David Bowie / Tokyo Dome 1990 Pre-FM Master / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

David Bowie / Tokyo Dome 1990 Pre-FM Master / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Wardour
Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 16th May 1990 plus Bonus DVDR “Complete Vision In Dome”* STEREO SBD

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Tokyo Dome in 1990, which was also Bowie’s biggest performance in Japan on the ultimate Greatest Hits Tour. Introducing the ultimate soundboard album that updates the longest and highest peak.
Of course, this May is “May 16, 1990: Tokyo Dome performance”. It is a super fine stereo sound board recording recorded in the second performance of “Big Egg Live” which was realized only for two nights. As anyone who has noticed this article knows, this show is a big classic that was broadcast on TV and radio. In particular, the full professional shot by our first leaked master still boasts worldwide popularity. Thus, the show is a classic, but this is not the case. It is a master that has been newly discovered recently, and it is a new masterpiece that updates the peak in sound and recording time.

[Super fine sound board with a completely different mix and a sense of work] The identity of the new master is the FM sound board of the North American specialty program “WESTWOOD ONE”. However, it is not an air check, but a pre-FM master before broadcasting. It’s clear that this is another master from the fact that the opening part is about 2 minutes long, but that is not the point. The essential sound is totally different. The sound of the leaked professional shot was also an official sound board, but this work is different for each mix, and it is even more “work-like”. Although the sound quality of the full version Pro Shot was official, the spread was not emphasized because the final goal was the TV output, so the mix was centered. However, in this work, the bread of each musical instrument is vivid, and each stroke of the drum rotates around the head. Of course, Bowie’s vocal effects and chorus are also widely felt and separated.
The SE group is even more extreme. This is clear from the first song, “Space Oddity”. In the song, “Seven, six, five … one, Lift off” is played, but I could hardly hear it in the sound board sound so far, probably because it did not disturb the vocal. However, this work is perfect. Of course, the stereo feeling and volume balance are precisely controlled, and it does not interfere with the vocals. It’s a sound with a high degree of perfection, which the engineer made painstakingly later.
Furthermore, even the loud cheers are different. The cheers of the full version professional shots have a high tone overall, and give a strong sense of the “Japanese western scene” with a yellow cheering voice. However, while the cheer of this work is low and vast, it has a sexless feel. Perhaps because of North American broadcasting, it is a cheer with a sense of statelessness worldwide rather than “Japan!”. However, the strange thing is that there is no discomfort. I think that if the cheers are completely replaced, it will be white, but it sounds exactly like the cheers of the scene because it fits perfectly with the music and mood. Even if you don’t use the cheers of the scene, it’s natural perfection. The finish is exactly the same as the official work.

[The longest live album to experience the greatest hits] It’s a new master of shock, but this work is even more devised. The master that appeared on the net was the longest ever, but not all. It’s after the performance. About 1 minute was added to the final part that was recorded only in the professional shot master of our shop excavation, and it is the longest updated version of this work only in the whole world. You might think, “Why the cheers are so long?” But it’s not. The announcements that flow in the venue are full of time. Let’s write it down.
“Tonight, the concert tonight has come to an end. In addition, this pattern will be sent on Monday, May 21 from 9 pm as a cultural statement sent as” Ben ○ Broadcast Special: David Bowie EXCITING NIGHT ON RADIO ” We are also planning to broadcast on N * K satellite broadcasting on June 11. We will be leaving the regulation, so please sit down at your own seat. It is very crowded both inside and outside the entrance. Please cooperate with the regulation exit.
…… Well, I announce it clearly until the Japanese broadcasting station and the broadcasting date. With “WESTWOOD ONE”, you can enjoy a sense of time that is absolutely impossible. It’s all about sound and length, but the biggest point of this work is the treasure trove of masterpieces spelled in the highest quality. It’s a familiar set, but it’s also a good opportunity, so let’s organize it.

● 60s / early 70s (10 songs)
・ SPACE ODDITY: Space Oddity
・ HUNKY DORY: Changes / Life On Mars?
・ ZIGGY STARDUST: Starman / Ziggy Stardust / Suffragette City / Rock’n ‘Roll Suicide
・ ALADDIN SANE: Panic In Detroit / The Jean Genie
・ DIAMOND DOGS: Rebel Rebel
● Late 70’s (8 songs)
・ YOUNG AMERICANS: Young Americans / Fame
・ STATION TO STATION: TVC 15 / Stay / Station To Station
・ LOW: Be My Wife / Sound And Vision
・ “HEROES”: Heroes
● 80’s (7 songs)
・ SCARY MONSTERS: Ashes To Ashes / Fashion
・ LET’S DANCE: Let’s Dance / China Girl / Modern Love
・ TONIGHT: Blue Jean
・ YOUNG LIONS: Pretty Pink Rose

≫ It’s a super-luxury that will be the “best record with live performance”. I have been able to enjoy such a full show until now, but in this work, the completeness and “feeling of work” of the official product line are still present. Although it is an upgrade album that can not be ignored as a Japanese performance collection, it is a two-disc set that will be even more music work as “Live version Greatest Hits”. We hope you will enjoy the permanent preservation press 2CD to your heart’s content.


