Bryan Ferry / Impossible True Love / 1CD

Bryan Ferry / Impossible True Love / 1CD /Virtuoso

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Live at Heineken Hall, Amsterdam, Holland 9th September 2002 STEREO SBD


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In 2002, from the European tour accompanied by “Frantic”, on September 9th the Netherlands appeared in Amsterdam performance as the finest soundboard. Brian Ferry who announced the solo album “Frantic” in April 2002 after the Roxy music reunion tour which lasted from June to October 2001 started immediate “Frantic” tour from May Did. The band members have almost the same composition as the previous Roxy Reunion Tour, and it is the feeling that Phil Manzanera and Andy McKay just came out, but the happy thing is that original Roxy ‘s drummer Paul Thompson continues to participate It is.
This sound source seems to be the original FM broadcasting, it is recorded only about 12 half of the 21 songs played this day, but the composition of the concert is kept well by the song selection with good sense . Three songs in the first half are acoustic sets, especially the third song “Carrickfergus” is a pleasant selection as an old fans, the harp of Julia · Thornton blond hair beautiful woman is effectively futurized. You can enjoy full band performance from the 5th track “Limbo” and the representative songs of Roxy and solo are lined up. The interesting thing is the extremely unusual accident of looping the performance as the musical composition of the song is disturbed because of the mistake of Ferry singing in the 11th song “Let’s Stick Together”. Last “I Thought” is one of the best masterpieces of the album “Frantic”, co-written with Eno, which seemed to be absolutely impossible any longer, here being shown at an up tempo version containing a beautiful chorus It is the biggest listening comprehension.
From the CD single “One Way Love” to “Mother Of Pearl” “Crazy Love”, and also from the CD single “Goddess Of Love” from the CD single as “Bonus Track” from the “Frantic” Smoke Dreams “is included. In particular, “Mother Of Pearl” is a new recording “Horoscope Session” version also included in the soundtrack “Ordinary Decent Criminal”, and the official sound source is extremely rare. Also this time we are happy with the collection We have become popular beauty Jacques specifications. Release on press CD suitable for the splendor of content. From the well-received Virtuoso label, high quality boards are growing again that grows geeky.

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.157 (August issue of 2013). For your information.

This month Virtuosso delivered good quality sound source again. This time I will introduce “Frantic” in 2002, it is a broadcasting sound source that recorded the live performance in the Netherlands, but it is very clear sound quality. The composition of the live consists three songs from the album, and one song from the previous work “Mamouna”. The remaining 8 songs are lined with familiar songs of ferries and roxy who are familiar with the fans. The balance of this neighborhood is similar to “Olympia In Paris” introduced last month, but the rare one is the cool covered “Carrickfergus” which was also covered in the 1994/95 world tour. It is impressive that this live sings somewhat faster and sings more powerfully than previous tours and records. The live performance itself has already got a quiet tension from the acoustic early stage, and the feeling that heat gradually becomes dew. There is a rare feeling with the rust which was not in the ferry band up to now, such as a dark groove funk groove on the middle part of “Uptempo” “Limbo”. It is worth having it recorded as a sound source in this way. As mentioned in the explanation of the shop as well, the timing that the vocal entering loudly in the second half of “Let’s Stick Together” goes crazy is charming that excites the atmosphere of the hot live show. Not only is the overall sound quality clearer, but also the realism like listening at close range. It is a density feeling that the vocal breathing, the guitar string squeak, and the piano hammer sound are coming. Bonus tracks are three songs that have not yet been recorded on single albums such as single songs of the same period. It is likable to have a high-quality photo on the inlay and label side in the press board. And the men ‘s clothes Aoki’ s “Three points 0 yen if you buy two points” is now becoming an annual Virtuosso ‘one point’ comes with two points’. In addition, this time the number of disks is 3 large boards. The 1st piece is “Dance With Life + Rare Singles” which contains 15 songs not included in the album of the 70s and 80s as a sequel to the bonus track of the main volume disc. This is a convenient piece, especially not very famous “Dance With Life” is a masterpiece by Trevor Horn’s sound production, but it is a covered hidden masterpiece even though it is a cover. We do not have the best board recording, so we would like to welcome the increase in awareness at these opportunities. Although the same photo as the single CD of “Dance With Life” is used for jacket photographing, it is strange that it is reflected to the part trimmed with a single CD. Another bonus disc is a full collection of the live at the Royal Albert Hall in 2002. It is the same tour as the main part, but this has been recorded with 22 full songs. The sound quality records the whole sound with a good balance while recording the audience. The recording condition that picked up the ambience of this hole abundantly also has a realistic sense that it was recorded in Royal Albert Hall indeed. In the first half when the set “Frantic” recorded song continues from the instrument songs Roxy ‘s “Thrill Of It All” is not hungry to connect without intervening. And it was rare and great performance that he did ‘Hide Shish, Shame, Shame’ (solo cover in 1976) to Ending number before Angkor. This 2 piece set is also an excellent bonus to complement the main volume disc. It is the first time without complaint.


