Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / The Definitive Atlanta / 3CD

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street  Band / The Definitive Atlanta / 3CD / ESB

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Live at Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia 30th September 1978 STEREO SBD

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ESB GA93078A/B/C

From honor High 1978 of Darkness tour of the best tour of Bruce Springsteen and the E · Street Band, recording the Atlanta performances of September 30, which was broadcast on the radio at the perfect stereo sound board recording. It was Darkness tour that live live has been performed actively on the radio originally also serves as a promotion, only this Atlanta performances in such is known as a broadcast that does not blessed with much items. That should be it, when the live broadcast of this concert has been broadcast, the last month will be swept to the typhoon regards storm zone that struck Japan, it was the cause was difficult to stable reception. Thanks, is surprisingly little of that item was recorded this broadcast, incomplete recording things and was released.
Such circumstances, the CD-R that was released “Same Old Played Out Scenes” in the 21st century is a complete version of a summary by making full use of the four types of air check tape that was recorded the broadcast of the day, it is this year also is still fresh in memory had been copied entered by pressing of the CD called “Everybody’s Rocking Tonight” to. However, although the content that has been recorded in these I was that the was good full inclusion, especially Angkor last two songs monaural, yet slow rotation speed, was a big drawback that was quite fallen sound quality.
Still it is what many of the fans had thought it would be this in enough, but this summer, a new version of this broadcast by suddenly familiar JEMS has been excavated. It is so far the air check sound source has been copied to the cassette from a completely different Pre-FM master, it was a so-called first-generation sound source. Ya serving Upper the first time of its sound quality, it is what intense that would dismissed lightly the item so far. Listening to its too clear stereo sound quality, there is no doubt that losing the words too much of the differences in the dimensions of the Pre-FM of the sound source and the air check sound source. Moreover, would be a feat even the intro came to listen fully recording of “Because The Night” and “Backstreets” by this time of the excavation.
However, there was a catch in JEMS. From the second half of the “Prove It All Night” to the intro of “Racing In The Street”, I was missing the ending of further “Because The Night”. Moreover, to those sections JEMS was owned, until The different but air check sound source I had been patch this, especially on the part of “Prove It All Night” is not being used is mono sound source year. Also with respect to the “Because The Night”, had been supplemented with sound source with poor sound quality with stereo. As another major drawback is that Angkor was unreleased. Here it is also supplemented with a new air check sound source by JEMS, which by now listen to encore songs in stereo. However, in reference to a double-track was mono in the previous item, which occurred reception failure by the storm of example, sound in a few places had I interrupted. There seems to have given up indeed also JEMS, it was accompanied by a sound source of “Same Old Played Out Scenes” as a bonus. In any case, it also version of JEMS was incomplete state.
So upon this release, review the imperfections of the compensation of the sound source in JEMS version, that rather to compensate for the sound source of “Same Old Played Out Scenes” in all of the places, I finally realized the recording in full length full stereo . Since the course is “Same Old Played Out Scenes” sound source is air check, does not deny the difference between the Pre-FM sound quality. However, when compared to the quality extreme change due to monaural sound source such as JEMS version, edited while maintaining the stereo sound quality is ease of listening was remarkably up. And also with respect to sound skipping point of Angkor last two songs are this time of the centerpiece, by patch to correct the pitch of the monaural while “Same Old Played Out Scenes” sound, look like Toseru fully listen to the whole performance year. Even give up editing a JEMS, because it is a place that has become a major obstacle ornamental, will even more points of this compensation process can be said to be something very high. One week less than from the great performance of became a big hit, “Legendary Broadcast 1978”, the best condition is recorded in stereo all of the wonderful show that performance is heard took over, and most stable definitive edition, which was recorded in the state is finally limited It appeared in the press CD! Please enjoy to your heart’s content this overlooked great performance.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.137 (2011 December issue). In case you’re wondering.

