Def Leppard / Seattle 1983 / 2CD

Def Leppard / Seattle 1983 / 2CD / Zodiac

Live at Seattle Kingdom, Seattle, Washington, USA 3rd August 1983 STEREO SBD

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The 1983 DEF LEPPARD entered the heyday of “PYROMANIA” with Phil Colin. The ultimate soundboard album is here.
There are two super-determined sound sources included in this work. It is the best stereo sound board recording of “August 3, 1983 Seattle Performance” and the mobile fidelity board “UDCD 520” of “PYROMANIA”. The former is a symbolic legendary sound board in “PYROMANIA TOUR”, and the latter is known as the highest peak version of the daimyo board. It is the ultimate two-disc set with the highest peak ever in both the live and the studio. Let’s introduce each one individually.

[DISC 1 / DISC 2 first half: the highest version of the Seattle performance sound board] First of all, a full live album of the Seattle performance that will be the main feature of this work. It is the finest sound board known for a long time, but this work is its highest peak version. The best masters that have been known so far have been carefully selected and refined with meticulous mastering. In fact, the sound is super-excellent. As a type, it is directly connected to the mix table, and although the spectacle of loud cheers and the simulated experience of the venue are thin, live performances are directly poured into the brain. Every single instrument is super vivid from the start to the moment of silence, and if you have a vivid panning stereo feeling, you can feel the vibrating strings and drum skin if you are vivid. Of course, Joe Elliott’s vocals feel like ears.
In addition, this work is meticulous mastering, and the direct feeling of the class is more vivid. The sound pressure gain is not ridiculous, but the sound of each range is organized from treble to deep bass, and the outline is brushed up clearly. As a result, the sense of separation is further sharpened, and the darkness of the silence is deepened. While adjusting only to bring out the potential of the original sound, it achieves a sound that is more three-dimensional and has a direct connection of flavor and terrificness.
This kind of sound is drawn by a vibrant full-show that greeted Phil Colin and embarked on a world domination. “PYROMANIA”, which will become an iron plate until later, will also be played on a large scale, but there are plenty of other delicious initial numbers as well. Here, let’s organize the set’s utility.

・ Rock Brigade / Wasted
● HIGH ‘N’ DRY (6 songs)
・ High ‘N’ Dry (Saturday Night) / Another Hit & Run / Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes) / Bringin ‘on the Heartbreak / Switch 625 / Let It Go
● PYROMANIA (6 songs)
・ Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) / Billy’s Got a Gun / Foolin ‘/ Photograph / Rock of Ages / Stagefright
● Other

… and it looks like this. Six songs were equally selected from “PYROMANIA” as well as “HIGH ‘N’ DRY”, and “ON THROUGH THE NIGHT” number and CCR cover “Traveling Band” played only in the 1980s were included. Strewn. Plenty of rare songs such as “ High ‘N’ Dry (Saturday Night) ” unique to those days and “ Rock Brigade ” and “ Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes) ” which will be sealed for more than 20 years after this You can enjoy it.
And the performance of spinning such a set is wonderful. After all, Joe Elliott was 24 at the time and Phil Collin was 26. Rick Allen is only 20 years old. The youth is exploding, especially before the accident, Rick smashes various fills vividly and pushes it with powerful drums. Of course, Phil and Steve Clark’s twins, just after joining, also go crazy with the direct connection feeling unique to the finest sound board.

[DISC 2: Second half: Supreme “PYROMANIA” by prestigious MOBILE FIDELITY] Although it is overwhelming even with a transcendent sound board live alone, this work also permanently saves the ultimate ultimate sound source. It is the MOBILE FIDELITY board of the important Daimyo board “PYROMANIA”. “MOBILE FIDELITY” is a professional label that has received overwhelming support from audio enthusiasts for the ultimate quality CD. The policy is “reproduce the sound engraved on the master tape faithfully and do not add anything extra.” We borrowed original master tapes from record companies and digitized many masterpieces one by one. Developing our own “half-speed mastering” technology, which also focuses on the stage of extracting sound from magnetic tape, puts the highest priority on “the analog recorded sound itself”.
P “PYROMANIA” digitized by such “MOBILE FIDELITY” is extremely natural. Although it may sound a little conservative in terms of sound pressure compared to the current remastered CD, this is the true master sound. The MOBILE FIDELITY board was released in 1989, five years after recording, and the analog master tape itself has not deteriorated over time, and the sound itself has been recorded down to the minute parts. Instead of the sound processed by equalizing, it has the real feeling that the instrument is playing right there.

