Who / Zurich 1980 / 2CD

Who / Zurich 1980 / 2CD / Non Label
Live at Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland 28th March 1980

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The Who’s live tour after joining Kenny Jones took place in 1979 and 1980 in a similar process for two consecutive years. What is common in both years is that I had been doing a short warm-up tour in Europe before going around the US. And from the tour of the United States, the item was produced by both LP and CD, but when it comes to Europe, it decreases extremely. In particular, the 80-year European Tour had no items at all. It is also a factor that the Kenny era tends to be generally ignored in such a circle.
However, the 80-year-old European Tour has a good performance, and in addition there are several audience recordings with excellent sound quality. One of them is Zurich performance on March 28th. The quality can be guaranteed just by wearing glasses of limited press CD release in the first place, but the sound quality is really wonderful. The freshness of the tape is not so much, but rather it is a recording of the era of 1980, and there is an analog vintage feeling in a good sense. Even so, the sound image is very close, and if this sound source was released on LP in 1980, it might be misunderstood as “in the upper recording of AM broadcast”.
Above all, the on balance and clearness of Pete’s guitar sound is excellent, and he is not in a state of recording in which he / she chooses a listener in a bad sense, such as “Guitar sound bursts” sometimes in 70’s Phu live audience recording. The sound image of the guitar is captured in a beautifully clear balance. If you’re a guitar player, it’s wonderful that you can hear it as well as it sounds like a copy model.
On the other hand, the total sound image balance is really wonderful, not in the presence of excessive presence that saturates the balance of the performance. Therefore, if the times are different, it may have been mistaken for something that recorded AM broadcast clearly.

Thus there are many similarities in the tour’s journey 79 and 80 years, but the big difference is that it is a new year after spending a year on live activities. Therefore, the 80-year-old European tour has already reached the stage of completion, even though it is a warm-up, the height of the performance voltage and the band’s unity. Most of all, Pete himself fell in love with both alcohol and drugs at this time, but as the remaining sound source still proves, after Kenny joining up to 80 years, it is an attraction different from Keith’s age to live You can feel the vibe and vigor.
In fact, the band is fully open from “My Wife” on this day (the same song is the same as the live in the Keith era), but the tight kenny drums different from the endless keith are excellent Is functioning. Above all, “Music Must Change” which did not get along with Keith is, of course, surprisingly “5:15”. The song will be live since 1973 when he played with him, and Kenny’s drum will fit very naturally. In addition, in response to the excitement of the performance at the end of the stage, the hand clapping of the audience also glows, but it surprises because it keeps a balance of both presence and sound image without blurring the outline of the performance. From this song to “See Me Feel Me” alone, we are convinced that it is worth listening.
It is also attractive that Kenny will give a bursting drumming that will not lose to Keith when it comes to “My Generation” towards the end of the live, and the peak of Fu in his era should not seem to have been 79 to 80 years after all . Rather, it seems that each member has proved that the inside of the band has been broken after the production and release of the album “FACE DANCES”.

And in the Keith era, there was no live performance again, and the classic “I Can See For Miles”, which came to be played from the previous year’s United States, is also effective in the arrangement with the horn added, and still has a force from the previous year The performance is great. The last one is Encore’s “The Real Me”. As with the previous “5: 15”, the performance with a sense of speedier than in 1973 was appropriate for the conclusion of the full stage of the day.
We have been actively releasing live sound source of the Kenny era until now, but from the 80-year European tour, which was highly appreciated among enthusiasts by lively performance and excellent sound source, it is a press CD in the first place The item itself is also a historic release that first appeared. Besides that the sound quality is amazing, and it will be a good release to reaffirm the appeal of the Kenny era!

★ The first press CD. And the sound is amazingly good! !


実際にこの日も「My Wife」からバンドがエンジン全開となり(同曲がライブの発火点となるのはキース時代も同様でしたが)、縦横無尽なキースとは違うタイトなケニーのドラムが見事に機能している。中でもキースとの演奏が叶わなかった「Music Must Change」はもちろんのこと、驚くべきは「5:15」。彼と共に演奏してた1973年より曲がライブ映えし、なおかつケニーのドラムがとても自然にフィットしていることでしょう。おまけに終盤では演奏の盛り上がりに反応して観客の手拍子も白熱するのですが、それが演奏の輪郭をぼかすことなく、臨場感と音像の両方のバランスを見事に保っているから驚き。この曲から「See Me Feel Me」までの盛り上がりだけでも一聴の価値があると断言いたします。
ライブ終盤に向かう「My Generation」になるとケニーがキースに負けない爆裂ドラミングを聞かせてくれるのも魅力で、やはり彼の時代のフーのピークは79年から80年だったように思えてなりません。むしろアルバム「FACE DANCES」の制作とリリース後にバンド内がこじれてしまったことは各メンバーが証明している通りかと。

そしてキース時代にはライブ演奏がこれまた叶わず、前年のアメリカから演奏されるようになったクラシック「I Can See For Miles」はホーンが加わったアレンジも効果抜群であり、なおかつ前年より勢いのある演奏が素晴らしい。とどめはアンコールの「The Real Me」。先の「5:15」と同じように、73年当時より俄然スピード感を増した演奏はこの日の充実したステージの締めくくりに相応しいもの。



Disc 1(73:32)
1. Substitute 2. I Can’t Explain 3. Baba O’Riley 4. My Wife 5. Sister Disco
6. Behind Blue Eyes 7. Music Must Change 8. Drowned 9. Who Are You 10. 5:15
11. Pinball Wizard 12. See Me, Feel Me 13. Long Live Rock

Disc 2(37:32)
1. MC 2. My Generation 3. Sparks 4. I Can See for Miles 5. Won’t Get Fooled Again
6. Relay 7. The Real Me

Roger Daltrey – lead vocals, tambourine, harmonica Pete Townshend – guitar, vocals
John Entwistle – bass guitar, vocals Kenney Jones – drums
John “Rabbit” Bundrick – keyboards, piano, tambourine, backing vocals
Dick Parry – saxophone Reg Brooks – trombone Dave Caswell – trumpet

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