Frank Zappa / Halloween Night In New York 1980 / 2CDR

Frank Zappa / Halloween Night In New York 1980 / 2CDR /Red Zapp

Translated Text:

Live At Palladium New York, NY October 31st 1960.Audience/SBD


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Frank Zappa annual live sound source of Halloween concert 1980, appeared in the audience recording + sound board sound source by up to master!

In October 31, 1980, this performance at the New York / Palladium was partly used as an official sound source, but realized almost complete reproduction with high quality sound audience recording in the first half and sound board sound source in the second half.

Regardless of this, the lineup which combined three guitarists including Steve Vai in addition to Zappa is noticeable this time!

Collector Zappa I’m 80 years Halloween Live! It is!






01. Opening
02. Chunga’S Revenge
03. Band Introductions
04. You Are What You Is
05. Mudd Club
06. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
07. Dumb All Over
08. Heavenly Bank Account
09. Suicide Chump
10 . Jumbo Go Away
11. If Only She Woulda
12. I Do Not Wanna Get Drafted
13. Tell Me You Love Me
14. I’M A Beautiful Guy
15. Beauty Knows No Pain
16. Charlie’S Enormous Mouth
17. Any Downers?
Conehead 18.
19. The Blue Light
20. Cosmik Debris


01. Keep It Greasey
02. Outside Now
03. Tinseltown Rebellion
04. Doreen
05. Goblin Girl
06. Halloween Audience Encore Tune Up
07. Dancin ‘Fool
08. Brown Bobby
09. Ms Pinky
10. Stick It Out
11. Vinnie’S Wedding Preamble
12. Watermelon In Easter Hay

Red Zapp.056A/B

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