Beach Boys / Lei D In Hawaii / 2CD+1DVD WX OBI Strip

Beach Boys / Lei D In Hawaii / 2CD+1DVD WX OBI Strip / Shakuntalia

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Honolulu International Center, Hawaii USA August 25 & 26, 1967. Digitally Remastered

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On the tour of August and September 1967, the beach boys performed after the release of the album “Smiley Smile” intended to produce live albums and recorded. It was Hawaiian performance on 25th and 26th August 1967 that was chosen as live recording. Although some of the recordings at this time are recorded in various compilations and the like, as a live album that has been settled, it still remains unreleased.

This live album was called “LEI’D IN HAWAII” as a working title. This is a double meing meaning to put a flower necklace on her neck and a meaning to share a bed with a woman. This work also follows the title that was scheduled.

Disc 1 contains a Hawaiian concert on August 25, 1967. The sound quality is recorded in the sound board, but there are some source differences due to the difference in the outflow route. Because of their characteristics in sound quality, in this work, SOURCE A, SOUCE B, SOUCE E are recorded separately without editing.

Disc 2 contains a Hawaiian concert on August 26, 1967. Soundboard is also sound quality here, three types of SOUCE C, SOUCE D, SOUCE E are recorded without editing, depending on the route of the outflow. In the second half there are 6 rehearsal sound sources for the Hawaiian performance.

Although the main of this work is of course the unreleased live album “LEI’D IN HAWAII”, it comes with a DVD that collects rare pictures of the 60’s. The 1966 London performance is main, but as one song, the 1967 Hawaiian performance “The World God Only knows” the picture is valuable because there was not anything that you can see on the full scale of the song by the sound of the day I guess.

Recorded for unreleased live album “LEI’D IN HAWAII” August 25th and 26th, Hawaiian concerts recorded in 1967 including the source difference both days. In addition, a rehearsal sound source is added together. Also included is a DVD that collects rare images of the 60’s. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. Japanese style attaching.


このライブ・アルバムはワーキング・タイトルとして『LEI’D IN HAWAII』と呼ばれていた。これは花の首飾りのレイを首にかけるという意味と、女性とベッドを共にするという意味の、ダブルミーニングになっている。本作もこの予定されていたタイトルを踏襲している。

ディスク1には1967年8月25日のハワイ公演を収録している。音質はサウンドボード収録なのだが、流出経路の違いによりいくつかのソース違いがある。それぞれ音質に特徴があるため、本作ではSOURCE A, SOUCE B, SOUCE Eの三種を、編集することなくそれぞれ収録している。

ディスク2には1967年8月26日のハワイ公演を収録している。こちらも音質はサウンドボードで、流出経路の違いによりSOUCE C, SOUCE D, SOUCE Eの三種を、編集することなくそれぞれ収録している。また後半にはハワイ公演に向けてのリハーサル音源を6曲収録している。

本作のメインはもちろん未発表のライブ・アルバム『LEI’D IN HAWAII』なのだが、60年代のレアな映像を集めたDVDが付属している。1966年のロンドン公演がメインとなっているが、1曲ながら1967年のハワイ公演の「神のみぞ知る」の映像は当日の音で1曲フル尺で見れるものはこれまで無かったので貴重であろう。

未発表ライブ・アルバム『LEI’D IN HAWAII』の為にレコーディングされた1967年8月25日と26日のハワイ公演両日をソース違いを含めて収録。加えてリハーサル音源を併録。さらに60年代のレア映像を集めたDVDが付属。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。日本語帯付。

HIC Arena, Hawaii U.S.A. August 25, 1967
01. The Letter
02. Hawaii
03. You’re So Good to Me
04. Surfer Girl
05. Surfin’
06. Gettin’ Hungry
07. California Girls
08. Wouldn’t It Be Nice
09. Heroes And Villains
10. God Only Knows
11. Good Vibrations
12. Barbara Ann

13. Heroes And Villains
14. God Only Knows
15. Good Vibrations

16. Gettin’ Hungry
17. Heroes And Villains
18. Barbara Ann

HIC Arena, Hawaii U.S.A. August 26, 1967
01. Hawthorne Boulevard
02. Hawaii
03. You’re So Good to Me
04. Help Me, Rhonda
05. California Girls
06. Sloop John B
07. Wouldn’t It Be Nice
08. Gettin’ Hungry
09. Surfer Girl
10. Surfin’
11. The Letter
12. God Only Knows
13. Good Vibrations
14. Heroes And Villains
15. Barbara Ann

16. Hawthorne Boulevard
17. Surfin’
18. Gettin’ Hungry

19. Hawthorne Boulevard

20. The Letter
21. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring
22. God Only Knows
23. Good Vibrations
24. Hawaii
25. Heroes And Villains

01. Fun Fun Fun

02. Dance Dance Dance

03. California Girl

04. Help Me Rhonda
05. I Get Around
06. Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow
07. Sloop John B
09. Graduation Day
10. Good Vibrations
11. Barbara Ann
12. Wouldn’t Be Nice
13. You’re So Good To Me
14. California Girls
15. I Get Around

HIC ARENA HAWAII August 26, 1967
16. God Only Knows

UNICEF CONCERT December 15, 1967
17. Barbara Ann
18. God Only Knows
19. O Come, All Ye Faithful

PARIS OLYMPIA June 16, 1969
20. Darlin’
21. Wouldn’t Be Nice

Shakuntalia. STCD-111/112/113

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