Black Sabbath / Dusseldorf 1990 / 2CDR

Black Sabbath / Dusseldorf 1990 / 2CDR / Shades

Philipshalle, Dusseldrok, Germany 21st October 1990

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SABBATH Ultimate dramatic tour “TYR TOUR 1990” which is very popular in our shop. It is a new hidden treasure, a powerful live album that will complete “German masterpiece trilogy”.
Even if it is said suddenly “the German trilogy work”, I think that there are also many people who do not come with pins. Speaking of the German performance of “TYR TOUR”, a masterpiece “OSNABRUCK 1990 (Zodiac 319)” which is released in press 2CD the other day and which is very popular is a masterpiece. In fact it was a masterpiece suitable for calling the highest peak of tour, but in reality not only that one is better, the surroundings of Osnabruck ‘s performance was a “harvest zone” where the masterpiece / name recording solidifies. This work is also one that completes the peak three-day collection even in such a harvest area.
If you are an avid collector you may know that there are many masterpieces in Germany / Austria of “TYR TOUR”. It will be a little long, let’s first organize the collection with the schedule of the neighborhood.

· October 8th: Vienna
· October 9: Innsbruck “INNSBRUCK 1990”
· October 10: Zenden ‘SENDEN 1990’
– 1 day vacant
· October 12: Munich
· October 13: Immenstadt
· October 14: Appenweiler
– 1 day vacant
· October 16: Fürth
· October 17: Offenbach
· October 18th: Böblingen
– 1 day vacant
· October 20: Sankt Wendel “ST. WENDEL 1990”
· October 21: Düsseldorf 【this work】
· October 22: Osnabruck “OSNABRUCK 1990”
– 1 day vacant
· October 24th: Berlin

This is not the whole picture of “TYR TOUR”, but only a small part. It extracted the 13 consecutive Austrian / German performances which became the core from all 44 performances. It is understood that it was the pace of roughly “3 days live + 1 day off”, but the special attention is three consecutive performances of “October 20 – 22”. Not only the above-mentioned highest masterpiece “OSNABRUCK 1990” but also a masterpiece “ST. WENDEL 1990 (Shades 833)” competing for the top with that Osnabruck was near immediately. The introduction became long, but the engraved in this work is “Dusseldorf performances on October 21, 1990” sandwiched between such two male. It is its masterpiece audience recording.
Such a work is also exquisite. It is a name recording that is suitable for calling “trilogy work” dignifiedly in line with the top two. What is great more than anything is on and powerful core. Cozy · Powell’s drumming is captured by solemn and deep power, and Tony · Iomi’s guitar is delicate even to detail. Neil Murray’s exquisite base run can also be tasted. More than that is Tony Martin’s singing voice. Not only can you understand each word of lyrics, but also the expression of voice is wonderfully vivid. Although it is not transparent as much as “OSNABRUCK 1990”, powerfulness surpasses even “ST. WENDEL 1990”.
In fact, this recording has long been known to the core collector and has been “A +” evaluated. “OSNABRUCK 1990” won the summit war because it was upgraded as a new master of “A ++” class, but once this Dusseldorf show was equally balanced. In fact, there is a cut change in the middle of “Heart Like A Wheel”, the sound changes at the end of “Heaven And Hell” (the tape ends and it seems to be compensated by another recording) so you can not hope for press However, this work is also a major masterpiece in “TYR TOUR”.

The contents of the show are similar to “OSNABRUCK 1990” and “ST. WENDEL 1990” only for three consecutive days of performance. It also means that you can listen to that wonderful Ultimate Show as another performance. Of course, first of all, the best masterpiece of press 2CD “OSNABRUCK 1990” is the best recommendation. It does not make tremor. On top of that, you can also see the true value of “TYR TOUR” by combining the shining ultra-correct sound “ST. WENDEL 1990” and the powerful direct sound. You will realize how at the time they were doing high-potential show, and that super masterpiece was not a coincidence for only one day.
The three days of German miracle that was the apex of “TYR TOUR” which is the apex of the style beauty hard rock. Although it is short, although some masterpieces have been excavated from “TYR TOUR”, there are no other three days in which this dense and daily quality is high. It is the last one piece to make its whole appearance pale. By all means, please experience it with you.

