Beatles / Recovered Tracks / 1CDR

Beatles / Recovered Tracks / 1CDR / Beatfile

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This Compilation Was At That Time LP2 Disc Studio Outtakes And BBC Live Recordings. Soundboard


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Was released in the 1980s as an analog boot remastered reprint collection of The Beatles “RECOVERED TRACKS” is emerging in the latest remastered sound!

This compilation was at that time LP2 Disc studio outtakes and BBC live recordings, there was a popular content-rich TV show sound like variety.

And now it is also sound source is not valuable but is not reckoned with interesting content is also different things subtly edit and mix.

This is the best source attractive analog boot remastered reprint title as a collection that is not a cause analog by the latest remastered.
ザ・ビートルズのアナログ・ブート・リマスター復刻コレクションとして80年代にリリースされた『RECOVERED TRACKS』が最新リマスター音源であらたに登場!




01. How Do You Do It
(Take 2, RM 1 with spoken intro by John)
02. I Forgot To Remember To Forget
(BBC 5.1.1964/5.18.1964)
03. Dizzy Miss Lizzie (BBC 5.26.19656.07.1965)
04. Lucille (BBC 9.07.1963/10.05.1963)
05. I Wanna Be Your Man (BBC 2.28.1964/3.30.1964)
06. “A Hard Day’s Night” Film Trailer 1964
07. I’m A Loser (Shindig 10.03.1964/10.07.1964)
08. Medley Of Hits (Around The Beatles 1964)
09. The Beatles Come To Town
(Pathe Newsreel 11.20.1963)
10. Introduction
(Ed Sullivan Show Rehearsal 2.16.1964)
11. She Loves You
(Ed Sullivan Show Rehearsal 2.16.1964)
12. I Feel Fine (Ed Sullivan Show 8.14.1965/9.12.1965)
13. I’m Down (Ed Sullivan Show 8.14.1965/9.12.1965)
14. Act Naturally
(Ed Sullivan Show 8.14.1965/9.12.1965)
15. Ticket To Ride
(Ed Sullivan Show 8.14.1965/9.12.1965)
16. Savoy Truffle (Take 1, RM 6 mono mix)
17. Tomorrow Never Knows (Take 3, RM 8 mono mix)
18. Get Back (Glyn John’s Acetate)
19. Love Me Do (BBC 7.10.1963/7.23.1963)
20. Misery (BBC 5.24.1963/6.04.1963)
21. Words Of Love (7.16.1963/8.20.1963)
22. Back In The USSR (Take 6, RM 1 mono mix)
23. Don’t Let Me Down + Those Were The Days
(Bed-In Amsterdam 1969)
24. Una Sensazionale Intervista Con I Beatles (Kenny Everett Interview 1968)
25. Hey Jude (Rehearsals – Experiment In Television 1968)/26. Revolution (Promo Film 1968)
27. The Beatles Decade Radio Ad (Bonus Track)

Beatfile. BFP067CDR

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