Van Halen / Giants Stadium 1988 Multi-Cam / 2DVDR

Van Halen / Giants Stadium 1988 Multi-Cam / 2DVDR / Non Label
Live at Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, USA 26th June 1988

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1988’s VAN HALEN reigned as the darling of the times in the melodious masterpieces “5150” and “OU812”. The video release that allows you to experience the legendary “MONSTERS OF ROCK TUOR 1988” with them as the headliners will be released as a gift.
This film was filmed at “East Rutherford Performance June 26, 1988”. It is a multi-camera image produced from that audience shot. Speaking of the “OU812” era, the only performance in Japan in the 1980s is memorable. First of all, let’s look back at the show’s position from that schedule including that.

《May 24th “OU812” release》
・May 27th-July 30th: North America #1 (28 performances) ←★here★
・September 30-November 28: North America #2 (38 performances)
● 1989
・January 19th-February 2nd: Japan (9 performances)
・February 4 + 5: Hawaii (2 performances)

This is the 1988/1989 VAN HALEN. The performance in Japan was changed in 1989, and in 1988 only in the main battlefield North America. Among them, “MONSTERS OF ROCK TUOR” refers to “North America #1” that started immediately after “OU812” was released, and the East Rutherford performance of this work was the “16th performance” of the concert.
This work recording such a show is just the best. It’s a multi-camera work produced by a prestigious collector, but if the editing that changes frequently even within one song is wonderful, then each cut is also very active and superb. When it comes to multi-camera editing for the 80’s audience, it’s not uncommon to have frames that are joined together in order to avoid the shadows of front passengers, but this work is different. Even in one of the highlight scenes, he actively uses the point of view and incorporates a wide variety of cuts to the extent that no camera is mistaken. Moreover, each angle in all scenes is occupied only by the stage, and there is nothing that hinders the view. If a multi-camera is used as a “defensive edit” to disguise a scene that was unsuccessful in shooting, this work is an “aggressive edit” work in which each one shows its powerful image strength.
The visual beauty depicts the 80’s VAN HALEN full show that attacks with ikeike (dead language). Speaking of the “OU812″ era, the professional shot of the Tokyo Dome performance reigns as a symbol, but that is just an extract video along the broadcasting frame. On the other hand, this work is a full video, so let’s organize the set while comparing here.

● David Lee Ross era (4 songs)
・Flame squib: Runnin’ With The Devil (★)/You Really Got Me/Ain’t Talkin”Bout Love (★)
・1984: Panama
● Sammy Hager era (8 songs)
5150: Summer Nights/Why Can’t This Be Love/Best Of Both Worlds
・OU812: A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)/Mine All Mine/Sucker In A 3 Piece (★)/When It’s Love/Black And Blue
●Others (5 songs)
・Sammy’s solo: There’s Only One Way To Rock “STANDING HAMPTON”/I Can’t Drive 55 “VOA”/Eagles Fly “I NEVER SAID GOODBYE”
・Cover: Superstition (★: Stevie Wonder)/Rock and Roll (★: LED ZEPPELIN)
*Note: The “★” marks are songs that cannot be seen on the professional shots of Tokyo Dome

…And this is how it looks. While enriching the essence of “5150” and “OU812”, a gorgeous set like a toy box that also includes the solo of DLR era, Sammy, and a cover. Greatest hits from the 90’s onwards that cover their own hit songs are also good, but this work is a set with plenty of room and plenty of charm unique to live. What’s more, you can also enjoy rare rare songs such as “Sucker In A 3 Piece” only for this tour.

Even though the live main part is the best, this work is interesting until then. Actually, there is an explanation corner of the equipment used for shooting this work. A video camera, a lens, and a microphone. Pick each one up and explain in detail from the beginning. As you can see, this work is a prestigious work made from countless masterpieces in the 80’s video. As expected, it’s been 30 years, so even if it’s opened, we don’t use the same equipment at the moment, but it’s really interesting to see what kind of equipment was used to shoot the famous works that shook the scene. ..
▽ This work with a full service spirit that was additionally recorded up to the VAN HALEN special number at the time by pushing it badly. Eddie and Sammy talk with a big smile and step lightly. After that, it is a masterpiece that you can enjoy the full show of Honeymoon that you can not imagine, such as being a dog-monkey relationship for many years, with a multi-camera. This is an edited work in which a prestigious group generously used a video with a superb view of each cut. Please thoroughly enjoy this opportunity.

 メロディアスな名盤『5150』『OU812』で時代の寵児として君臨していた1988年のVAN HALEN。彼らをヘッドライナーとした伝説の“MONSTERS OF ROCK TUOR 1988”を極上体験できる映像作がギフト・リリース決定です。
 これが1988年/1989年のVAN HALEN。来日公演は年の改まった1989年で、1988年は主戦場の北米のみ。そのうち、“MONSTERS OF ROCK TUOR”は『OU812』発売直後から始まった「北米#1」のことであり、本作のイーストラザフォード公演はその「16公演目」にあたるコンサートでした。
 その映像美で描かれるのが、イケイケ(死語)で攻めまくる80年代VAN HALENのフルショウ。『OU812』時代と言えば東京ドーム公演のプロショットが象徴として君臨しておりますが、あれはあくまで放送枠に沿った抜粋映像。それに対して本作はフル映像ですので、ここで比較しながらセットを整理してみましょう。
・炎の導火線:Runnin’ With The Devil(★)/You Really Got Me/Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love(★)
・5150:Summer Nights/Why Can’t This Be Love/Best Of Both Worlds
・OU812:A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)/Mine All Mine/Sucker In A 3 Piece(★)/When It’s Love/Black And Blue
・サミーのソロ:There’s Only One Way To Rock『STANDING HAMPTON』/I Can’t Drive 55『VOA』/Eagles Fly『I NEVER SAID GOODBYE』
・カバー:Superstition(★:スティーヴィ・ワンダー)/Rock and Roll(★:LED ZEPPELIN)
……と、このようになっています。『5150』『OU812』のエッセンスを濃縮しながらDLR時代やサミーのソロ、カバーも盛り込んだオモチャ箱のような豪華セット。自らのヒット曲を網羅する90年代以降のグレイテスト・ヒッツも良いのですが、本作は余裕のあるセットでライヴならではの魅力がたっぷり。しかも、このツアーだけの「Sucker In A 3 Piece」のような激レア曲も楽しめるのです。
 さらにダメ押しで当時のVAN HALEN特番まで追加収録されたサービス精神満点の本作。満面の笑みで語り合い、軽快にステップするエディとサミー。その後、長年に渡って犬猿の仲になるなど想像もできない蜜月のフルショウをマルチカメラで楽しめる大傑作です。1カット1カットが絶景な映像を、名門が惜しげもなく使って組み上げた編集作品。どうぞ、この機会にじっくりとご堪能ください。
Disc 1(57:23)
1. A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)
2. Summer Nights
3. There’s Only One Way To Rock
4. Panama
5. Bass Solo
6. Runnin’ With The Devil
7. Why Can’t This Be Love
8. Mine All Mine
9. Drum Solo
10. You Really Got Me
11. Sucker In A 3 Piece
12. When It’s Love
Disc 2(58:55)
1. Eagles Fly
2. I Can’t Drive 55
3. Best Of Both Worlds
4. Eddie Guitar Solo
5. Black And Blue
6. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
7. Superstition
8. Rock ‘n Roll
9. Extras (Video Equipments, MTV Special)
Sammy Hagar – Vocals, Guitar
Eddie Van Halen – Guitar
Michael Anthony – Bass
Alex Van Halen – Drums

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