Freddie Mercury / Tribute Original Japanese Broadcast 1992 / 2DVD

Freddie Mercury / Tribute Original Japanese Broadcast 1992 / 2DVD / Non Label

Translated text:
Live at Wembley Stadium, London, UK 20th April 1992 PRO-SHOT


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April 20, 1992 Freddie after death, Queen as head-liner at SUMMER SONIC 2014, came to Japan along with Adam Lambert from the broadcast at the time was held at Wembley Stadium in London the “Freddie Mercury memorial concert” recorded.

Three members left becomes the center, that call for the people attention and awareness of AIDS and memorial of Freddie, discrimination in prejudice, the eradication is carried out as a charity concert of purpose, in 70 countries worldwide broadcast (relay it is said to include), about 1 billion people were watching, but to this release save state is good, the original Japanese broadcast version was broadcast on the anniversary!) and (Freddie November 24 the same year in certain satellite you can enjoy over the 4 hours and 20 minutes on DVD. total directly from the video tape.

The day before the broadcast date, (the United States 20 released in April next year, one year after the concert) pattern of the concert, has been the official video (below Official) will be released in the UK but, as that can withstand the appreciation as a work, the full-length it is a completely different thing to redo the audio mixing and review of over camera work, comparing the difference between the broadcast version, precious scene that was never cut split is reflected in the switching of the day relay camera finely has been captured thing. example, and where Joe Elliott shouting “Brian Me~e ~ Lee” is Gary Sheron “slide-mesh”, at Hammer To Fall in Tie Your Mother Down, Roger Daltrey at the ending of I Want It All you can see and where you grin looked at each other cable of the microphone-wielding is is caught by the guitar of Brian. it enhances the elation with heavy also cut the audience swells in the whole stadium. Part of Brian of “Get Your ~” may not hear sing of Tie Your Mother Down, and playing miss on the interlude of Stone Cold Crazy intro and Las Palabras De Amor of (The Words Of Love) is also superb for voice it has been fixed in. Hence referee’s fan is I go up to the official course, broadcast version of the safe direction, which took a wide angle of view because it does not Torinigasa sights even a little in that she relay that can not fail also is a must.

And selling of this work up to, is that has been recorded Innuendo Robert plant that had been cut in the official sing above all. Because there is a live take of only as a queen, it’s can be seen in this high-quality I’m glad as a fan. Besides, would have been cut by the demands and time constraints of co-starring musician side, passages in it so as not to Manobi it also. contains few songs a song that can not be seen only here still There is a part that has been cut, but there are many advantages cut was very low version of the broadcast here. try to discover the difference by comparing with everybody by all means.

There is also that wide-screen television is not popular in the world still at that time in 1992, four screen ratio: It has been relayed and inclusion in the standard size of 3, but in order to respond to the wide-screen TV in 2002 on DVD and later, up and down 16 was blow-up cut: Since became a pseudo-wide image of 9, is a more valuable document of that captures the entire screen.

More definitive edition was released in the official by the above reasons, never the broadcast version is re-broadcasting twice. Blu-ray of, 2013 edition DVD of the 2002 version (hereinafter, DVD also is a master of the 1992 edition has become Omoto.. the DVD master of the 2013 edition had been based also re-broadcast the agency of the other day)

Moreover, time or from empty to air in Japan, Retake the fix of some has entered in their becoming the material, you can discover is a difference between those during the relay. The broadcast version, Las Palabras De Amor (The is a mystery Correct the playing mistakes in the intro of Words Of Love), Maikuofu state of Robert Plant at the intro of Innuendo has been resolved slightly. however playing mistake of Stone Cold Crazy is is left intact. This guess it is not only, but might has become to the original is the material of the stage before the fix full-fledged enters, it is was sent in “makeshift for the time being.” Anyway you’re part intro Well (, song · will there was no direct use at this stage at if I make a mistake flashy so far)

Video interviews of musicians and members Freddie, who participated, such as the promo clip and live the Queen has been projected on the screen of the stadium to “interval” in the case of replacement concert the first half, the group, also during the interruption associated with setting program progress of the spirit show that has continued, it is non-stop until the end instead of “intermission” and snack time and toilet time often is a lock festival. exactly what’s a “The Show Must Go On” in any way.

Let’s try to play the disc.