その新マスターの正体は北米の名物番組“WESTWOOD ONE”のFMサウンドボード。ただし、エアチェックではなく放送前のプレFMマスターなのです。開演パートが約2分長い事からも別マスターなのは明らかですが、それどころの話ではない。肝心要のサウンドがまるで別物なのです。流出プロショットの音声もオフィシャル級サウンドボードだったわけですが、本作はミックスごと異なり、より一層「作品的」なのです。完全版プロショットの音声は音質こそ公式級だったものの、最終目標がテレビ出力のせいか、ミックスが中央に寄っており広がりは強調されていませんでした。しかし、本作は各楽器のパンも鮮やかでドラムも1打1打が頭の周りをグルグルと回る。もちろん、ボウイのヴォーカル・エフェクトやコーラスも幅広く感じられ、グッとセパレートしているのです。
もっと極端なのがSE群。これはもう1曲目の「Space Oddity」から明らか。曲中で「Seven, six, five……one, Lift off」と流れるわけですが、これまでのサウンドボード音声ではヴォーカルを邪魔しないためかほとんど聞こえませんでした。しかし、本作はばっちり。もちろん、ステレオ感も音量バランスも精緻にコントロールされ、ヴォーカルの邪魔にもなっていない。明らかに後からエンジニアが苦心して生み出した完成度の高いサウンドなのです。

「ただ今をもちまして、今夜のコンサートは終了いたしました。なお、この模様は5月の21日月曜日、午後9時から文化○送で『文○放送スペシャル:デビッド・ボウイーEXCITING NIGHT ON RADIOー』としてお送りいたします。またN○K衛星放送でも6月11日に放送する予定です。これより規制退場させていただきますので、皆さま一旦ご自分のお席にお座りください。場内・入り口共に大変混混雑いたしますので、どうぞ規制退場にご協力ください」
……とまあ、日本の放送局や放送日までハッキリと告知している。“WESTWOOD ONE”では絶対にあり得ない時代感を楽しめるのです。サウンドや長さの話ばかりになってしまいましたが、本作最大のポイントは最高峰クオリティで綴られる名曲の宝庫。もはやお馴染みのセットではありますが、良い機会でもありますので整理しておきましょう。

・SPACE ODDITY:Space Oddity
・HUNKY DORY:Changes/Life On Mars?
・ZIGGY STARDUST:Starman/Ziggy Stardust/Suffragette City/Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide
・ALADDIN SANE:Panic In Detroit/The Jean Genie
・YOUNG AMERICANS:Young Americans/Fame
・STATION TO STATION:TVC 15/Stay/Station To Station
・LOW:Be My Wife/Sound And Vision
・SCARY MONSTERS:Ashes To Ashes/Fashion
・LET’S DANCE:Let’s Dance/China Girl/Modern Love
・TONIGHT:Blue Jean
・YOUNG LIONS:Pretty Pink Rose



Disc 1 (58:57)
1. Intro.
2. Space Oddity
3. Changes
4. TVC 15
5. Rebel Rebel
6. Be My Wife
7. Ashes To Ashes
8. Starman
9. Fashion
10. Life On Mars?
11. Blue Jean
12. Let’s Dance
13. Stay
14. Member Introduction
15. China Girl

Disc 2 (63:21)
1. Intro.
2. Sound And Vision
3. Ziggy Stardust
4. Station To Station
5. Young Americans
6. Suffragette City
7. Fame
8. Heroes
9. Panic In Detroit
10. Pretty Pink Rose
11. Modern Love
12. The Jean Genie
13. Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide


David Bowie – Vocals, Sax & Guitar
Adrian Belew – Guitar, Vocal
Erdel Kizilcay – Bass
Rick Fox – Keyboards
Michael Hodges – Drums



David Bowie / Complete Vision In Dome / 1DVDR / Non label
Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 16th May 1990 PRO-SHOT


