Bob Dylan / The Masterpiece 1989-2015 / 1DVD

Bob Dylan / The Masterpiece 1989-2015 / 1DVD / Johanna

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1989-2015 Promotional Video Collection. NTSC



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★ 1989 ~ 2015 years video-clip collection of Bob Dylan appeared in the press DVD!
★ recorded in the series, announced the order of time from 1989, deluxe edition was ticker & slate process for each song!
★ Continue age each of the creation of traced the genealogy video roadmap of Dylan uninterrupted journey!
★ Limited-commentary with papers! Songs commentary liner notes enclosed by the Japanese!

Bard Bob Dylan – that Going the ~ Never Ending Tour
~ Appeared here Video clips Daizenshu recent 27 years is in the press DVD ~

Through the great revival of the 70s from the 60s that became the darling of the era, to the 80s of confusion. Thorough cover similarly to many of Video clips that have been announced by the time almost to have started “Never Ending Tour” substantially from 1988 in chronological order!

60s Dylan and 1970s is too too intense, I think fan than surprisingly little to know all this recent activity. Exactly under such lighthouse life … Missing a time. This age is also a blind spot for the mania, a number of Video clips Dylan has been left behind
Can be re-recognition while following, is also the recent years of the best music selection masterpiece collection of Dylan in the good planning.

From the 1989 announcement of the masterpiece “Oh Mercy” to tell the resurrection, this DVD will start, “Time Out Of My Mind” in 1997, and over the 60-year-old grab the national first place 2000s to Yomoya of greet the golden age actually from “modern times” seriousness full marks XMAS album, and “the Tempest”, a walk further continues to covering the Frank Sinatra “Shodouzu in the Night”, doing this When the review in Video on, folk, blues, rock, jazz, everyone surely to its overwhelming presence to continue to build the Dylan world while digesting contemporary with all the US music will be surprised.

In Japan performances of 2016, it should often be the current Dylan live fan that has been overwhelmed by the presence and the singing of which was on the verge of the 75-year-old. And in this footage, do you notice the still “Dylan did not know of their own”.

In this info, you decided to keep wrote songs commentary also in DVD is enclosed in the first restricted to the following.

My friend, the answer is dancing in the wind even now …, and man Bob Dylan … I know I’m sure the answer. 1989-2015 years Best clip collection of it appeared in the permanent preservation of the press platen.

M-01 JPD Slate / Opeing
JOHANNA label own slate image will be inserted into the opening. In each song, it contains the caption of the image image and From the Album name, such as album jacket in addition to Song Title later.

M-02 Political World / 1989 Oh Mercy
And … you’ve written songs about too much longer enough, Dylan had been lost at the time creative impulse, suddenly in the evening with a moonlight, inspired, wrote the lyrics to No. 20 in the course of a single night, it is resurrected It is a song that triggered, after there is also advice of Bono of U2, was the album “Oh Mercy” was created and appointed Daniel Ranoa to Producer.
1989 announcement.

M-03 Most of the Time / 1989 Oh Mercy
When the Most-of-the-time – usually, I’m firmly. But with the exception of when she is not. If, Reality nurses Dylan clause fully open medium-number. This is “Oh Mercy” another version of another lock arrangements the album version. PV of live atmosphere makes you feel the raw Dylan.

M-04 Unbelievable / 1990 Under the Red Sky
Boogie Rock of tiger ve ring Will Belize style. Unbelievable events that occur in the body of the handsome, who spent the night at the beauty and the motel met at the bar. Dylan was brought pigs to cross the protagonist handsome as a vision while playing the guitar, the unusual story PV.

M-05 Series Of Dreams / 1991 The Bootleg Series Volumes1 / 3 Oh Mercy Outtake 1989
Masterpieces of the announcement has been “Oh Mercy” outtakes at the Bootleg Series! There is rock Dylan here. PV video collage of the past Dylan is excellent!

M-06 Blood In My Eyes / 1993 World Gone Wrong
Traditional folk “in a strange world,” album of 1993 announcement that sang the (World Gone Wrong) songs.
Sitting on Top of the World of author Mississippi Sheiks 1930s number of the cream has been cover. Use the Dylan of the video material to walk the streets of the same London Jacquet shooting, video monochrome images is matched to the acoustic guitar sound. Grammy (Best Folk Album Award).

M-07 Knockin ‘On Heaven’s Door / 1995 MTV’s Unplugged
In organizing the addition of talented producer Brendan O’Brien (keyboard) at the time of the tour band, it appeared in the famous program. Saying Unplugged contents lock color strong. New true value of Dylan was change the singing way from this ’94 around will listen.