Title seems that time can not see the official suddenly “Freddie Mercury memorial concert” and “THE FREDDIE MERCURY TRIBUTE” flows, fans come with a jerk at this stage also I think in a lot. Beginning opening four minutes of this part is of the Japan Broadcasting own, preview scene of the venue and words, of Roger and Brian of February 12, 1992 in the “BRIT Awards” original outstanding will liven up a great deal of atmosphere · it can be said with the introduction. From words to say “The weather is very best, the rain I do not rain. God.’ll Become the day of. Best friend of Freddie,” said Brian, edit preeminent to start from the promo clip of Bohemian Rhapsody familiar is just here you can see only in! Three members who were left standing on the stage of Wembley atmosphere was abuzz. Metallica show starting at the introduction of John Deacon uncommon word spectacular. There is a cut of the moment due to broadcast master or trouble when broadcasting at 2 min after Zoletile injection per Enter Sandman started, but the voice of that portion was compensation. Having appeared across the interval Extreme. The playing classic medley of Queen at 14 minutes of the first, and excitement to the extent it is not any more the venue. You then acoustic playing Love Of My Life, the More Than Words by two people of Nuno Bettencourt and Gary Sheron, but this name live official unreleased. It has become a must-see on a large part of the first half because not only see in the broadcast version. What is recorded in the official also Def Leppard it only cover playing Now I’m Here Brian appeared, and the first official phase of (Vivian after participating does not watch only the broadcast version of Animal, the Let’s Get Rocked live!). This Is Spinal Tap was also taking a laugh jokes longer than the playing time (MC) before a performance, but also including The Majesty Of Rock, cut plump. (Learn satellite relay from Johannesburg, South Africa) has been cut also Special Star of Vu – Until The End Of The World of U2 that has been relayed to the satellite video screen also, Mango guru. Speech of Elizabeth Taylor impressive has been recorded completely and Guns N Roses, are also included in the official but, of course, important documents live is, numerous performances of all of the performance of the guest performer only this it seems that it was also included interval between songs that are watching the classic Queen of, all of which is important and is a must-have, must-see for fans from those no doubt.

Let’s try to explain to one song each live part of the show late Queen has contest with a variety of guests of “QUEEN”.

· Interval
Voice of Freddie echoed where you go raised gradually. Start from where the audience answer the shout was projected on the screen and the left and right front of the stage, Freddy of “Day-O”, the tension of the audience became Max , opening the best intro to the next song starts in rapid succession.

· Tie Your Mother Down
Brian singing (co-starring with Elton John in Paris January 17, 1997 is the last. Actually) as squeeze out. Show seemed to last to play three people gathered at Queen name from here begins the moment that seems a lot of people has watched for the first time almost all over the world vocal feel sadness. to sing this song that he made. December 7 Queen fan Club Christmas 1990 also (previous-to back the Bandoza cross of Roger, I’m singing in ’92 guitar Festival October 19 Seville Expo 1991 party appearances.)
Joe Elliott show the staging of high tension with guitar instead of slash vocals, to skip from one track from the second. Stage like a queen, magnesium has exploded at the same timing.

· I Want It All
After invited Tony Iommi Brian is introduced as “old friends”, you play the intro of Heaven And Hell Black Sabbath, Roger Daltrey is that Mike distinctive and cutting the code of Pinball Wizard of The Who the premiere as. queen you can see you are brandishing violently also. songs during appeared in performance. way, Roger is’re told something to the whispers in the staff, playing John also while taking the rhythm right foot it is a song.

· Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love)
Figure which is clenched Zucchero. Microphone stand of Italian musicians, singing with great feelings while closing the eyes stunned the audience, Roger was introduced to the depth of the exchanges. Members have also participated in playing in air guitar in the interlude you are using a 12-string guitar. Brian, which is also the song is hear about is, except for the mime playing Promo clip even as queen, was played for the first time.

· Hammer To Fall
When incoming while walking slowly. Introduce, Brian shout the song Freddie par takes the microphone (. Ticker that is pronounced “Sherone” has also become so Brian) Gary Sheron as a “best friend” whether there was trouble. Red Specials Utaimakuri in high spirits while swinging a large body a start. muscular, to show the dialogue closer to running in place of each member of the three, Brian is to copy the model of the guild where you play the intro has been change.