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The main press 2CD is a super-decision board of the sound board album where you can enjoy Bowie’s largest Japanese performance in full official quality with a sense of work. As I mentioned in the commentary, this show is also famous for having a professional shot video. Therefore, the big classic pro shot is also the highest peak version and a special bonus is decided!
That’s why this work contains the same as the main press 2CD “May 16, 1990: Tokyo Dome performance (2nd day)”. The multi-camera professional shot. This live is a famous video that was broadcast on a certain public broadcast, but unlike this 90-minute live broadcast, this work was recorded in real time at the Tokyo Dome where the live was held. For that reason, it took about 2 hours to completely record the five songs that were cut in the broadcast, “Fashion, Stay,” “Station To Station,” “Panic In Detroit,” “Pretty Pink Rose,” the inter-scene, and even the appearance of the venue after the performance. Full length version. The beginning “Space Oddity” is the same as it was on the TV version, but since then, it’s a complete professional shot of the entire concert without leaking even the playful MC.
The recording time is amazing, but the more amazing quality is. Since it is a real-time recording on-site, its image quality and sound quality far surpass those of air check. There are the same angles as TV broadcasting, but editing, camera work, and even audio mixing are different. It’s an amazing professional shot. In fact, the shock when it first appeared was tremendous, and even from a specialized magazine, “totally surprisingly, the image quality quality that seems to be direct recording from the broadcast master” “The video and audio are completely official “It is not an exaggeration to say solid content” “I am not ashamed of the name of complete” “It surely will be established as a standard in the future”, and the word was praised.
In this work, the amazing master is further polished by digital mastering. The screen has more human outlines and the ultimate version with a clearer voice. This version has been well received for a long time as a press DVD “COMPLETE VISION IN DOME”, but of course there is no way that it will exceed real-time recording on the spot, and it continues to reign as the highest peak of 1990 There is.
The hit parade displayed in that quality is truly gorgeous. The hit songs of each era jumped out one after another, and the performance team led by Adrian Brew was also amazing. A smash hit concert that is not only skillful but also arranged so as not to break the original song. There were two performances at Tokyo Dome, but on the first day Bowie didn’t feel well, and when it reached “Heroes”, it ended. On the second day, there will be TV recordings as well, and the stigma of the previous day will be transmitted. Since then, Bowie has stopped holding stadium-scale concerts, and this is the final figure that fills the largest-scale venue with hit songs. It is one that you can see it with the highest quality in history.

It is a super masterpiece of live video where you can fully experience the Super Great Hits with a superb multi-camera professional shot. If the main press 2CD is a “best of live album” that has been enhanced to the limit with another mix, this work is the pinnacle of “best moving album”. Highest version of sound and highest version of video. Please enjoy it together!

と、言うわけで本作に収められているのは本編プレス2CDと同じ「1990年5月16日:東京ドーム公演(2日目)」。そのマルチカメラ・プロショットです。このライヴは某公共放送でもテレビ放送された有名映像ですが、本作は約90分のテレビ放送とは違い、ライヴが行われていた東京ドームでリアルタイムに録画されたもの。それだけに、放送ではカットされた5曲「Fashion、Stay」「Station To Station」「Panic In Detroit」「Pretty Pink Rose」や曲間シーン、さらには終演後の会場の様子まで完全に収録した約2時間に及ぶ全長版。冒頭の「Space Oddity」がサビ前からというのはテレビ放送版と同じですが、それ以降、お茶目なMCさえも漏らすことなくコンサート全編を完璧なプロショットで収めきった1本なのです。
本作では、その驚愕マスターをさらにデジタル・マスタリングで磨き上げたもの。より人物の輪郭が浮き立つ画面、よりクリアな音声が輝く究極バージョンに仕上がっている。このバージョンはプレスDVD『COMPLETE VISION IN DOME』として長らく大好評を受けておりましたが、もちろん現場でのリアルタイム録画を超えるものなど出てくるはずがなく、1990年の最高峰に君臨し続けているのです。


1. Space Oddity
2. Changes
3. TVC 15
4. Rebel Rebel
5. Be My Wife
6. Ashes To Ashes
7. Starman
8. Fashion
9. Life On Mars?
10. Blue Jean
11. Let’s Dance
12. Stay
13. Member Introduction
14. China Girl
15. Sound And Vision
16. Ziggy Stardust
17. Station To Station
18. Young Americans
19. Suffragette City
20. Fame
21. Heroes
22. Panic In Detroit
23. Pretty Pink Rose
24. Modern Love
25. The Jean Genie
26. Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide

David Bowie – Vocals, Sax & Guitar Adrian Belew – Guitar, Vocal Erdel Kizilcay – Bass
Rick Fox – Keyboards Michael Hodges – Drums


Special Bonus DVDR for limited numbered stickered edition of “TOKYO DOME 1990 PRE-FM MASTER”(Wardour-419)

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