当店で大人気となっているSABBATH究極のドラマティック・ツアー“TYR TOUR 1990”。その新たなる秘宝であり、“ドイツ傑作3部作”を完結させる強力ライヴアルバムです。
いきなり「ドイツ3部作」と言われてもピンと来ない方も多いと思います。“TYR TOUR”のドイツ公演と言えば、先日プレス2CDでリリースされ、大好評真っ最中なのが名作『OSNABRUCK 1990(Zodiac 319)』。まさにツアー最高峰と呼ぶに相応しい大傑作でしたが、実はあの1本だけが優れているわけではなく、オスナブリュック公演の周囲は傑作・名録音が固まる“豊作地帯”だった。本作は、そんな豊作地帯でもピークとなる3日間コレクションを完成させる1本でもあるのです。
熱心なコレクターの方は“TYR TOUR”のドイツ/オーストリアには傑作が多い事もご存じかもしれません。少し長くなりますが、まずは近隣の日程でコレクションを整理してみましょう。

・10月9日:インスブルック『INNSBRUCK 1990』
・10月10日:ゼンデン『SENDEN 1990』
・10月20日:ザンクト・ヴェンデル『ST. WENDEL 1990』
・10月21日:デュッセルドルフ 【本作】
・10月22日:オスナブリュック『OSNABRUCK 1990』

これは“TYR TOUR”の全貌ではなく、ごく一部。全44公演から中核となったオーストリア/ドイツ連続13公演を抜き出したものです。おおよそ「3日間ライヴ+1日オフ」のペースだった事が分かりますますが、特に注目なのは「10月20日-22日」の3連続公演。前述の最高傑作『OSNABRUCK 1990』だけでなく、そのオスナブリュックと頂点を競い合った名作『ST. WENDEL 1990(Shades 833)』もすぐ間近でした。前置きが長くなりましたが、本作に刻まれているのはそんな両雄に挟まれた「1990年10月21日デュッセルドルフ公演」。その傑作オーディエンス録音なのです。
そんな本作もまた、絶品。頂点的2本と並んでも堂々と“3部作”と呼ぶに相応しい名録音なのです。何よりも素晴らしいのはオンで力強い芯。コージー・パウエルのドラミングは荘厳&ド迫力に捉えられ、トニー・アイオミのギターもディテールまで繊細。ニール・マーレイの流麗なベースランもクッキリと味わえる。それ以上なのがトニー・マーティンの歌声。歌詞の単語1つひとつまで分かるだけでなく、声色の表情も素晴らしくビビッドなのです。『OSNABRUCK 1990』ほど透き通ってはいないものの、力強さでは『ST. WENDEL 1990』さえも凌駕してしまうのです。
実際、この録音は以前からコアなコレクターには知られており、「A+」評価を下されてきたもの。『OSNABRUCK 1990』は「A++」級の新マスターでアップグレードしたために頂点戦争を勝ち抜いたわけですが、かつてはこのデュッセルドルフ公演も互角に渡り合っていた。実のところ「Heart Like A Wheel」中盤でテープチェンジのカットがあり、「Heaven And Hell」終盤で音が変わる(テープが終了し、別録音で補填されているようです)のでプレス化は望めませんが、本作も“TYR TOUR”で指折りの大傑作なのです。

3日連続公演だけにショウの内容は『OSNABRUCK 1990』『ST. WENDEL 1990』にも酷似。それは同時に、あの素晴らしい究極的なショウをもう1公演聴けるということでもあります。もちろん、まずは何よりもプレス2CDの最高傑作『OSNABRUCK 1990』こそが全力のお薦め。それは微動だにしません。その上で、輝く超端正サウンドの『ST. WENDEL 1990』や、力強いダイレクト・サウンドの本作も併せることで“TYR TOUR”の真価が分かる。当時の彼らがいかにポテンシャルの高いショウをやっていたのか、そしてあの超傑作も1日だけの偶然ではなかった事が実感して頂けるでしょう。
様式美ハードロックの頂点である“TYR TOUR”の、そのまた頂点だった奇跡のドイツ3日間。短いながらも“TYR TOUR”からは傑作が何本か発掘されていますが、これほど濃密で連日クオリティが高い3日間は他にありません。その全貌をつまびらかにする最後の1ピース。ぜひ、お手元に揃えてご体験ください。

Disc 1(44:57)
1. Ave Satani/The Gates Of Hell 2. Neon Knights 3. Iron Man 4. Children Of The Grave
5. Die Young 6. The Sabbath Stones 7. Bass Solo 8. Heart Like A Wheel 9. Guitar Solo

Disc 2(51:44)
1. Headless Cross 2. When Death Calls 3. The Law Maker 4. Anno Mundi (The Vision)
5. Black Sabbath 6. Heaven And Hell 7. Paranoid/Heaven And Hell(reprise)

Tony Iommi – Guitar Tony Martin – Vocal Neil Murray – Bass Cozy Powell – Drums
Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards

Shades 955

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