Brian Wilson / Southampton 2001 / 1CD

Brian Wilson / Southampton 2001 / 1CD / Zion

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Southampton College of Long Island University, Southampton, NY. USA 23rd July 2001 STEREO SBD


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Surges the Legendary artists during one month, also in in April 2016, such as Bon and the New Year came together for Japanese rock fans, high-quality sound and now that has been raised together by masterful musicians Brian Wilson is also made me listen to a full healthy singing voice became a big topic. Such a his item shop will be released after a long time. Ten years near ago, this store had been released quietly CD-R the sound board recording of his 2001 tour. This is to July from June of the same year, but was a title that matches the pattern of the benefit concert that appeared in between tours that have been made in the joint with Paul Simon “ALL FOR THE SEA BENEFIT”, perfect Even though it was the sound board recording boasts the sound quality, whether the release form of a CD-R has been evil, did not become surprisingly hot topic among enthusiasts.
In fact, sound board recordings housed here, this is our shop was the sound source monopoly obtained. And we had a DAT master of Omoto passed directly from the staff who have been involved in the staging of direct Brian to the original. When I say honest, but even our respect to this sound source is of was something that had been forgotten since the last release, When I pulled out after a long time in response to the popularity the first time in the Japan tour of this Brian, live content impressed with both of the splendor and the sound quality of, this is what I saw the light of day from the feeling that I should be released … in the press CD absolutely limited.

I recall now and really interesting time because the 2001 summer tour. Brian rides to active live tour wave began in 1999, also successfully been first practiced in reproduced in the “PET SOUNDS” album songs played in 2000 tour in Japan of this time, such as up to it excessive phase was trying to further proceeds to the next stage concept. The concept as that reproduced in the most famous unfinished which is one to complete the “SMILE” stage of the album in rock history. In Brian’s tribute concert that took place in March as a first step for that, I that he was Mise singing the core serving as “Heroes and Villains” of the “SMILE” it has become a big topic. Frustration was a major trauma for Brian of “SMILE”. It precisely because of that Brian the “Heroes and Villains” It is no exaggeration to say that had been sealed with was sang … This was the entrance to the next step of his live stage has proven history.
Brian was well attention to the magnitude of the reaction to the in March of events that sang the same songs, and even there is also the help of band members around, introduce additional “SMILE” related number. However, I was in is also a long way from there, it was really a big shock that Mise touch the “SMILE” at the time so far. There was is still in Brian of “PET SOUNDS” mode, you pierce precisely because it valuable is the stage of such an excessive period is heard at the highest of the sound board recording now.
Moreover, the short stage of the event appeared said that during the tour. Nevertheless, the short that the “SMILE” Song corner is provided, considering the fact that the same album reproduction project of the trailer after, can not help but be thrilled. It is a completely different pattern and the set list from the configuration the entire stage in the now of the tour, precisely because it is also the reflected nostalgic now. And best sound quality more than anything else. Once a very valuable time of the stage now, ultra-valuable sound source that can be re-confirmed to finally limit of press CD will be released with version up!

一か月の間にレジェンダリーなアーティストが押し寄せ、日本のロック・ファンにとって盆と正月が一緒に来たような2016年4月の中においても、腕利きミュージシャンによってまとめ上げられた高品位サウンドと今も元気いっぱいな歌声を聴かせてくれたことが大きな話題となったブライアン・ウィルソン。そんな彼のアイテムを当店が久々にリリースいたします。今から十年近く前、当店は彼の2001年ツアーのサウンドボード録音をひっそりとCD-Rでリリースしていました。これは同年の6月から7月にかけて、ポール・サイモンとのジョイントで行われたツアーの合間に出演したベネフィット・コンサートの模様を収めた「ALL FOR THE SEA BENEFIT」というタイトルでしたが、完璧な音質を誇るサウンドボード録音だったにもかかわらず、CD-Rというリリース形態が災いしたのか、マニアの間で思いのほか話題とはなりませんでした。

2001年のサマー・ツアーというのは今振り返ると実に興味深い時期。ブライアンが1999年から始めた活発なライブ・ツアーが波に乗り、それまでのような今回の来日でも再現された「PET SOUNDS」アルバム全曲演奏が2000年のツアーで初めて実践されて成功を収め、さらに次のステージ・コンセプトへと移行しようとしていた過度期。そのコンセプトとはロック史におけるもっとも有名な未完成アルバムの一つである「SMILE」を完成させてステージで再現するというもの。その為の第一歩として3月に行われたブライアンのトリビュート・コンサートにおいて、彼が「SMILE」の中核たる「Heroes and Villains」を歌ってみせたことが大きな話題となったのです。ブライアンにとって大きなトラウマとなった「SMILE」の挫折。そのせいで封印されていたと言っても過言ではない「Heroes and Villains」をブライアンが歌い上げた…これこそが彼のライブ・ステージの次なるステップの入り口だったことは歴史が証明しています。
3月のイベントで同曲を歌ったことに対するリアクションの大きさに気をよくしたブライアン、さらには周囲のバンドメンバーの助けもあり、さらなる「SMILE」関連ナンバーを導入。もっとも、そこからがまた長い道のりではあったのですが、当時ここまで「SMILE」に触れてみせたことは本当に大きな衝撃でした。まだまだ「PET SOUNDS」モードのブライアンではありましたが、そうした過度期のステージが最高のサウンドボード録音で聴かれる貴重さが今だからこそ身に染みるのです。

1. Brian Wilson 2. ‘Til I Die 3. Dance, Dance, Dance 4. Surfer Girl 5. The Warmth Of The Sun
6. Sail On, Sailor 7. California Girls 8. I Get Around 9. Forever 10. Your Imagination
11. Desert Drive 12. God Only Knows 13. Pet Sounds 14. Sloop John B 15. Our Prayer
16. Heroes And Villains 17. Surf’s Up 18. Marcella 19. Do It Again 20. Help Me, Rhonda
21. Good Vibrations 22. Member Introduction 23. Barbara Ann 24. Surfin’ USA
25. Fun, Fun, Fun 26. Love And Mercy


Brian Wilson – vocals, keyboards, bass
Jeffrey Foskett – vocals, guitar, percussion, whistles, hammer
Darian Sahanaja – vocals, keyboards, mallets
Probyn Gregory – vocals, guitar, keyboards, brass, tannerin, whistles
Nick Walusko – vocals, guitar, bullhorn, eye-patch
Nelson Bragg – vocals, percussion, whistles, drill
Jim Hines – drums, vocals Bob Lizik – bass
Paul Mertens – woodwinds, harmonica, whistles
Scott Bennett – vocals, keyboards, mallets, percussion, saw
Taylor Mills – vocals, percussion, tool belt

Stockholm Strings ‘n’ Horns

Staffan Findin – bass trombone Andreas Forsman – violin Erik Holm – viola
Anna Landberg – cello Malin-My Nilsson – violin BjOrn Samuelsson – trombone
Victor Sand – saxophone, flute, clarinet Markus Sandlund – cello


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