M-08 Cold Irons Bound / 1997 Time Out of My Mind (from the film Masked and Anonymous)
D · Ranoa again teamed up production has been seven years of songs original new song of the album “Time Out of My Mind” Dos black sound is intense blues-rock songs from. The video is from the 2002 movie “Some of Bob Dylan in the head.” The album, which is praised as the masterpiece of the 1990s of Dylan, the same year Grammy (Best Album Award).

M-09 Love Sick / 1997 Time Out of My Mind
D · Ranoa again teamed up crafted name board as it is PV the performance on the Grammy Awards from “Time Out of My Mind”. New singing method of Dylan from this time is in the area of ​​the blues man to seek the love takes a shine. And show only talent a vagabond manner guitar solo a presence that was unsophisticated of Dylan is also the time that had a passion to electric guitar. It actual is to live at the relay “Soy Bomb” and the man who painted chest was overpowered dance a strange dance in the immediate side of stormed to Dylan, but treated with editing the scene. But Dylan was continued playing without Doze. Kai演 was always also fussy Dylan issuing the NG was OK to live recordings announcement!

M-10 Not Dark Yet / 1997 Time Out of My Mind
Now it is not yet dark, their own old age and soon per becomes dark, new frontier of Dylan lyrics that can be expressed precisely because this age to refer to the last moment. Great performance of the video you shoot the band in the Mix and soft focus that air feeling of DD · Ranoa shows a convincing!

M-11 Things Have Changed Version 1/2000 for the Wonder Boys official soundtrack
2000, was written down as the theme song of the movie “Wonder Boys.” PV that Deiran has emerged as Kyogenmawashi of illusion is produced by film director Curtis Hanson, people are obsessed with madness, this song that era is sung – that is a funny thing, in 2016 to live the opening also Dylan himself favorite song of wonder, such as is played. Winning Academy Award for Best Original Song, a Golden Globe Award theme song award.

M-12 Things Have Changed Version 2/2000 for the Wonder Boys official soundtrack
Here it has been edited short radio edit. Also edit difference image.

M-13 Thunder On The Mountain / 2006 Modern Times
Again heyday of Dylan and 2000s over the 60-year-old visit. From total 31 th studio album, “Modern Times”, NY of the ghetto, represented by the blues rock of the large-hearted shuffle-beat lyrics Dylan Namidasuru struggling story of Alicia Keys of Hell’s Kitchen grew up.
Vocal Also earnestly dull. PV has connecting edit the old days of the video to the quick-and-dirty feeling, but was surprised to or there is also rare footage, such as from Renaldo & Clara and have seen off guard.

M-14 When the Deal Goes Down / 2006 Modern Times
The first appearance first place recorded from the album “Modern Times” in the US chart. Scarlett Johansson impersonate blockbuster expressed in the video of the memories of cruising landscape full of pathos home Muve style of the lady. Gave birth to the conventional method of Dylan put his poetry to entirely borrowed of Bing Crosby classic of Mello is a new masterpiece birth of the 2000s.

M-15 Cross the Green Mountain / 2008 The Bootleg Series Vol. 8 Tell Tale Signs.
It was written down for the sound track of the 2003 release of the film “Gods and Generals”. Ron hair of Dylan to walk between the war dead in the field field of the Civil War appeared! Whether this was the reason for the behavior of the mystery that appeared suffered Ron hair Dzura to that live! ! . Beautiful clip very heavy video while cruel.

M-16 Dreamin ‘of You / 2008 The Bootleg Series Vol. 8 Tell Tale Signs. Time Out of Mind Outtake 1997
Was announced in 2008, “time out of mind,” unreleased in 1997. May boot Regga to pursue the Dylan of the live sound source is brought into grinning if hero of PV is mania.

M-17 Beyond Here Lies Nothin ‘/ 2009 Together Through Life
Renee Zellweger and Forest Whitaker appeared from the movie “My Own Love song” music request is inspiration Dylan got the announcement in 2009 that produced the album “Together Through Life” of. PV that Nash Edgerton, which is also the Hollywood stunt actor served as a director, robbery? neighbor? While violence and violence overflowing style by only two men and women of mystery ask something last punch line is the love to you? !

M-18 Little Drummer Boy / 2009 Christmas in the Heart
From suddenly announced Christmas album in 2009, PV was also made two songs. Well, it transferred the seriousness to be applied to this work of Dylan ne. Color by very beautiful drawings and illustrations, the analog sense of the latest technology has been making full use warm clip.