卓 A direct sound board that represents “PYROMANIA TOUR” and a mobile FIDELITY version of the Daimyo board “PYROMANIA”. It is an eternal decision board that permanently preserves two superb sound boards born in 1983 with the highest quality ever. This is the sound that DEF LEPPARD captivated the world. Please enjoy the press 2CD anytime and forever.

フィル・コリンを迎えた『PYROMANIA』で一大全盛期へと突入していった1983年のDEF LEPPARD。その極めつけとなるサウンドボード・アルバムが登場です。
そんな本作に収められているのは2つの超・決定音源。「1983年8月3日シアトル公演」の極上ステレオ・サウンドボード録音と、『PYROMANIA』のMOBILE FIDELITY盤『UDCD 520』です。前者は“PYROMANIA TOUR”でも象徴的な伝説サウンドボードですし、後者は大名盤の至上最高峰版として知られるもの。ライヴとスタジオの両面で史上最高峰をセットした究極の2枚組なのです。それでは、それぞれ個別にご紹介していきましょう。

【DISC 1/DISC 2前半:シアトル公演サウンドボードの最高峰版】

・Rock Brigade/Wasted
●HIGH ‘N’ DRY(6曲)
・High ‘N’ Dry (Saturday Night)/Another Hit & Run/Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)/Bringin’ on the Heartbreak/Switch 625/Let It Go
・Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)/Billy’s Got a Gun/Foolin’/Photograph/Rock of Ages/Stagefright

……と、このようになっています。『PYROMANIA』だけでなく『HIGH ‘N’ DRY』からも均等に6曲ずつがセレクトされ、そこに『ON THROUGH THE NIGHT』ナンバーや80年代にだけ演奏されていたCCRのカバー「Traveling Band」が散りばめられている。当時ならではの「High ‘N’ Dry (Saturday Night)」や、この後20年以上封印されることになる「Rock Brigade」「Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)」など、レアな曲もたっぷりと楽しめるのです。

超絶級サウンドボード・ライヴだけでも圧倒的ですが、本作はさらなる究極の重要音源も永久保存。それは、肝心要の大名盤『PYROMANIA』のMOBILE FIDELITY盤です。“MOBILE FIDELITY”とは究極クオリティのCD化でオーディオ・マニアから絶大な支持を受けている専門レーベル。そのポリシーは「マスターテープに刻まれた音を忠実に再現し、余分なものを足したりしないこと」。レコード会社からオリジナルのマスターテープを借り受け、数々の名盤を1本1本緻密にデジタル化。磁気テープから音を引き出す段階にも目を向けた独自の“ハーフスピードマスタリング”技術を開発するなど、“アナログ録音された音そのもの”を最重視にしているのです。
そんな“MOBILE FIDELITY”がデジタル化した『PYROMANIA』は、極めてナチュラル。現行リマスターCDに比べると音圧面でやや地味に感じるかも知れませんが、本作こそが正真正銘のマスター・サウンド。MOBILE FIDELITY盤はレコーディングから5年という1989年にリリースされており、アナログのマスターテープ自体も経年劣化しておらず、微細部に至るまで録音されたサウンドそのもの。イコライジングで加工された音ではなく、「楽器がすぐそこで鳴っている」という現実感まで宿っているのです。

“PYROMANIA TOUR”を代表する卓直結サウンドボードと、大名盤『PYROMANIA』のMOBILE FIDELITY盤。1983年に誕生した2つの超極上サウンドボードを史上最高峰クオリティで永久保存した永遠の決定盤です。これこそ、DEF LEPPARDが世界を魅了したサウンド。どうぞ、プレス2CDでいつでも、いつまでもお楽しみください。

Disc 1(68:16)
1. Introduction
2. Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)
3. Rock Brigade
4. High ‘N’ Dry (Saturday Night)
5. Another Hit And Run
6. Billy’s Got A Gun
7. Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)
8. Foolin’
9. Photograph
10. Rock Of Ages
11. Bringin’ On The Heartbreak
12. Switch 625
13. Guitar Solo

Disc 2(73:26)
1. Let It Go
2. Wasted
3. Stagefright
4 .Travellin’ Band



Taken from the original US Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab 24 KT Gold CD(UDCD 520)
Ultradisc II 24 KT Gold CD from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab “Original Master Recording” Collection

5. Rock Rock (Till You Drop)
6. Photograph
7. Stagefright
8. Too Late For Love
9. Die Hard The Hunter
10. Foolin’
11. Rock Of Ages
12. Comin’ Under Fire
13. Action! Not Words
14. Billy’s Got A Gun

Joe Elliott – Vocal Phil Collen – Guitar Steve Clark – Guitar Rick Savage – Bass
Rick Allen – Drums


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