· Stone Cold Crazy
Roger and pummeled rim shot snare and hi-hat, the audience begins clapping flashes of lighting will also be violently to match it. Among heavy bass sounds it guitar, bass overlap, song start. James Hett count of Roger maybe you choose this song unusual for him field shaking his head large, because it is the song that’s cover in. itself Metallica to sing with a hand microphone. at. intermediate part that Red Specials Brian has been resurrected the compromised by playing mistake, but (. that this part has not been modified). to rebuild somehow Drying

· Innuendo (incl. Kashmir)
Clapping to. Stadium was the moment that has amazed the people who had not expected in one of the song selection a. Surprise heavy sound is roaring in the count start from the drum roll of Roger, if you want to reproduce live a rainy day this song one of the special guest, Robert Plant appeared while. trouble his song is not hear occurs monitor microphone is in a state close to the off hand because sing. was flying the second mistake the song also configure then since you’ve started singing Te, it deviates from the performance of the back, but Robert is intense guitar interlude (which is swapping back and forth lyrics) Include. the Kashmir Led Zeppelin suddenly where. melody that rush to meet the bottom line somehow became calm performance is shifted breath of Brian and Roger do not match even in part that begins. During this time Robert has hit the tambourine. not sing well because key is too high to Robert as a whole. official not these factors overlap it has become a recorded, but very valuable because it is the only live take as Queen.

· Thank You
. Brian that it is possible to see also the official is from here is dimensional worlds in the 12-string guitar again, and Knuckles intro of Thank You Led Zeppelin, the audience is boiling, it is a message of gratitude towards. Freddie to listen attentively to the voice. June 26, 1986, it is Immigrant Song since in former West Berlin, Germany performances. queen is to play the songs of Led Zeppelin Roger is remove the sunglasses for a moment.

· Crazy Little Thing Called Love
It plays the intro Brian familiar to hear. There is a dialogue of the audience and Robert in the Arrange to be repeated three times, “I’m ready (ready Freddie)” is. Playing the interlude and then change to the Red Special in the middle.

· Too Much Love Will Kill You
It is a premiere of Brian works that have not been published in the official still at this stage, back-patting the. Labor playing with two people and spike Edoni that accompany the tour also now as support musicians from WORKS TOUR of 1984 “him When you introduce the hero “of the shadow, in the Arrange simple that are not. colored started to sing while playing the keyboard. playing after that. audience singing voice of Brian pierce the heart are also listening to the quiet, Brian is sitting in a chair on the keyboard I introduce the next guest while.

· Radio Ga Ga
Paul Young sing while turning round and round the microphone stand. Promo clip Similarly, audiences here are clapping and rhythm to raise his hands, but Live Aid in 1985, at the same venue at the Magic tour the following year movement sharp a sharp over it, is the moment when the feelings for Freddie became just one synchro rate., it’s as if shaking the whole stadium. John is dimensional worlds in precision bass red.

· Who Wants To Live Forever
It is good to be “cried when I first sang.” Large cheer goes up, with great. Emotions Brian starts playing the intro on the keyboard Brian is to introduce the seal as “the man who sparked a firestorm in the UK” the singing by singing with a solid.

· I Want To Break Free
Roger and attract Lisa Stansfield,. John and sings in a voice that was taking advantage of. High tone appeared to have a vacuum cleaner in the parody promo clip of this song, show a margin for cleaning around the Brian also interlude during the black . Roger that is returned to the precision bass is remove the sunglasses completely from this song.

· Under Pressure
Howling of microphone occurs in the part of. Annie introduce Roger attract special guests of the 2nd and Annie Lennox, and David Bowie, you have call twice. And Annie this song by duet (cut in official) of two There. David finished praised her as “a woman of great beauty” by sings powerfully while cuddled, Annie is a stage. Finally have also reproduced echo part “love, love …” of. responsible for the part of Freddie leave.

· All The Young Dudes
David chorus and sax. Ian is called. Mott Hoople that David began to partition from here, out to talk about rock scene at the time and had been locked most, lead to Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson takes a vocal, to live in the Mott Hoople in the UK Southend December 1, 1973, members of the. queen Phil Colin and Joe Elliott has also joined the chorus also participate in backing vocals 3 people with the exception of John there is a history that was.