M-19 Must Be Santa / 2009 Christmas in the Heart
This appeared Ron hair Dylan again to the Christmas song! Huh? There is Dylan? ! Do not doubt your eyes and (laughs). Among the slapstick drama that occurs in the middle of a noisy home party, Dylan has seen the performance of sprinkled with poses and actions almost over the whole volume. Yes I like this Dylan? ! Old fans what a must-see? !

M-20 Guess I’m Doing Fine / 2010 The Bootleg Series Vol. 9 The Witmark Demos 1962-1964
PV has been made from the wit Mark demo. Cut in the news video, such as a black-and-white ’60s Dylan video to Kennedy and Castro has become a clip that atmosphere.

M-21 The Times They Are a-Changin ‘/ 2010 Performs at the White House February 9th
February 9, 2010, the performance of the “era of change” in the concert to honor the civil rights movement in the White House of President Obama hosted. Haruki Murakami and the list every year of the annual Nobel Prize for Literature candidate Dylan, close to winning?

M-22 Duquesne Whistle / 2012 Tempest
2012 announcement of the “Tempest” recording. Here this “Deyukein Whistle,” which is always played in recent live, Video taken in downtown LA is while captured by the camera Dylan Gang your line to parade the city, I thought whether warm Love comedic turn it will be allowed to hat turned to violence movie. 2009 “Beyond Here Lies Nothin ‘” again Nash Edgerton following a supervised PV.

M-23 Pretty Saro / 2013 the Bootleg Series, Vol. 10, “Another Self Portrait. Recorded on 1970
PV Bootleg Series Vol. 10 from “Another Side of the self-portrait” by the “MTV Unplugged” is also a video director Jennifer Rupo that worked. It has become a video collage of the American citizens in bright colors.

M-24 The Night We Called It A Day / 2015 Shadows In The Night
PV from the “Shadows In The Night,” which is a cover album of songs by Frank Sinatra 2015 announcement. Acting is ~ Dylan to the hype! betray! Run! pistol! Romance! Chloroform! As – and the catch copy was struck, in the black-and-white film noir of the world, enjoy the story of the movie tailoring co-starred with actor Robert Davi et al was also appeared in the Sinatra of the movie.

M-25 The Night We Called It A Day / 2015 TV Live Letterman Show
In specialty program Letterman Show in the US CBS-TV, recorded live appearance of Dylan decorate the final episode of David Letterman to retire voluntarily. The latest songs my band in a long time of TV appearances and the familiar. Just show off this song appropriate to the end of the night.









M-01 JPD Slate / Opeing

M-02 Political World / 1989 Oh Mercy
もう充分過ぎるほど曲は書いてしまった・・と、当時創作意欲を失っていたディランが、月明かりある夜に突如、インスピレーションを受け、一晩のうちに20番までも歌詞を書き上げ、復活するきっかけとなった曲であり、後にU2のボノの助言もあって、Producerにダニエル・ラノアを起用し作り上げたアルバム”Oh Mercy”に収録された。

M-03 Most of the Time / 1989 Oh Mercy
モスト・オブ・ザ・タイム~たいていの時、俺はしっかりしている。ただ彼女がいない時を除いては。と、軟派師ディラン節全開のミディアム・ナンバー。こちらは”Oh Mercy”アルバムversionとは別のロックなアレンジの別ヴァージョン。ライヴな雰囲気のPVが生のディランを感じさせてくれます。

M-04 Unbelievable / 1990 Under the Red Sky

M-05 Series Of Dreams / 1991 The Bootleg Series Volumes1/3 Oh Mercy Outtake 1989
Bootlegシリーズで発表された”Oh Mercy”アウトテイクの名曲!ロックなディランここにあり。過去のディランをコラージュしたPV映像は秀逸!

M-06 Blood In My Eyes /1993 World Gone Wrong
トラディショナル・フォークを歌った1993年発表のアルバム「奇妙な世界に」(World Gone Wrong)収録曲。
クリームがカバーしたSitting on Top of the Worldの作者ミシシッピ・シークスの1930年代のナンバー。ジャケ撮影と同じロンドンの街を歩くディランの映像素材を使い、モノクロームな映像がアコギなサウンドにマッチしたビデオ。グラミー賞(ベスト・フォーク・アルバム賞)受賞。

M-07 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door / 1995 MTV’s Unplugged

