Beatles / Men & Horses Hoops & Carters / 1CDR

Beatles / Men & Horses Hoops & Carters / 1CDR / Beatfile

Translated Text:

Overseas Beatles collectors due to remix and remaster Collection “Men & Hosesu, Fupusu & Gatazu” appeared than BEATFILE!   SBD


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Remix & remaster collection by overseas Beatles · collector “Men & Hoes, Hoops & Garters” appeared from BEATFILE!

A variety of sound sources that remixed and remastered based on various outtakes and demonstration sounds are contents that can be said as a collector’s edition version of the album “LOVE”, which is a bit different from a kind that gathered mere outtakes As a rare sound source compilation by a remix of the Beatles · collector It is an overseas editing title of attention!


01. Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
02. With A Little Help From My Friends
03. Glass Onion
04. And I Love Her
05. She Loves You
06. Eight Days A Week
07. She’s A Woman
08. Good Morning Good Morning
09. I Me Mine
10. Honey Pie
11. It’s Only Love
12. Get Back
13. Sour Milk Sea
14. I Am The Walrus
15. Old Brown Shoe
16. Why Don’t We Do It In The Road
17. What You’re Doing
18. Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
19. Across The Universe
20. Let It Be
21. Isn’t It A Pity / Hey Jude

extra tracks:
22. Her Majesty
23. King Lear Speech
24. Sour Milk Sea (stereo remix)

Beatfile. BFP092CDR

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