· Heroes
Referred to as “dedicated to Freddie Mercury this song.” Mick Ronson only remaining, to play the classic Heroes of David in succession, to the occasion as “for the people who are afflicted with this disease” and Freddie go away from the stage and knelt, shouting “God bless you.” that reading the Lord’s Prayer. Mick Ronson is suffering from liver cancer (It should be noted that in April 29 1993, about one year after this concert since his death,. this will be the last live performance)

Live like a queen, set the bass drum in front of the stage, it’s short arrangement of only .1 No. Roger that has tambourine is attracting special third guest, George Michael, but George. Brian is installed incorrectly lyrics 12-string I play an acoustic guitar.

· These Are The Days Of Our Lives
From here to proceed by the partition of George, and recall the Lisa Stansfield again, sing in duet. Closest to the voice quality of Freddie in the performer of this is George, harmonizing with Lisa also decided pat there. Lisa to leave the stage here. George gave a speech about homosexuality here, to appeal that the sweetness of the recognition that dangerous. This is also a song premiere as queen.

· Somebody To Love
It is convinced it is a song you do not sing unless the volume of voice powerful. Him one of the highlights of this concert that starts George is introduced as a “favorite song”, and some things just became a candidate of Freddie after the death . chorus of gospel choir liven up the whole song, I have put out a good effect.

· Bohemian Rhapsody
He started playing the famous intro that everyone know Elton John is sitting in a chair on the keyboard, the audience is large chorus. However it downstage from .2 number that towards the chorus they’ve won key of the song of Elton is low . opera part after the end to sing it back to normal keys while negotiations to come out to, magnesium wipe the fire, Axel Rose would have affected Freddie, and crowded run with a microphone stand that was cut . audience to snuggle with Elton when it comes to ballads part again sang. lock part coming, it concludes while hugging the shoulders had become a roar of most today.

· The Show Must Go On
Drain off the sleeves from the stage quietly and singing to introduce a “love song”. Elton remains in the stage, describe the gratitude to three members of QUEEN. This is also a song premiere as QUEEN. (January 17, 1997 after five years,. that are going to be playing again at the same members in Paris, France)

· We Will Rock You
Intro of this song is started, recognize .Radio Ga Ga similar to that end is close, the audience takes a sufficiently long. Intro Axel Rose comes in while riding on. Rhythm to accept this song in the whole stadium after you go to downstage while, and the reaction was confirmed, to sing vocals in the high range while fueled audience. How to sing with a hand microphone and throw holy microphone stand before the third begins, hugging and Brian after the end is projected.

· We Are The Champions
To introduce a special surprise guest last Brian as well tell a word of thanks to the audience, but his voice Showbiz boundaries. Freddie you have flipped the “Raiza~a ~!” Kankiwamari’ll give the name as a favorite musician as well as John Lennon (ticker spelling mistakes) especially important lyrics .2 No. singing to chew on one word for word in the. slow tempo the whole stadium is wrapped in cheers in unison with the advent of the “~ thank you all” large star, Liza Minnelli ovation occurs sing. scenes full cast is set to stage from the late, sang two more times. repeated portion to be a large chorus, riser convey a message of thanks to Freddie night sky heaven at the end mutual praised performer while hugging each, it is in memory of the deceased in the. stage on scenes that struck the chest. Incidentally, the performer has with a red ribbon is a symbol of this event all, that she Charity among the performers who participated only large chorus. last wearing impression, appearance Rudolf Schenker and Klaus Meine of Scorpions and Rick Parfitt of status-Quo, Billy Squire, such as Neil Murray also confirmed (with only described Neil Murray in the final credits of credit.). that can be

· God Save The Queen (taped outro.)
Ohiraki song live annual Queen flows, the majestic figure of the past days of Freddie that admission to the stage while dragging a long cloak suffer the crown on the screen projected, fireworks. Memorial chorus of according to the tape goes up, the concert I close the curtain.

· Japanese broadcast ending [AIDS prevention messege (BGM: Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)) / present information] Main concert After the completion of the overlap in the ending by Japan’s own editing, telop strong message very will flow back to the song selection is not any more for the Japanese video and Freddie were black-and-white processing.

. He who left the performance of many rock world that has passed away is an end to the history of his original AIDS without treatment methods currently vocalist of Queen, Freddie Mercury – November 24 “1991 we were struck. the trouble in this AIDS to spread, even now still continues to grow, people who suffer, has produced even discrimination a new. only thing you know about this disease immunodeficiency syndrome -AIDS., to protect themselves , it’s a sole means of prevention right now. Do not forget why this concert is performed, what artists of many who participated whether sued. ”

It is felt “feelings” strong Japan side production staff that does not end as recorded program of concerts just this, was broadcast by selecting this day it is the anniversary of Freddie dare, you can not see it without tears.

