Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Wallingford 1976 Speed Corrected Version / 2CDR

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Wallingford 1976 Speed Corrected Version / 2CDR / Non label

Paul Mellon Arts Center, Choate School, Wallingford, CT, USA 10th April 1976.

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Speaking of Bruce Springsteen’s vintage live recordings recently, the audience recording upper version of the Wallingford show on April 10, 1976 may have appeared. The trade title “WALK SOFTLY TONIGHT” has been around for a long time on this day, and it was evaluated by enthusiasts as having good sound quality. However, on July 4, the upper version suddenly appeared on the familiar dime, as if to celebrate American Independence Day.
JEMS, who is also familiar with this, released it. “WALK SOFTLY TONIGHT” was touched by the first generation, but this time the sound quality was greatly improved by recording from the master tape! is what they said. However, “WALK SOFTLY~” was also a copy that falls within the so-called low-gene category, and isn’t that enough? This version was a big surprise for the maniac.
The muffled sound and low-pitched sound that were in “WALK SOFTLY~” have been wiped out, and it has been reborn into a state that is instantly refreshing and easy to hear. Even in the title of the first performance of Blues that came to Japan with the limited press CD release this time, there is a situation in which the master of the original acquisition of our shop takes a shot at the copy of the second generation that has been circulating overseas. After all, recording from “Master” is really important.

With this achievement, the sound quality that was originally excellent has evolved to a clear and excellent level. However, there is only one major drawback, and the low pitch, which had been a problem since the “WALK SOFTLY~” era, was a bad thing this time. This is a waste even though the sound quality has improved significantly. Then adjust the pitch firmly. With this, it was finally reborn into a state in which it was easy to listen to, and it was in perfect condition. Even if it is a sound image with a little distance, if it is a recording that is so clear and outstanding in freshness, it is even suitable for press CDs. However, good sound sources were lined up at this time…
March 28: Durham performance (all-time “BORN TO RUN” performance & finest audience)
April 4: East Lansing performance (all existing 2nd “BORN TO RUN” performance & finest audience) → Release of Crystal Cat label “EAST LANSING NIGHT”
April 7: Cleveland performance first day (sound board recording)
April 8: Cleveland performance first day (imperfect sound board recording)
how is it? The sound source is too blessed (laughs). Among them, “FRANKIE GOES TO CLEVELAND” is a masterpiece of this tour. Not only that, each of these sources is somehow playing a rare piece of music. On the other hand, Wallingford was only a one-to-one day, and the unreleased song “Frankie” barely played on this tour was heard. No matter how good the sound quality is, or even if the performance is full of the lightness of this time…
Unfortunately, due to these factors, it was not released on the press CD, but it is also true that enthusiasts should ask about the outstanding quality recorded from the master tape. So, this time, we will release this latest upper version sound source as a luxurious gift. And, as mentioned earlier, the ease of hearing is at the highest level because the slowest pitch, which is the biggest problem, has been adjusted. Try the popular upper version with a high-grade gift without this complaint!


ここ最近でブルース・スプリングスティーンのビンテージ・ライブ音源に関する話題といえば、1976年4月10日のウォリングフォード公演のオーディエンス録音アッパー版が登場したことでしょう。この日は以前から「WALK SOFTLY TONIGHT」というトレードタイトルが出回っており、なかなか良好な音質だとマニアの間で評価されていました。ところが7月4日、まるでアメリカの独立記念日を祝うかの如く、突如としてアッパー版がおなじみdime上に姿を現したのです。
それを公開してくれたのは、これまたおなじみJEMS。「WALK SOFTLY TONIGHT」はファースト・ジェネレーションとの触れ込みでしたが、今回はマスターテープからの収録によって大幅な音質向上を遂げた!とのことでした。とはいえ「WALK SOFTLY~」もいわゆるロウジェネの範疇に入るコピーだった訳で、それでも十分じゃ?というマニアを大いに驚愕させたのが今回のバージョン。
「WALK SOFTLY~」にあった音のこもりや低音の歪みが一掃され、一気にスッキリ、実に聞きやすい状態へと生まれ変わってくれたのです。今回限定プレスCDリリースが実現するブルースの初来日公演タイトルでも海外に出回っているセカンド・ジェネレーションのコピーを当店独自入手のマスターが一蹴してみせるという事態が起きています。やはり「マスター」からの収録というのは本当に大事。

今回の快挙によって元々が素性に優れていた音質がさらに、はっきりエクセレントなレベルへと進化。ただし大きな欠点が一つだけあり、「WALK SOFTLY~」時代からの問題だった低いピッチだけは今回もおざなりだったのです。せっかく音質が大幅な向上を遂げたのにこれはもったいない。そこでピッチをしっかりとアジャスト。これによっていよいよ聞きやすい、文句なしへの状態にまで生まれ変わった。若干距離のある音像ながら、ここまでクリアーで鮮度も抜群な録音であれば、むしろプレスCD向きですらある。だがしかし、この時期は軒並み優良音源が居並んでいたのです…
3月28日:ダーハム公演(史上初「BORN TO RUN」全曲演奏&極上オーディエンス)
4月4日:イースト・ランシング公演(現存する二つ目の「BORN TO RUN」全曲演奏&極上オーディエンス)→Crystal Catレーベル「EAST LANSING NIGHT」リリース
どうですか?音源が恵まれ過ぎですよね(笑)。中でも「FRANKIE GOES TO CLEVELAND」はこのツアーを代表する名盤。それだけでなく、これらの音源はどれもレアな曲を何かしら演奏している。それに対してウォリングフォードはフツーの一日でしかなく、辛うじてこのツアーだけで演奏された未発表曲「Frankie」が聞かれる程度。いくら音質が良くても、さらには演奏がこの時期らしい軽快さにあふれていたとしても…どうにも分が悪い。

Disc 1(67:50)
1. Night
2. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
3. Spirit In The Night
4. Its My Life
5. Thunder Road
6. She’s The One
7. Born To Run
8. Pretty Flamingo
9. Incident On 57th Street

Disc 2(68:06)
1. Frankie
2. Backstreets
3. Growin’ Up
4. Saint In The City
5. Jungleland
6. Rosalita
7. Raise Your Hand
8. 4th July Asbury Park (Sandy)
9. Detroit Medley

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