Adrian Belew / Lone Rhino Alternates / 1CDR

Adrian Belew / Lone Rhino Alternates / 1CDR / Highland Project

Translated Text:

‘Lone Rhino’ Outtakes January-February 1981. Soundboard

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Adrienne Brew’s 81-year solo album outtakes, known as King and Crimson and David Bowie’s activities as a techniqueistic guitarist full of individuality, collectors items that summarized demo sounds appeared!

It is a remarkable title that included familiar animal onomatopoeia guitar playing and an interesting studio session. !



01. The Lone Rhinosaurus/02. Big Electric Cat/03. Man In The Moon/04. Animal Grace/05. Hot Sun/06. Pigs And Cars/07. Party Time/08. Adidas In Heat/09. Road Dog/10. Swingline/11. Bass And Drums (Nobody Monger)/12. The Momur

‘Lone Rhino’ Outtakes January-February 1981

Highland Project. HLP-166

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