Stryper / Keep The Fire Burning / 1DVDR

Stryper / Keep The Fire Burning / 1DVDR / Non Label

Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 16th March 1989. Pro-Shot


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STRYPER visited Japan at the heyday of the 1980’s, three times in 1985, 1987, 1989. The first visit to Japan will be the official video “LIVE IN JAPAN”, the second time you can taste plenty with the main album “CALLING OVER YOU”. That is the third time to worry. This work is a pro shot video containing ‘Budokan performance on Mar. 16, 1989′ from the 3rd Japan Tour!
Moreover! This work is not just a pro shot. This live was broadcasted at that time at BS, but the master of this work is the stage of editing for that broadcast. Even compared with the main broadcast of BS, there is no cut or telop, and it is recorded until the venue becomes bright after the show. In addition, the “master on the way to work” maximum taste is its quality. DVDR which air check of the broadcast at that time is also circulating, but its image quality and sound quality (though it is natural) will not be compared. In fact, that image quality is called the official grade … or more. It is outstanding quality among all the images of their 80’s.
Of course, the sound is exceptional ears soundboard. The singing voice of Michael Sweet which combined the magnificence of Mark · Balls and the familiarity of Mike · Vessela is a direct feeling like being poured directly from the microphone to the brain. (I thought he would match absolutely Yngwie Ne … …).
The first Budokan performance that is attractive with such super beauty quality is the Greatest Hits of the great heyday of the 80’s. In this 2 CDR “KEEP THE FIRE BURNING” it was a bold set list to show off all the songs “TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL”, but this is a hit trilogy “SOLDIERS UNDER COMMAND” “TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL” “IN GOD WE TRUST “covering hits and popular songs evenly. There is no song from the debut work “THE YELLOW AND BLACK ATTACK”, but the golden age of the 80’s is a set list condensed in one show. Although this work has editing between songs, songs themselves are completely recorded. “To Hell With The Devil” rotating drum kit is perfect. I can enjoy all this delicious general conclusion live.
STRYPE was also exceptionally unique in the glamorous LA metal scene. Not only pleasure but also their beauty and sharpness were their biggest decision board …… No, “LA metal best bible” is!

STRYPERが80年代の全盛期に日本を訪れたのは、1985年・1987年・1989年の3回。初来日はオフィシャル映像「LIVE IN JAPAN」となり、2回目は本編ライヴアルバム「CALLING OVER YOU」でたっぷりと味わうことができます。そうなると気になるのは、3回目。本作は、その3回目のジャパンツアーより「1989年3月16日武道館公演」を収めたプロショット映像です!
しかも! 本作はただのプロショットではありません。このライヴは当時BSで放送されたのですが、本作のマスターはその放送用編集の作業段階。BSの本放送と比べてもカットやテロップがなく、終演後に会場が明るくなるところまで収録しているのです。さらに“作業途中マスター”最大の旨みは、そのクオリティ。当時の放送をエアチェックしたDVDRも出回っていますが、その画質・音質は(当然ですが)比較になりません。実際、その画質はオフィシャル級……と言いますか、それ以上。彼らの80年代の全映像の中でも傑出したクオリティなのです。
それほどの超美麗クオリティで魅せる初の武道館公演は、80年代大全盛期のグレイテスト・ヒッツ。本編2CDR「KEEP THE FIRE BURNING」では、「TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL」全曲を披露する大胆なセットリストでしたが、こちらはヒット3部作「SOLDIERS UNDER COMMAND」「TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL」「IN GOD WE TRUST」から満遍なくヒット曲・人気曲を網羅。デビュー作「THE YELLOW AND BLACK ATTACK」からの曲こそありませんが、80年代の黄金期が1回のショウに凝縮されたセットリストなのです。本作は、曲間にこそ編集がありますが、楽曲自体は完全収録。「To Hell With The Devil」で回転するドラムキットもばっちり。この美味しすぎる総決算ライヴをお腹いっぱい楽しめるのです。

1. Battle Hymn Of The Republic 2. In God We Trust 3. Calling On You 4. Rockin’ The World
5. Sing-Along Song 6. Lonely 7. Makes Me Wanna Sing 8. Robert Sweet Drum Solo
9. Keep The Fire Burning 10. Bass Solo 11. Guitar Solo 12. The Writing’s On The Wall
13. Always There For You 14. Honestly 15. Free 16. Soldiers Under Command 17. The Way
18. To Hell With The Devil

Michael Sweet – Vocals & Guitar Oz Fox – Guitar & Vocal Tim Gaines – Bass & Vocal
Robert Sweet – Drums



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