本音源はFM放送が元と思われ、この日演奏された21曲の中から約半分の12曲のみの収録となっていますが、センスの良い曲セレクションにより、コンサートの構成はうまく保っています。前半3曲はアコースティックセットで特に3曲目の「Carrickfergus」は古くからのファンとしては嬉しい選曲で、金髪美人の才人ジュリア・ソーントンのハープが効果的にフュチャーされています。5曲目「Limbo」からフルバンドの演奏が楽しめロキシーとソロの代表曲がずらりと並んでいます。面白いのは11曲目の「Let’s Stick Together」でFerryが歌う箇所をミスしたため曲の構成が乱れてしまい演奏をループするという非常に珍しいアクシデントがあります。ラストの「I Thought」は、アルバム『Frantic』の中でも屈指の名曲で、もはや絶対にあり得ないと思われたEnoとの共作曲で、ここでは美女コーラスの入ったアップテンポ・ヴァージョンで披露されており、最大の聴きどころとなっています。
ボーナストラックとして『Frantic』からのレア・シングルのうちアルバム未収録曲のみセレクトしてCDシングル『One Way Love』から「Mother Of Pearl」「Crazy Love」、そして同じくCDシングル『Goddess Of Love』から「Smoke Dreams」を収録しています。とくに「Mother Of Pearl」は、サントラ『Ordinary Decent Criminal』にも収録された新録「Horoscope Session」ヴァージョンでオフイシャル音源は激レアといえます。また今回もコレクションに嬉しい大好評の美女ジャケ仕様となっております。内容の素晴らしさに相応しいプレスCDでのリリース。好評Virtuosoレーベルから、またもやマニアも唸る高品質盤が登場です。

★beatleg誌 vol.157(2013年8月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

今月もまたVirtuossoが良質音源を届けてくれた。今回紹介するのは2002年『Frantic』発表時、オランダでのライヴを収録した放送音源とのことだが、大変クリアーな音質である。ライヴの構成はアルバムから3曲、前作『Mamouna』から1曲。残る8曲はファンになじみ深いフェリーやロキシーの代表曲が並ぶ。この辺のバランスは先月紹介した『Olympia In Paris』と同様だが、ちょっと珍しいのが1994/95 年のワールド・ツアーでも取り上げていた渋いカヴァー「Carrickfergus」。このライヴでは多少テンポを速めて前のツアーやレコードより力強く歌われているのが印象的。ライヴ自体の出来はアコースティックな序盤からすでに静かなるテンションがあり、次第に熱が露になるという感じ。アップテンポの「Limbo」中盤部での黒っぽいファンク寄りのグルーヴなど今までのフェリー・バンドになかったノリでレア感がある。こうして音源として記録される価値あり、だ。なおショップの説明にもあるように「Let’s Stick Together」後半で派手にヴォーカル入りのタイミングが狂うのは、ホットな本ライヴの雰囲気を盛り上げるご愛嬌か。全体の音質はクリアーなだけでなく、至近距離で聴いているような迫真性も感じさせる。ヴォーカルの息づかいやギターの弦のきしみ、ピアノのハンマー音までが聞こえてきそうな密度感だ。ボーナス・トラックは同時期のシングルのカップリング曲などのアルバム未収録ものが3曲。プレス盤で、インレイやレーベル面に高画質の写真を配しているのも好感が持てる。そして、紳士服の青木の“2点買うと3点目0円”よりスゴイのが、いまやVirtuossoの恒例となりつつある“1点買うと2点ついてくる”オマケだ。しかも今回ディスク数では3枚という大盤振る舞いである。1枚目は本編ディスクのボーナス・トラックの続編的に70~80年代のアルバム未収録ものを15曲も収めた『Dance With Life + Rare Singles』。これがなかなか、あると便利な一枚で、特にあまり有名でない「Dance With Life」はトレバー・ホーンのサウンド・プロデュースが光る逸品で、カヴァーとはいえ隠れ名曲。ベスト盤収録などもないので、こうした機会に認知度が高まることは歓迎したい。なお『Dance With Life』のシングルCDと同一の写真がジャケ写に使われているが、シングルCDでトリミングされている箇所まで写っているのが不思議。もう1枚のボーナス・ディスクは2002年ロイヤル・アルバート・ホールでのライヴをフル収録したもの。本編と同じツアーだが、こちらは22曲フルセット収録となっている。音質はオーディエンス録音ながらいいバランスで全体の音を収録している。このホールのアンビエンスをふんだんに拾った録音状態も、いかにもロイヤル・アルバート・ホールで録られたという臨場感がある。セット的に『Frantic』収録曲が続く前半にインスト曲からロキシーの「Thrill Of It All」を間髪入れずに繋げる演出が心憎い。そしてアンコール前のエンディング・ナンバーにひさびさの「Shame, Shame, Shame」(76年にソロでカヴァー。)をやってくれたのがレアかつ大熱演でうれしかった。こちらの2枚組も本編ディスクを補完するすぐれたボーナス。文句なしの初回セットです。

1. The Only Face 2. Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right 3. Carrickfergus 4. Boys And Girls 5. Limbo
6. Slave To Love 7. Jealous Guy 8. Love Is The Drug 9. Do The Strand
10. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue 11. Let’s Stick Together 12. I Thought

Bonus Tracks
13. Crazy Love (from UK CD Single “One Way Love” 7243 5466522 6)
14. Mother Of Pearl (from UK CD Single “One Way Love” 7243 5466522 6)
15. Smoke Dreams Of You (from UK CD Single “Goddess Of Love” 7243 5 46449 2)

Bryan Ferry – Vocal, Keyboards Paul Thompson – Drums Colin Good – Piano, Keyboards
Chris Spedding – Guitar Julia Thornton – Percussion, Keyboards
Lucy Wilkins – Violin, Synthesizers Mick Green – Guitar Mark Smith – Bass
Sarah Brown – Backing Vocals Katie Turner – Dancer Anna Vollands – Dancer


Virtuoso 160

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