the media criticism of the media during the North American tour was deeply memorable, George refused to stand on stage again. Takashi Egawa said that he is sticking to take overseer as he is scared of being exposed to the storm again from the bashing of mass media at the time of joining, but from the personality of George who likes seclusion life, that is obvious Will.

But Clapton burns passion to bring George back to the stage, to stage it. This may be a sign of friendship that George wishes to be revived as a friend rather than for fans. Moreover, there are issues to be cleared in order to go on tour. For the organization of the band, the promotion, the contract relationship, George, who has long been away from the tour, meaning that going out on a tour must constitute everything from scratch. Clapton of this period released “Journey Man”, and also has performed in Japan in 1990. Clapton suggested to George. (1) The band can use your own band as it is. (2) I support myself on the same stage. (3) Japan is the most favorable country against the Beatles. It is also a mass communication. (4) I have performed a Japanese performance many times and have a relationship of trust with the promoter, etc. In other words, because we lend all of the tours that we normally do, as soon as we can participate by one body, Clapton set the stage. As such, in 1991 George and Clapton ‘s arrival in Japan came through with the efforts of Clapton.

George is doing the tour for the first time in 17 years since 1974. And when it comes to Japan it will be the first time in 25 years since the Beatles. The only thing in the world that the tour of George Harrison was done in Japan is a very happy thing for Japanese fans and it became a rare thing that fans all over the world have been paying attention to. All 14 performances will be held in Japan. Starting with Yokohama 2 Osaka performances, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, and again Osaka 3 performances. And finally it was a long time of 3 performances at Tokyo Dome. George, who was tense at the beginning of the Yokohama show, gradually afforded as well as having enjoyed Japan’s warm hospitality, favorable audience, and the stage after a long absence, and the tour ended greatly. After that, although a global tour was also considered, Clapton lost his son and, as a result, it was a precious tour only in Japan. Again Japanese fans were happy.

This work has recorded the performance of Osakajo Hall from December 12 from George ‘s 1991 visit to Japan. George’s Japanese performance has already released all performances from M Claudel Label, and you can know the whole picture. However, in addition to those, this work includes not only those that should be separately collected, in terms of recording with the first appearance sound source of high sound quality, but if it is said to be one title by George ‘s Japanese performance, It is finished that it is good to choose the work. The most concerts in George ‘s Japan tour were held in Osaka – jo Castle Hall, which is actually five times out of all 14 times. 12th is the last day in Osaka.

What is noteworthy in this work is its sound quality. There is no doubt that it is the best quality with all audience instruments of George’s arrival in Japan. Although incomplete Nagoya performance was left with excellent sound quality and it was regarded as the best during the performance in Japan, this work is exactly the highest sound quality surpassing it as well. This work is a recording by DAT unusual in the era when cassette tape was still mainstream as well as Nagoya performance, I am surprised by the splendor of its quality. First of all, the sound is close. Of course the performance is close, but the example in which George’s vocals are singing in front of us so far may not be the case with other sound sources. It seems that it was recorded just in the front row of the arena. Clapton’s guitar is recorded vividly and nearly as if he picked up the monitor sound. There are no people clapping a big clap to the surroundings, and it is worth noteworthy that the whole performance is recorded in a well-balanced manner very clearly. Also note that the whole sound is recorded in a wide range. It covers all the upper and lower wide sound range unique to DAT, coupled with the goodness of the sound of Osakajo Hall, Hall echo is also minor, and its heart quality deprives me of the splendor of its sound quality. Perhaps maniacs think that they possess titles of numerous touring performances so far, but this work will be specially brilliant among them.

In addition, this work includes 2 songs “Fish On The Sand” and “Love Comes To Everyone” from Yokohama Arena performance on December 1, 1991 as a bonus track. As you know, these two songs are rare songs played only on the first day in Yokohama. In this work, these two songs are also recorded with the first appearance sound source of high sound quality by DAT recording. As an additional truck, the interview at Capital Tokyu Hotel where George stayed on the last day of the tour was recorded. This is an unusual interview performed in the hotel room before the concert.

From George’s 1991 visit to Japan, which was the only one in the world, Osakajo Hall performance on December 12 was recorded at the first appearance sound source of high sound quality. The splendor of its sound quality is the best one among the entire performance instruments of the 1991 visit to Japan. In addition, two songs played only on the first day in the bonus track are recorded at the first appearance sound source again. George ‘s visit to Japan that has released numerous titles so far, I am convinced that even though I own them, I am still the best title I can not remove. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. Japanese style attaching.







また本作にはボーナストラックとして、1991年12月1日横浜アリーナ公演から「Fish On The Sand」と「Love Comes To Everyone」の2曲を収録している。ご存知の通りこの2曲は初日横浜公演のみで演奏されたレア曲である。本作にはこの2曲もまたDAT録音による高音質の初登場音源で収録されている。さらに追加トラックとして、ツアー最終日12月17日ジョージが宿泊していたキャピタル東急ホテルにおけるインタビューを収録している。これはコンサート前にホテルの室内で行なわれた珍しいインタビューである。


01. I Want To Tell You
02. Old Brown Shoe
03. Taxman
04. Give Me Love
05. If I Needed Someone
06. Something
07. What Is Life
08. Dark Horse
09. Piggies
10. Pretending
11. Old Love
12. Badge
13. Wonderful Tonight

01. Got My Mind Set On You
02. Cloud Nine
03. Here Comes The Sun
04. My Sweet Lord
05. All Those Years Ago
06. Cheer Down
07. Devil’s Radio
08. Isn’t It A Pity
09. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
10. Roll Over Beethoven

11. Fish On The Sand
12. Love Comes To Everyone

13. Interview

Valkyrie. VAL-023

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