Brian Wilson / Royal Festival Hall 2004 / 2CDR

Brian Wilson / Royal Festival Hall 2004 / 2CDR / Non label

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Live At Royal Festival Hall, London, UK 21st February 2004


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“Rock history, the most famous unreleased album” has been touted as “SMiLE”. Large masterpiece live album of the phantom masterpiece depicting the moment that was revealing in this world is reprinted in the gift title. Of this work it has been recording “February 21, Royal Albert Hall concert in 2004”. Is the audience album that contains the two shows eyes that “finally the whole picture of the vision of the masterpiece is revealed!” And shook the rock world “SMiLE TOUR 2004-2005”.
This work, which has been Lilly in the press CD from time Masterport label. In what now, even as a regular studio album, but is “SMiLE” which also has been popular as a reprint album of original session, at the time just history that stitched together the fragments explore the full form is Stack, almost “eternal mystery” it was a state. It is to be out for the first time into the world in the form of a rainy day full reproduction concert, it was received as the first report was this work. Soredakeni collected herself the attention of rock fans around the world, masterpiece of you in a masterpiece that became a sold out abolition of between say there.
However, although only interest of “Ya the whole picture serving as how!?” Was ahead at the time, is now also as a studio finished version, now also be touched as a reprint form at the time. This work conveyed the early masterpiece of true value also, I thought your role sorry …… or completely. Only because modern, fact is that emerges is “true value” of this work. Fittingly of its “value”, the sound. This work, the recording you must only to the audience recording directly offered original master from the house, but beyond the dimension of the quality barrel and “audience recording” much much. Beautiful acoustic and British name recording artist tone skills are combined in the name of the venue “Royal Albert Hall” of tradition, glossy while also direct sense of plenty. Yet brilliant enough to want to “like the sound board” is referred to as a, there is no mineral feeling like the sound board. Among the shining such a transparent sense of crystal-clear, musical tone and harmony echoing beautifully. Moreover, the very extremely slight reverberation is further complemented its beauty, it is you portray a more sound output itself of “sound world”.
Just now, but I wrote a “sound and name recording artist of ability of the venue”, in fact, it just does not realize this beauty. ‘re Obtained without it, it airs a sense such that want to say, even with the “no beauty”. We are sorry for the words that do not gibberish, but this is a “silence” and “tension” in other words the audience. After all, it that “SMiLE” is trying to achieve in front of the eye. Tension to drink its breath, concentration of Mai miss also heard, even for a 1 sound dwells in the silence. Of course, this is not just silence. It will occur big ovation in between songs, consciousness of even the playing and singing to the audience you are in situ carved into Katsuaki, the sense of urgency to deliver the songs in feel. The sound of breathing and rustling of clothes even this is the “no beauty” … the “SMiLE” is also in the space of about likely sound is drawn.

The order has been reversed, the structure of the present work is in the disk 1 show the first half, “BEACH BOYS & Solo” Along with classic group Zurari of, it comes with an “SMiLE” reproduce + encore to disk 2. First half of You are also unusual number, such as “And Your Dreams Come True”, “Keep An Eye On Summer,” “City Blues”, also great mood hits jostling is going to warm the venue. Of course, after the historic “SMiLE”, it is also the highest enthusiasm of Angkor that becomes a vortex of excitement and relief. So, this work is of a “live album”. At that time, I have to care only true form of “SMiLE”, here is the Royal Albert Hall, site of the two degrees will not be repeated live music. Waiting for the historic moment, enjoy a concert that even breathing a sense of the audience alive. Plenty of suction such a historic air to this work, I me discharged from the speaker.
Shoot a special shine to rock history “SMiLE”. Brian Wilson person’s life even the left and right music, was emitted exactly the world now. The moment, super masterpiece of the live album that smile of the recording of the goddess is fully drawn in the transcendent quality, such as sheer. Because now you do not be fooled by the “phantom of” SMiLE “”, Brian Wilson beyond the time of 11 years precisely because it now came back to Japan, the original performance beauty and historic air real thrill a lot of even one person I would like you to know the person. Gift reprint for that. Please, do not miss this opportunity, please enjoy freely.

“ロック史上、最も有名な未発表アルバム”と謳われた『SMiLE』。その幻の名作がこの世界に現出した刹那を描いた大傑作ライヴ・アルバムがギフト・タイトルで復刻です。本作が録音されたのは「2004年2月21日ロイヤル・アルバート・ホール公演」。“ついに幻の名作の全貌が明かされる!”とロック界を震撼させた“SMiLE TOUR 2004-2005”の2公演目を収めたオーディエンス・アルバムです。

順序が逆になりましたが、本作の構成はディスク1がショウ前半で、“BEACH BOYS&ソロ”の名曲群がズラリと並び、ディスク2に『SMiLE』再現+アンコールが収録されています。前半も「And Your Dreams Come True」「Keep An Eye On Summer」「City Blues」といった珍しいナンバーもありますし、目白押しのヒット曲が会場を暖めていくムードも素晴らしい。もちろん、歴史的な『SMiLE』を終え、安堵と興奮の渦となるアンコールの熱狂も最高です。そう、本作は「ライヴ・アルバム」なのです。当時は『SMiLE』の真の姿ばかり気にしてしまいましたが、ここはロイヤル・アルバート・ホールであり、二度は繰り返されない生演奏の現場。歴史的瞬間を待ち、味わう観客の呼吸感さえもが息づくコンサート。本作にはそんな歴史的な空気をたっぷりと吸い込み、スピーカーから吐き出してくれるのです。

Disc 1
1. Introduction 2. And Your Dreams Come True 3. Surfer Girl 4. In My Room 5. Hawaii
6. Keep An Eye On Summer 7. Please Let Me Wonder 8. Good Timin’ 9. You’re Welcome
10. Time to Get Alone 11. Sloop John B 12. God Only Knows 13. Soul Searching 14. California Girls
15. Catch A Wave 16. Dance, Dance, Dance 17. City Blues 18. Marcella 19. Sail On Sailor

Disc 2 SMiLE
1. Our Prayer 2. Heroes And Villains 3. Do You Like Worms 4. Barnyard
5. The Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine 6. Cabinessence 7. Wonderful
8. Child Is Father of the Man 9. Surf’s Up 10. I’m In Great Shape 11. Workshop 12. Vegetables
13. Holiday 14. Wind Chimes 15. Mrs O’Leary’s Cow 16. I Love You Da Da 17. Good Vibrations

18. Member Introduction 19. Do It Again 20. I Get Around 21. Help Me Rhonda 22. Barbara Ann
23. Surfin USA 24. Fun Fun Fun 25. Love And Mercy

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