Comments female announcer entered the last, there is a phrase called “(released December 10) – that has not been released yet in Japan” as a gift announcement, but as mentioned above the United Kingdom released a day before the broadcast, modified already you’ll want to evaluate the wise decision that was broadcast here in spite of the situation in which master you can get. it has been re-broadcast also in may (next year but, of course, “one year … Freddie has passed away today.” comments female announcer of the last that says it. did not)

Was broadcast from 12:00 on November 24, which marks the anniversary of the first year after the 1992 Freddie (Tuesday) afternoon, “Freddie Mercury memorial concert” Japan First broadcast version. For Queen fans all over Japan that was to see if in real time, memorable, and I think we can was a program that is very feelings. 2-Disc DVD press that you recorded in the video of the best original broadcast full version of up to 20 minutes this 4 hours is this work. Greeting at the beginning of Roger it is not a “Cry as much as you like!”, But blockbuster Queen fan inevitable tears of gratitude of all. This book is the real excitement of ’22 before revives.


SUMMER SONIC 2014でのヘッド・ライナーとして、アダム・ランバートと共に来日したクイーンがフレディ死後の1992年4月20日、ロンドンのウェンブリー・スタジアムにて開催した「フレディ・マーキュリー追悼コンサート」を当時の放送から収録。


コンサートの模様は、この放送日前日、イギリスでオフィシャルビデオ(以下オフィシャル)が発売(アメリカは翌年4月20発売、コンサートの1年後)されましたが、作品として鑑賞に耐えられる様、全編に渡りカメラワークの見直しと音声ミキシングをやり直した完全な別物であり、この放送版との違いを比較すると、カット割りが細かく当日中継カメラのスイッチングで映る事のなかった貴重なシーンが捉えられている事です。例えば、Tie Your Mother Downでジョー・エリオットが「スラ~ッシュ」、Hammer To Fallではゲイリー・シェローンが「ブライアン・メェ~イ」と叫ぶところや、I Want It Allのエンディングでロジャー・ダルトリーが振り回すマイクのケーブルがブライアンのギターに引っ掛かりお互いに顔を見合わせニヤリとするところなどを見る事が出来ます。スタジアム全体でオーディエンスが盛り上がるカットも多用して高揚感を高めています。音声に関してもTie Your Mother Downの歌い出しでブライアンの「Get Your~」の部分が聞こえなかったり、Las Palabras De Amor(The Words Of Love)のイントロやStone Cold Crazyの間奏での演奏ミスなどが見事に修正されています。よって当然オフィシャルに軍配が挙るのですが、失敗出来ない中継だという事で少しでも見所を取り逃さないため画角を広く撮った無難なディレクションの放送版も必見です。



以上の理由によりオフィシャルで決定版がリリースされた以上、この放送版が2度と再放送されることはありません。(以後2002年版のDVD、2013年版のBlu-ray, DVDも1992年版のマスターが大元になっています。先日の同局の再放送も2013年版のDVDマスターが元になっていました。)

しかもこの放送版は、日本でのオンエアまで時間が空いたからか、多少の直しが入ったリテイクが素材になっているようで、中継時のものと違いが発見できます。 Las Palabras De Amor(The Words Of Love)のイントロでの演奏ミスを修正し、Innuendoのイントロでのロバート・プラントのマイクオフ状態が僅かながら解消されています。しかしながらStone Cold Crazyの演奏ミスはそのままなのが謎です。これは推測に過ぎませんが、本格的な直しが入る前段階の素材であり、「取りあえずの間に合わせ」で送られたのが元になっているのかも知れません。(まぁイントロ部分ならともかく、曲中でここまで派手に間違えていたらこの段階では直しようが無かったのでしょう・・・)

コンサート前半、グループの入れ替えの際の”インターバル”にはフレディやメンバー、参加したミュージシャンのインタビュー、クイーンのライヴやプロモクリップなどの映像がスタジアムのスクリーンに映し出されており、セッティングに伴う中断中にもショーは続いているという趣旨のプログラム進行で、決してロックフェスでありがちなトイレタイムや軽食タイムといった”インターミッション”ではなく最後までノンストップです。まさに”The Show Must Go On”なのです。


