Beatles / The Making Of The Beatles 1957-1963 / 2CD

Beatles / The Making Of The Beatles 1957-1963 / 2CD / Non Label

St Peter’s Parish Hall, Woolton, Liverpool 6th July 1957,Percy Phillips Studio, Kensington, Liverpool Mid-1958,Location Unknown, Possibly Liverpool Art College Spring 1960


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Regarding the Beatles’ pre-debut sound source, Lord Reith’s “KICKS KUDOS AND CASH” net release has been useful in recent years. This is a compilation of all their pre-debut sound sources in their best sources and has been updated several times. Because of that, despite having enough convenience with this piece, it was hard to realize that it was released as an item.
“KICKS KUDOS AND CASH” (hereinafter referred to as “KKAC”), which has just been updated many times, has reached the stage of completion, but the latest version was released this February . The main change is the addition of a fragment of the earliest television appearance that surprised geeks around the world at the end of last year. Although this has already been released as a bonus for “PLEASE PLEASE ME 2019 SPECTRAL STEREO REMIX SECOND EDITION”, it still fits well when it enters the first Beatles collection.
Even so, no matter how much Beatles, it’s not surprising that the sound source before the debut was left so far. Isn’t it terrible to see the performance of the day when John and Paul meet, the moment of fate? Even though it is an important day in the history of music, Quorymen at that time was just a rural student band. The fact that there was a person who recorded the performance was not a foresight. Of course, it was an audience recording of the 1957 amateur band with the equipment of the time, not a level to say about performance and sound quality, but it is still amazing to understand that it is John’s voice.

当 For this limited press CD, cut the BBC radio sound source that appeared before the debut (because there are a lot of culminated items on the BBC). This makes it easy to fit on two discs. If you sort the “KKAC” body as it is on a CD, the sound source of the Decca Audition will end up straddling two disks. You may even realize the benefits of this re-edit.
In addition to simply summarizing the best sources, the appeal of “KKAC” is that Lord Reith’s center mix has been applied to the sound source that played Tony Sheridan’s back in 1961. If it is poor, it is a Sheridan sound source with better sound quality than EMI recording for a while after its debut, so the center mix will be shining again. In addition, Lord Reith has created a mix that extrudes the Beatles performance by excluding Sheridan’s vocals for only two songs “My Bonnie” and “Why”, but this has been moved to the bonus treatment position.
Speaking of Sheridan sound sources, “ Sweet Georgia Brown ” recorded to digest the contract remaining in 1962 was included in “ KKAC ”, which included both the mix that pulled out his singing voice by Lord Reith and the center mix However, in this release, the songless backing was treated as a bonus and moved to the end of the disc.

Certainly, there is something that can be heard easily when the initial TV appearance of the example comes after each sound source at the Cavern Club in the second half of 1962. This was the aim of the latest version of “KKAC”. In the first place, the second disc contains two kinds of studio recordings called EMI audition and decker audition, which are the first to push their performance to the front in the studio, so it is enough to hear. Although it is the same sound source since ancient times, it is only lucky that such a solid recording was left before debut.
And the bonus of the second disc includes an excerpt from Roy Orbison’s undercard in May 1963 after debuting at the auction several years ago. This was a surprising excavation that made it clear that the sound quality was surprisingly good for the audience, and that he was still playing “Some Other Guy” live at this point. Until then, the full-length version will be released, but until then, take a glimpse with this bonus. “KKAC” included one song of Orbison’s own performance, but here we included only two Beatles songs. A masterpiece summarizing the best version of all the famous sound sources is finally released on the limited press CD. The Beatles’ pre-debut sound source is OK with just this one!

ビートルズのデビュー前音源に関しては、ここ数年ほどLord Reithによる「KICKS KUDOS AND CASH」というネット・リリースが重宝されています。これは現存する彼らのデビュー前音源をすべてベスト・ソースにてまとめ上げており、何度かアップデートを重ねてきました。そのせいか、これ一枚で事足りる的な便利さがあったにもかかわらず、アイテムとしてリリースされることがなかなか実現しなかったのです。
何度もアップデートを繰り返しただけのことはあり、もはや完成の域に達していた「KICKS KUDOS AND CASH」(以下「KKAC」と称します)ですが、この2月に最新バージョンがリリースされました。主な変更点は昨年末に世界中のマニアを驚かせた最初期テレビ出演の断片を追加収録。これは既に「PLEASE PLEASE ME 2019 SPECTRAL STEREO REMIX SECOND EDITION」のボーナスとしてリリース済ではありますが、やはりビートルズ最初期音源集の中に入ると収まりがいい。

