Badfinger / Ass Rare And Unreleased / 1CDR

Badfinger / Ass Rare And Unreleased / 1CDR / Beatfile

Translated Text:
Rare And Unreleased Collector’s Edition. Soundboard

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The rare and unreleased collection of “ASS” released as the Apple last album of the Beatles’ debut “Bud finger” who debuted from the Apple label appeared!

The first half includes early mix and alternate mix of album production stage. In the latter half, we recorded unpublished numbers and BBC sessions that were not included in the album at that time.

This is the collector ‘s edition of the remarkable album that Badfinger left behind on the Apple label which has traced the fate of tragedy even after transferring to this label.




01. APPLE OF MY EYE (early mix) /02. GET AWAY (early mix) /03. THE WINNER (early mix) /04. BLIND OWL (alternate version) /05. WHEN I SAY (early mix) /06. COWBOY (instrumental) /07. I CAN LOVE YOU (early mix) /08. TIMELESS (alternate version) /09. DO YOU MIND (version 1) /10. FOR SO LONG /11. REGULAR /12. DREAMIN’ /13. ROCK AND ROLL /14. COPPERTONE BLUES /15. PIANO RED /16. GET UP OFF YOUR KNEES /17. THIS TIME /18. DO YOU MIND (version 2) /19. PIANO RED (demo) /20. BLIND OWL (BBC session) /21. CONSTITUTION (BBC session) /22. ICICLES (BBC session)

Beatfile. BFP-110


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