M-08 Cold Irons Bound / 1997 Time Out of My Mind (from the film Masked and Anonymous)
D・ラノアと再び手を組み制作された7年振りの全曲オリジナル新曲のアルバム”Time Out of My Mind”からドス黒いサウンドが強烈なブルース・ロック曲。映像は2002年の映画「ボブディランの頭のなか」から。90年代のディランの最高傑作と称えられる本アルバムは、同年グラミー賞(最優秀アルバム賞)受賞。

M-09 Love Sick / 1997 Time Out of My Mind
D・ラノアと再び手を組み制作された名盤”Time Out of My Mind”からグラミー賞での演奏をそのままPV化。この頃からディランの新歌唱法は磨きがかかり愛を求めるブルースマンの領域に。そしてエレキ・ギターに情熱を傾けていた時期でもありディランの朴訥とした一本槍な風来坊的ギター・ソロが存在感を示す。実際のライヴ中継時には”Soy Bomb”と胸にペイントした男が乱入しディランのすぐ脇で奇妙なダンスを踊り取り押さえられたのだが、そのシーンを編集で処理している。しかし動ぜずに演奏を続けたディラン。ライヴ音源発表にはいつもNGを出す口うるさいディランもOKした怪演!

M-10 Not Dark Yet / 1997 Time Out of My Mind

M-11 Things Have Changed Version 1 / 2000 for the Wonder Boys official soundtrack

M-12 Things Have Changed Version 2 / 2000 for the Wonder Boys official soundtrack
こちらは短く編集されたradio edit。映像も編集違い。

M-13 Thunder On The Mountain / 2006 Modern Times

M-14 When the Deal Goes Down / 2006 Modern Times

M-15 Cross the Green Mountain / 2008 The Bootleg Series Vol. 8 Tell Tale Signs.
2003年公開の映画「Gods and Generals」のサウンドトラック用に書き下ろされた。南北戦争の野戦場で戦死者の間を歩くロン毛のディランが登場!これがあのライヴにロン毛ヅラ被って登場した謎の行動の理由だったのか!!。非常に重厚な映像が残酷ながらも美しいクリップ。

M-16 Dreamin’ of You / 2008 The Bootleg Series Vol. 8 Tell Tale Signs. Time Out of Mind Outtake 1997

M-17 Beyond Here Lies Nothin’/ 2009 Together Through Life
レネー・ゼルウィガーとフォレスト・ウィテカー出演の映画「My Own Love song」の音楽を依頼されインスピレイションを得たディランが制作した2009年発表のアルバム「トゥゲザー・スルー・ライフ」から。ハリウッドのスタント俳優でもあるナッシュ・エドガートンが監督を務めたPVは、強盗?隣人?謎の男女2人だけによる暴力とバイオレンス溢れる作風ながら最後のオチが貴方に愛とは何かを問いかける?!

M-18 Little Drummer Boy / 2009 Christmas in the Heart

M-19 Must Be Santa / 2009 Christmas in the Heart

M-20 Guess I’m Doing Fine / 2010 The Bootleg Series Vol. 9 The Witmark Demos 1962-1964

M-21 The Times They Are a-Changin’ / 2010 Performs at the White House February 9th

M-22 Duquesne Whistle / 2012 Tempest
2012年発表の「テンペスト」収録。ここ最近のライヴでも必ず演奏されるこの「デューケイン・ホイッスル」、LAのダウンタウンで撮影されたヴィデオは街を練り歩くディラン・ギャング御一行をカメラで捉えながらも、ウォームなラヴコメディ風かと思いきや一転バイオレンス映画に転じハっとさせられます。2009年の”Beyond Here Lies Nothin'”に続き再びナッシュ・エドガートンが監督したPV。

M-23 Pretty Saro / 2013 the Bootleg Series, Vol. 10, “Another Self Portrait. Recorded on 1970

M-24 The Night We Called It A Day / 2015 Shadows In The Night

M-25 The Night We Called It A Day / 2015 TV Live Letterman Show

JPDV-005 Factory Pressed DVD / 104mins / PROSHOT
JPD Slate – Opeing / Political World / Most of the Time / Unbelievable / Series Of Dreams /
Blood In My Eyes / Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Unplugged) / Cold Irons Bound / Love Sick /
Not Dark Yet / Things Have Changed Version 1/ Things Have Changed Version 2/ Thunder On The Mountain /
When the Deal Goes Down / Cross the Green Mountain / Dreamin’ of You / Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ /
Little Drummer Boy / Must Be Santa / Guess I’m Doing Fine / The Times They Are a-Changin’/
Duquesne Whistle / Pretty Saro / The Night We Called It A Day / The Night We Called It A Day(TV Live)/
JPD Slate – Ending /

Johanna. JPDV-005


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