 いきなりオフィシャルでは見れない「フレディ・マーキュリー追悼コンサート」「THE FREDDIE MERCURY TRIBUTE」という当時らしいタイトルが流れ、この段階でグッとくるファンも多いのではないでしょうか。この部分の4分間の冒頭オープニングは日本放送独自のものであり、1992年2月12日の「BRIT Awards」におけるブライアンとロジャーの言葉、そして会場の下見シーンは雰囲気を大いに盛り上げてくれる抜群のオリジナル・イントロダクションと言えるでしょう。ブライアンの「天気は上々、雨は降らないよ。神様はフレディの味方さ。最高の日になるよ。」と言う言葉から、お馴染みのBohemian Rhapsodyのプロモクリップからスタートする抜群の編集はここだけでしか見れません!騒然とした雰囲気のウェンブリーのステージにたつ残された3人のメンバー。珍しくジョン・ディーコンの紹介でスタートするメタリカのショーは圧巻の一言。Enter Sandman開始2分目あたりで放送時のトラブルか放送用マスターに起因する一瞬のカットがありますが、その部分の音声は補整しました。インターバルを挟んで登場したのはエクストリーム。最初の14分でクイーンの名曲メドレーを演奏し、会場をこれ以上ない程に盛り上げます。その後、ゲイリー・シェローンとヌーノ・ベッテンコートの2人でLove Of My Life、More Than Wordsをアコースティック演奏しますが、この名ライヴはオフィシャル未収録。放送版でしか見れないので前半の大必見パートになっています。デフ・レパードもオフィシャルに収録されているのはブライアンが登場するNow I’m Hereのカバー演奏のみで、Animal、Let’s Get Rockedはこの放送版でしか観れません(ヴィヴィアン参加後の最初期の公式ライヴ!)。スパイナル・タップも演奏前に演奏時間よりも長いジョーク(MC)で笑いをとっていたがThe Majesty Of Rockも含め、丸々カット。同じくビデオスクリーンに衛星中継されたU2のUntil The End Of The World、マンゴ・グル―ヴのSpecial Star(こちらは南アフリカのヨハネスブルグから衛星中継)もカットされています。オフィシャルにも収録されているガンズ・アンド・ローゼズ、そして感動的なエリザベス・テイラーのスピーチは完全に収録されていますが、これだけ重要なドキュメントライヴは、ゲストパフォーマーの演奏の全ての演奏は勿論、数々のクイーンの名曲が観れる曲間インターバルも含めた、その全てが重要であり、ファンにとっては必携・必見であることは間違いないものと思われます。


ステージの正面と左右のスクリーンに映し出された、フレディの「Day-O」の掛け声に観客が答えるところからスタート。徐々に 盛り上がっていき、オーディエンスのテンションがマックスになったところでフレディの声が響き渡り、続けざまに次曲の イントロがスタートする最高のオープニング。

・Tie Your Mother Down
ここからクイーン名義で3人が揃って演奏する最後と思われたショーが始まる。(実際には1997年1月17日パリでのエルトン・ジョンとの共演が最後。)絞り出すように歌うブライアンのボーカルが切なさを感じる。彼が作ったこの曲を歌うのを世界中で大勢の人々がほぼ初めて観たと思える瞬間だ。(以前にも1990年12月7日クイーン・ファン・クラブ・クリスマス・パーティ出演時にロジャーのバンドザ・クロスをバックに、1991年10月19日セビリア・エキスポ ’92 ギター・フェスティバルでも歌っています。)

・I Want It All
ブライアンが「古い友人」と紹介してトニー・アイオミを招き入れ、ブラック・サバスのHeaven And Hellのイントロを弾いた後、ザ・フーのPinball Wizardのコードをカッティングするとロジャー・ダルトリーがあの独特のマイク・パフォーマンスで登場。曲中も激しく振り回している。途中、ロジャーがスタッフに耳打ちをして何か伝えているのを見る事ができ、ジョンも右足でリズムを取りながら弾いている。クイーンとしては初演の曲である。

・Las Palabras De Amor(The Words Of Love)

・Hammer To Fall

・Stone Cold Crazy

・Innuendo(incl. Kashmir)

