Uriah Heep / Easy Livin A History Of Uriah Heep / 1DVD

Uriah Heep / Easy Livin A History Of Uriah Heep / 1DVD / Non Label

Taken from the original Japanese laser disc(SM068-3070)

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The hero URIAH HEEP, which was once named LED ZEPPELIN and DEEP PURPLE and was also a symbol of British HR. An illusionary official image of the history and live testimony is reproduced.
The illusory work is “EASY LIVIN’: A HISTORY OF URIAH HEEP”. It is a history work officially released in 1985. It was released as a VHS/laser disk at the time, but it will soon be discontinued. It is a video work that has disappeared from the darkness of history without being made into a DVD. This work is a DVD version of the highest edition of the Japanese edition laser disc.
≪Even if you say “history thing” in a bit, it is a bit different from what we imagine today. Although the basics of being formed by live footage from various eras and interviews with members are adhered to, the emphasis is on live more than usual. Rather, it is a style where you can enjoy various member compositions live and add comments behind the scenes. However! The comment is interesting because Ken Hensley is the main person, and it is 1985, so I can’t miss it. Of course, speaking of Hensley, it is the cornerstone of the Golden Age in terms of music style and song writing. Forty years after leaving HEEP, he is still regarded as the most important person above Mick Box. However, he left URIAH HEEP in 1980, and at the end of the BLACKFOOT era in 1985 when this work was produced. Furthermore, David Byron also died this year, defeating his heart at such a sensational timing.
First of all, from the grasp of the whole picture. This work consists of four sections and is drawn in chronological order. Let’s introduce each one.

[Appearance of “D.K.R.C.” in the David Byron era (5 songs + medley)] First, the golden age that everyone loves. It is a multi-camera professional shot of the famous program “DON KIRSHNER’S ROCK CONCERT (DKRC)” that appeared on “April 15, 1974”. He also appeared in “DKRC” in 1975, but the one seen in this work is the “1974” person who was enrolled in the late Gary Sane. And this “1974” is the point. Byron’s vocals are amazing, not to mention the brave figure of Sein. In 1975, the alcohol problem worsened and the performance was a bit painful, but here it is literally a golden glow. It sings a lot of famous songs of the 70’s with original vocalization, and the aggressive action is also crisp.
And Hensley’s comment between the live is also interesting. I will look back on the background of the formation, the origin of the band name and the title of the debut work related to it, and the sense of fulfillment that entered the golden age with Sein and Lee Curse Lake. Byron’s dismissal is particularly deep. “(Byron) was so sad that he was too late for Rod Stewart to go to the same clothing store and try to compete with him.” “September last year, when I talked to him I was blamed (for being fired).” Of course there was a lot of hostility between him and us (…) David hated everyone, he hated everyone, and so on. Well, I’m barely naked, but honestly it’s too ridiculous considering the time of the interview. I don’t know exactly what month it was taken, but Byron seems to have died already, and apparently just after it was calculated backward from the release time. At that timing, these words… Mr. Hensley’s frank and honest personality is a shocking image.

[Promotion of John Lawton’s era (3 songs)] Following Byron is the famous singer: John Lawton. From “FALLEN ANGEL” you can enjoy 3 promotional songs “One More Night”, “Come Back To Me” and “Falling In Love”. It’s not a live performance, but there is no acting and the mime image with a simple performance scene feels like a studio live performance.
And here again, Mr. Hensley’s comment is sharp and interesting! Praise Lawton, saying “Looks are not good,” and praises him, “I still greeted him because he has a great voice.” And the most interesting thing is that Roger Grover introduced Lawton. “Roger (Grover) and John (Lawton) have been in a band together, and Glen Hughes and Ian Gillan were in the band,” Roger and Gillan said. And the band that Glen had been in is DEEP PURPLE, so is Lawton there? Even if it is a memory difference of Hensley in that neighborhood, if Roger and Lawton were old knowledge, it would have been good to invite to RAINBOW in 1979 when he quit URIAH HEEP, etc., and the thought spread to “IF of history”. It will end up.

[Promotion of John Slowman (1 song)] The John Slowman era continues further. It’s a promo for one song, “Feelings,” but “moving Slowman HEEP” is so valuable! Moreover, the destructive power is also excellent. Slowman has a sweeter face and is more handsome than Lawton, but his action to show off his nipples while wearing a large white shirt is unmatched. Mr. Hensley also criticized that “it was a misery at that time” and “I was a vocalist who couldn’t fit the band at all”, but it is true…
Also pay attention to the back of Slowman. At that time, the master Chris Slade was sitting on the stool. The skin heads from THE FIRM and AC/DC are impressive, but in this work you can still worship.

[Auckland performances during the Pete-Golby era (5 songs + α)] And, reached the era of Pete Goulby. This work is a video of 1985, the latest in Pete era. It is recorded in the same volume as the Byron era, centered on the professional shot of “April 27, 1984 performance”. In the above, “+α” is used, but this is “Easy Livin'”. This song has been edited uniquely to this work, and the images from the Byron era and Goalby era at the beginning are alternately combined. It’s made to be sung by two people as if it were the third stage DEEP PURPLE.
Also, Mr. Hensley’s comment is interesting here as well. It’s been a long time since I left HEEP, but “I wanted to have Pete Goalby (rather than Slowman). I was dropped by an audition because everyone opposed me and now he’s the heap lead singer. It’s ironic.” “If the band chose Pete at that time, I would have been in the Eurya Heap even now.” I am also praising Mick for letting go.

Comment from Mr. Hensley, “If David Byron and Gary Sane are alive, I would definitely like to try it again together.” Immediately after this, URIAH HEEP is in danger of dismantling again, but has established a rock solid Bernie Shaw & Phil Lanzon system to the present. 1985 was just before the “present tense” was completed, and it was also the year when the death of Byron made reunion impossible forever.
Although it is a history of 15 years since debut, this work is also URIAH HEEP and Ken Hensley who had gone through a huge turning point at the same time. While such an era is transparent, a video masterpiece that cannot be officially reproduced. Please enjoy the permanent preservation press DVD to your heart’s content.

Recorded at Shepperton Studios, Surrey, UK on 15th March 1974 for “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert”
(“Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert” broadcast on TV on September 30, 1974)

1. Easy Livin’
2. So Tired
3. Stealin’
4. Love Machine
5. Rock’N’ Roll Medley
6. The Easy Road

David Byron-vocals
Mick Box-guitar
Gary Thain-bass
Lee Kerslake-drums
Ken Hensley-keyboards

Studio Promo 1978
7. One More Night
8. Come Back To Me
9. Falling In Love

John Lawton-vocals
Mick Box-guitar
Trevor Bolder-bass
Lee Kerslake-drums
Ken Hensley-keyboards

Studio Promo 1980
10. Feelings

John Sloman-vocals
Mick Box-guitar
Trevor Bolder-bass
Chris Slade-drums
Ken Hensley-keyboards

Live at the Galaxy, Auckland, New Zealand 27th April 1984

11. The Wizard
12. Stay On Top
13. Gypsy
14. Look At Yourself
15. Too Scared To Run

Peter Goalby-vocals
Mick Box-guitar
Trevor Bolder-bass
Lee Kerslake-drums
John Sinclair-keyboards

16. Easy Livin’ (edited independently, one of the highlights)
17. July Morning (Outro)

73min. Linear PCM Stereo 4:3 NTSC


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