また単にベスト・ソースをまとめるだけでなく、「KKAC」の魅力と言えばLord Reithお得意のセンターミックスが1961年のトニー・シェリダンのバックを務めた音源に施されていることでしょう。下手したらデビュー後からしばらくのEMI録音より音質の優れたシェリダン音源ですので、センターミックスがまた映えること。おまけにLord Reithは「My Bonnie」と「Why」2曲だけシェリダンのボーカルを排してビートルズの演奏を押し出したミックスを作り上げていますが、これはボーナス扱いという位置に移しました。
シェリダン音源と言えば1962年に残っていた契約を消化するべく録音された「Sweet Georgia Brown」が「KKAC」ではLord Reithによる彼の歌声を抜いたミックスとセンターミックスの両方が含まれていましたが、今回のリリースに当たっては歌無しバッキングの方はボーナス扱いとして、これまたディスクの最後に移動。

そして二枚目のディスクのボーナスには、数年前にオークションで登場したデビュー後、63年5月にロイ・オービソンの前座を務めた時の抜粋音源を収録。これはオーディエンス録音ながら驚くほど音質が良く、しかもこの時点でまだ「Some Other Guy」をライブで演奏していたということを明らかにしてくれた衝撃の発掘でした。それだけに全長版の公開が待たれるのですが、それまではこのボーナスにて垣間見てください。「KKAC」ではオービソン自身の演奏も一曲含んでいましたが、ここではビートルズ2曲のみの収録としました。本当にどれも有名な音源ばかり、そのベスト・バージョンをまとめた名作が遂に限定プレスCDにてリリースされます。ビートルズのデビュー前音源はこれ一枚でOK!

Disc 1 (67:33)

St Peter’s Parish Hall, Woolton, Liverpool 6th July 1957

01. Putting On The Style
02. Baby Let’s Play House

Percy Phillips Studio, Kensington, Liverpool Mid-1958

03. That’ll Be The Day
04. In Spite Of All The Danger

Location Unknown, Possibly Liverpool Art College Spring 1960

05. Hallelujah I Love Her So
06. The One After 909
07. You’ll Be Mine
08. Matchbox
09. I Will Always Be In Love With You
10. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
11. That’s When Your Heartache Begins
12. Wildcat
13. The One After 909
14. Some Days
15. You Must Write Every Day
16. I’ll Follow The Sun
17. Hello Little Girl
18. Cayenne
19. Well Darling

Friedrich Ebert Halle, Hamburg, Germany 22nd-23rd June 1961 (with Tony Sheridan)

20. My Bonnie
21. Mein Bonnie
22. Why (Can’t You Love Me Again)
23. Cry For A Shadow
24. The Saints
25. Ain’t She Sweet
26. Nobody’s Child
27. If You Love Me Baby

Bonus Tracks
28. My Bonnie (backing vocals and handclaps)
29. Why (backing vocals and handclaps)

Disc 2 (70:36)
Decca Studios, London 1st January 1962

01. Money (That’s What I Want)
02. The Sheikh of Araby
03. Memphis Tennessee
04. Three Cool Cats
05. Sure To Fall
06. September In The Rain
07. Take Good Care of My Baby
08. Till There Was You
09. Crying Waiting Hoping
10. To Know Her Is To Love Her
11. Besame Mucho
12. Searchin’
13. Like Dreamers Do
14. Hello Little Girl
15. Love of The Loved

Recording Session, Hamburg, Germany April 1962

16. Sweet Georgia Brown (with Tony Sheridan)

EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London 6th June 1962

17. Love Me Do
18. Besame Mucho

Cavern Club, Liverpool

19. Some Other Guy take 1 (22nd August 1962)
20. Some Other Guy take 2 (22nd August 1962)
21. Kansas City (5th September 1962)
22. Some Other Guy (5th September 1962)
23. I Saw Her Standing There (Late 1962)
24. The One After 909 take 1 (Late 1962)
25. The One After 909 take 2 (Late 1962)
26. Catswalk take 1 (Late 1962)
27. Catswalk take 2 (Late 1962)

“Peple And Places” Granada TV Studios, Manchester

28. Some Other Guy (17th October 1962, partial)
29. Love Me Do (17th October 1962, partial)
30. A Taste Of Honey (2nd November 1962, partial)
31. Twist and Shout (17th December 1962, partial)

“Pops And Lenny” Television Theatre, London 16th May 1963

32. From Me To You

Granada Theatre, Walthamstow 24th May 1963

33. Some Other Guy (excerpts)
34. Please Please Me (partial)

Bonus Track
35. Sweet Georgia Brown (stereo backing vocals)

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