・Thank You
ここからがオフィシャルでも見る事が出来る。ブライアンが再び12弦ギターに持ち替えて、レッド・ツェッペリンのThank Youのイントロを弾き出すと、オーディエンスが沸き、歌声に聞き入る。フレディに向けた感謝のメッセージである。クイーンがレッド・ツェッペリンの曲を演奏するのは1986年6月26日、旧西ドイツ・ベルリン公演でのImmigrant Song以来である。ロジャーが一瞬サングラスを外して いる。

・Crazy Little Thing Called Love
ブライアンが聞き慣れ親しんだイントロを奏でる。途中でレッド・スペシャルにチェンジし間奏を弾く。「I’m ready(ready Freddie)」が3回繰り返されるアレンジでロバートとオーディエンスの掛け合いがある。 

・Too Much Love Will Kill You
この段階ではまだオフィシャルで発表されていないブライアン作の初演であり、1984年のWORKS TOURからサポートミュージシャンとして現在もツアーに同行しているスパイク・エドニーと二人での演奏。労をねぎらい彼を「影のヒーロー」と紹介すると、キーボードを弾きながら歌い始める。色付けされていないシンプルなアレンジで、ブライアンの歌声が心に突き刺さる。オーディエンスも静かに聞き入っている。演奏後、ブライアンがキーボードのイスに座ったまま次のゲストを紹介する。

・Radio Ga Ga

・Who Wants To Live Forever

・I Want To Break Free

・Under Pressure
ロジャーがアニー・レノックスと2人目の特別ゲスト、デヴィッド・ボウイを呼び込む。アニー紹介の部分でマイクのハウリングが起こり、2度コールしている。(オフィシャルではカット)2人のデュエットによるこの曲をアニーがフレディのパートを受け持つ。「love, love…」のエコー部分も再現している。最後は寄り添いながら力強く歌い上げて終了。デヴィッドが「絶世の美女」と彼女を絶賛し、アニーはステージを去る。

・All The Young Dudes



・These Are The Days Of Our Lives

・Somebody To Love

・Bohemian Rhapsody

・The Show Must Go On

・We Will Rock You
この曲のイントロが開始されると、オーディエンスは終了が近い事を認識する。Radio Ga Ga同様、スタジアム全体でこの曲を受け入れる。リズムにノリながらアクセル・ローズが入ってくる。イントロを十分長く取りながらステージ前方へ進み、反応を確認した後、オーディエンスを煽りながら高域のボーカルで歌い出す。3番が始まる前にマイクスタンドを放り捨ててハンドマイクで歌い、終了後ブライアンと抱き合う様子が映し出される。

・We Are The Champions
ブライアンがオーディエンスに感謝の言葉を伝えるとともに最後の特別サプライズゲストを紹介するが、その声は感極まり「ライザァ~!」と裏返っている。フレディがジョン・レノンと同様にお気に入りミュージシャンとして名前を挙げるショウビズ界の大スター、ライザ・ミネリ(テロップはスペルミス)が登場するとスタジアム全体が一斉に大歓声に包まれる。スローテンポで一語一句かみしめるように歌う。2番の歌詞「~thank you all」を特に大事に歌い大喝采が起こる。後半からは出演者全員がステージに集合し、大合唱となる。繰り返し部分を2回多く歌い、最後にライザが夜空に向かって天国のフレディに感謝のメッセージを伝える場面は胸を打たれる名シーン。ステージ上では出演者がそれぞれ抱き合いながら称え合い、故人を偲んでいる。なお、出演者は皆このイベントのシンボルマークであるレッドリボンを付けており、チャリティーだという事を印象付けている。最後の大合唱だけ参加した出演者の中には、ステイタス・クォーのリック・パーフィットやスコーピオンズのクラウス・マイネとルドルフ・シェンカー、ビリー・スクワイアー、ニール・マーレイなどの姿も確認出来る。(エンドロールのクレジットでニール・マーレイのみ記載あり。)

・God Save The Queen(taped outro.)

