Beatles / Yesterday Mixes And Today A Collection Of The Beatles Alternate Mixes / 1CDR

Beatles / Yesterday Mixes And Today A Collection Of The Beatles Alternate Mixes / 1CDR / Beatfile

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A Compilation That Collects The Alternate Mix of The Beatles.  Soundboard

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A compilation that collects the alternate mix of the Beatles appeared!

It is a compilation that collected the Beatles’ Alternate Mix, but in accordance with the title Jacquet design of the outtake photo of that “Butcher Cover”, the content is also a rare sound source whose content was upgraded with the latest analog sound source mix at the current latest remaster It is a collection.

There are already familiar alternate mixes, but the “unreleased” sound source is also a point of being a nostalgic sound source of the former analog era.

Now, all stereo mixes and mono / mix of official songs are officially standardized, and the new generation collector where the old good analog age alternatives mix buried and buried in there was gathered up It is a fresh compilation.





01. SIE LIEBT DICH (stereo mix)
02. THANK YOU GIRL (stereo mix)
03. ALL MY LOVING (hi-hat intro stereo mix)
04. KOMM, GIB MIR DEINE HAND (alternate stereo mix)
05. I’LL CRY INSTEAD (long edit movie mix)
07. ANY TIME AT ALL (alternate mono mix)
08. I FEEL FINE (alternate capitol stereo mix)
09. SHE’S A WOMAN (count-in capitol stereo mix)
10. YES IT IS (stereo mix)
11. WE CAN WORK IT OUT (unreleased single-tracked vocal mono mix)
12. THE WORDS (alternate stereo mix)
13. I ‘M LOOKING THROUGH YOU (false-start stereo mix)
14. I’M ONLY SLEEPING (alternate stereo mix)
15. TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS (matrix-1 mono mix)
16. PENNY LANE (unreleased different horn mono mix)
17. SHE’S LEAVING HOME (original mono mix)
18. ONLY A NORTHERN SONG (original mono mix)
19. HEY BULLDOG (original mono mix)
20. BLUE JAY WAY (alternate stereo mix)
21. SEXY SADIE (unreleased unedited mono mix)
22. HELTER SKELTER (original mono mix)
23. NOT GUILTY (original mono mix)
24. ACROSS THE UNIVERSE (unreleased stereo mix)


Beatfile. BFP-127CDR


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