Eric Clapton & Friends / A Tribute To Ginger Baker 2020 / 1BluRay R

Eric Clapton & Friends / A Tribute To Ginger Baker 2020 / 1BluRay R /  EC2020BD1

Live at Eventim Apollo, London, UK, 17 February, 2020

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February 17, 2020 Eric Clapton played a key role in the Ginger Baker memorial tribute concert held at Hammersmith Apollo Hammerstein in London, England. Blu-ray completely recorded by audience multi-camera editing appeared! In addition to the Clapton Band, Steve Winwood, Roger Waters, Ronnie Wood, Nile Rogers, Kenny Jones, and Ginger’s son, drummer Coffie Baker, also participated as special guests. Performances centered on the numbers of the Cream / Blind Face era are tears to behold! It is a must-see live video where you can relive this night’s concert with multi-camera editing including a shot shot. In addition, as a bonus recording, the video of the Clapton part was recorded from the charity concert “Music For The Marsden” held at London O2 Arena on March 3, 2020. This is a slightly distant shot that you can’t miss!
2020年2月17日エリック・クラプトンが中心となって英ロンドンのハマースミス・アポロ(Eventim Apollo Hammerstein)で行われたジンジャー・ベイカー追悼のトリビュート・コンサートをクローズ・ショットを中心とした高画質HDのオーディエンス・マルチカメラ編集で完全収録したブルーレイが登場!クラプトン・バンドに加えスペシャル・ゲストとしてスティーヴ・ウィンウッド、ロジャー・ウォーターズ、ロニー・ウッド、ナイル・ロジャース、ケニー・ジョーンズさらにジンジャーの息子であるドラマーのコフィ・ベイカーも参加。クリーム/ブラインド・フェイス時代のナンバーを中心とした演奏は感涙ものです!コロースショット含むマルチカメラ編集でこの夜のコンサートを追体験できる必見ライブ映像となっています。さらにボーナス収録として2020年3月3日ロンドンO2アリーナで行われたチャリティ・コンサート「Music For The Marsden」からもクラプトン・パートの映像を収録。こちらはやや遠めのショットながら見逃せない映像です!

01. Intro (Video with interviews and a drum solo from Ginger Baker)
02. Sunshine of Your Love (with Roger Waters)
03. Strange Brew (with Roger Waters)
04. White Room (with Roger Waters, Ronnie Wood and Kenney Jones)
05. I Feel Free (with Nile Rodgers, Paul Carrack)
06. Tales of Brave Ulysses (with Nile Rodgers)
07. Sweet Wine (with Paul Carrack, Will Johns)
08. Blue Condition
09. Badge (with Ron Wood, Henry Spinettit)
10. Pressed Rat and Wart Hog (with Kofi Baker)
11. Had to Cry Today (with Steve Winwood, Nile Rodgers and Kofi Baker)
12. Presence of the Lord (with Nile Rodgers, Steve Winwood and Kofi Baker)
13. Well All Right (with Nile Rodgers, Steve Winwood)
14. Can’t Find My Way Home (with Kofi Baker, Steve Winwood and Nile Rodgers)
15. Do What You Like / Toad (with Steve Winwood, Ronnie Wood, Nile Rodgers and Kofi Baker)
16. Cross Road Blues (with Everyone)
◆Live at Eventim Apollo, London, UK, 17 February, 2020

The line up is:
Eric Clapton
Paul Carrack
Chris Stainton
Sonny Emory
Steve Gadd
Willie Weeks
Katie Kissoon
Sharon White.

Special guests are
Steve Winwood
Roger Waters
Nile Rodgers
Ronnie Wood
Kofi Baker
Kenney Jones
Henry Spinetti
Will Johns

01. Intro
02. Key to the Highway
03. Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just as Bad)
04. Cross Road Blues
◆Live at the O2 Arena, London, UK, 3 March, 2020

16:9 Full HD Linear PCM Stereo 124min.


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