・Japanese broadcast ending[AIDS prevention messege(BGM : Teo Torriatte(Let Us Cling Together))/present information]




1992年フレディの1年後の命日に当たる11月24日(火)昼の12時から放送された「フレディ・マーキュリー追悼コンサート」日本初回放送版。リアルタイムでご覧になられた日本中のクイーン・ファンにとっては、記憶に残る、非常に思い入れのある番組だったのではないでしょうか。この4時間20分に及ぶオリジナル放送完全版を最良の映像で記録したプレスDVD 2枚組が本作です。ロジャーの冒頭の挨拶「Cry as much as you like!」ではないですが、全てのクイーン・ファン感涙必至の超大作。22年前のリアルな感動が蘇る一本です。

Disc 1 (144:07)

1. Japanese Broadcast Opening(BRIT Awards 12th February 1992/Brian May & Roger Taylor Interview etc)
2. Opening : Bohemian Rhapsody(from video “MAGIC YEARS”)/Concert Title Logo
3. Introduction by Queen(Brian May, Roger Taylor & John Deacon)

4. Enter Sandman 5. Sad But True 6. Nothing Else Matters

7. Interval
You Take My Breath Away(QUEEN Earls Court, London, UK 6th June 1977)
The Great Pretender(Freddie Mercury promo clip)
My Melancholy Blues(from video “MAGIC YEARS”)
Somebody To Love(QUEEN Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK 5th June 1982)
One Vision(QUEEN promo clip)

8. Queen Medley : Mustapha/Bohemian Rhapsody/Keep Yourself Alive/I Want To Break Free/Fat Bottomed Girls/Bicycle Race/Another One Bites The Dust/We Will Rock You/Stone Cold Crazy/Gary Cherone & audience – call & response/Radio Ga Ga/Bohemian Rhapsody(reprise)

9. Love Of My Life(Gary Cherone & Nuno Bettencourt)
10. More Than Words(Gary Cherone & Nuno Bettencourt)

11. Interval
I Want It All(from video “MAGIC YEARS”)
Play The Game(QUEEN Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK 5th June 1982)
The Show Must Go On(QUEEN promo clip)
These Are The Days Of Our Lives(QUEEN promo clip)
Barcelona(Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe promo clip)
I Want To Break Free(QUEEN promo clip)

12. Animal 13. Let’s Get Rocked 14. Now I’m Here(with Brian May)

15. Interval
I’m Going Slightly Mad(QUEEN promo clip)/The Invisible Man(QUEEN promo clip)

16. Too Late God

17. The Majesty Of Rock

18. Until The End Of The World [Via Satellite(intro. Cindy Crawford/VTR rec. Sacramento, California,USA 17th April 1992)]

19. Interval
Radio Ga Ga(QUEEN promo clip)

20. Paradise City
21. (intro. Only Women Bleed)Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

22. Elizabeth Taylor AIDS prevention speech(intro. Ian McKellen)

23. Interval
Breakthru(QUEEN promo clip)
Artists comment(Robert Plant, Seal, Paul Young & Annie Lennox)
The Miracle(QUEEN promo clip)

Disc 2 (116:12)

1. Interval(Freddie Mercury & audience – call & response)
2. Tie Your Mother Down(with Joe Erriott & Slash)
3. (intro. Heaven And Hell/Pinball Wizard)I Want It All(with Roger Daltrey & Tony Iommi)
4. Las Palabras De Amor(The Words Of Love)(with Zucchero)
5. Hammer To Fall(with Gary Cherone & Tony Iommi)
6. Stone Cold Crazy(with James Hetfield & Tony Iommi)
7. Innuendo(incl. Kashmir)(with Robert Plant)
8. Thank You(with Robert Plant)
9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love(with Robert Plant)
10. Too Much Love Will Kill You (Brian May with Spike Edney)
11. Radio Ga Ga(with Paul Young)
12. Who Wants To Live Forever(with Seal)
13. I Want To Break Free(with Lisa Stansfield)
14. Under Pressure(with David Bowie & Annie Lennox)
15. All The Young Dudes(with Ian Hunter, David Bowie, Mick Ronson, Joe Elliott & Phil Collen)
16. Heroes(with David Bowie & Mick Ronson)/Lord’s Prayer(David Bowie)
17. ’39(with George Michael)
18. These Are The Days Of Our Lives(with George Michael & Lisa Stansfield)
19. Somebody To Love(with George Michael)
20. Bohemian Rhapsody(with Elton John & Axl Rose)
21. The Show Must Go On(with Elton John & Tony Iommi)
22. We Will Rock You(with Axl Rose)
23. We Are The Champions(Liza Minnelli & all stars)
24. God Save The Queen(taped outro.)
25. Japanese broadcast ending[AIDS prevention messege(BGM : Teo Torriatte(Let Us Cling Together))/present information]


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