By had been hit by a storm stable Atlanta performances air check was difficult was at the time of broadcast, it was a sound source that does not blessed with the only item in a series of radio broadcasting in the Darkness tour. After all is not that the entire broadcast to LP boot era has been released, but much also from the CD boot era is something incomplete like “HERE’S TO YA” it had been released. It is finally full version under the title “SAME OLD PLAYED OUT SCENES” from DOBERMAN of strong CD-R label to the blues in the 21st century has been released, GODFATHER label was copy it in the press of the disk contains further this year just were reviewed in this magazine is when “EVERYBODY’S ROCKING TONIGHT” was released. However, although these titles were touching titled full version that was created by making full use of the four types of sound source, only encore in mono, moreover there is a drawback that is recorded in a state in which the pitch is lowered. However, in this year of the end of summer, JEMS is suddenly pre-FM of this broadcast, that is not greatly surprised the fan to spread the sound source is not in the air check of broadcasting. And the sound quality improvement the first time of fiercely, something that until now air check sound source of it was also surprised about the clear sound quality can not compare. However, this source is not a pre-FM of the master, from the have once been copied sound source from the original master, or was the second half of the non-recording of “Prove It All Night” at that time, and even that Encore is unreleased there was a big drawback. So JEMS before raising to the net, had been supplemented with those of the missing part this also in its own air check sound source. Although all thanks to the encore is to achieve a feat that is recorded for the first time stereo, skipping with respect to the last two songs sound quality was bad even in the previous title there is a problem that occurs (also from this thing, show the weather is estimated that worsened at the end). It has been supplemented with mono air check sound source in the second half still in the “Prove It?”, Was the extreme discomfort of sound quality have occurred. This item is that with an eye to these problems, these locations have been supplemented the “SAME OLD?” Sound source. It thanks to “Prove It?” Has been recorded in the remains of the stereo, encore last two songs also is thankful for me to compensate for the combined pitch. Finally sound source that it can be said that the Atlanta decision version of is, is really happy to have been released in a form that can be called a further definitive edition. Performance is also very nice and would be especially the best version in “She’s The One” medley this tour of this day. As a matter of course the release of a press of the disk. Name board.


そんななか、21世紀に入ってリリースされた『Same Old Played Out Scenes』というCD-Rは当日の放送を録音した四種類のエアチェック・テープを駆使してまとめた完全版であり、それが今年に入って『Everybody’s Rocking Tonight』というプレスのCDにコピーされていたのも記憶に新しいところです。ところが、これらに収録された内容が完全収録だったのはよかったのですが、特にアンコール最後の二曲がモノラル、しかも回転数が遅く、かなり音質が落ちていたのが大きな欠点でした。
それでも多くのファンがこれで十分だろうと思っていたものですが、今年の夏、突如おなじみJEMSによってこの放送の新たなバージョンが発掘されました。それはこれまでのエアチェック音源とはまったく違うPre-FMマスターからカセットにコピーされた、所謂ファースト・ジェネレーション音源だったのです。その音質のアッパーぶりたるや、これまでのアイテムを軽く一蹴してしまう強烈なものです。そのあまりにクリアーなステレオ音質を聴くと、Pre-FMの音源とエアチェック音源の次元のあまりの違いに言葉を失ってしまうことは間違いありません。しかも、今回の発掘によって「Because The Night」と「Backstreets」のイントロが完全に収録されて聴けるようになったのも快挙でしょう。
ところが、JEMSにも落とし穴がありました。「Prove It All Night」の後半から「Racing In The Street」のイントロまで、さらに「Because The Night」のエンディングが欠けていたのです。しかも、それらの部分にはJEMSが所有していた、これまでとは違うエアチェック音源がパッチされていたのですが、特に「Prove It All Night」の部分にはモノラルの音源が使われていていました。「Because The Night」に関しても、ステレオながら音質の劣る音源で補われていました。もう一つの大きな欠点としてはアンコールが未収録だったことです。ここにもJEMSによる新たなエアチェック音源で補われ、これによってアンコール全曲をステレオで聴けるようになりました。ところが以前のアイテムでモノラルだった二曲に関しては、例の暴風雨による受信障害が起きており、数か所で音が途切れてしまっていました。 そこはさすがにJEMSも諦めたようで、おまけとして『Same Old Played Out Scenes』の音源を添付していたのです。いずれにせよ、JEMSのバージョンも不完全な状態だったのです。
そこで今回のリリースに際し、JEMSバージョンにおける音源の補填の不完全さを見直し、すべての個所でむしろ『Same Old Played Out Scenes』の音源を補填することで、遂に全編完全ステレオでの収録を実現しました。もちろん『Same Old Played Out Scenes』音源はエアチェックですので、Pre-FMの音質の違いは否めません。しかし、JEMSバージョンのようなモノラル音源による音質の極端な変化に比べると、ステレオ音質を維持したままの編集は聴きやすさが格段にアップしました。そして今回の目玉であるアンコール最後の二曲の音飛び個所に関しても、モノラルながら『Same Old Played Out Scenes』音源のピッチを修正してパッチすることで、演奏全体を完全に聴き通せるようになりました。JEMSですら編集を諦め、観賞の大きな妨げとなった個所ですので、なおさらこの補填処理のポイントは非常に高いものだといえるでしょう。大ヒットとなった『Legendary Broadcast 1978』の名演から一週間弱、その絶好調さを引き継いだ素晴らしい演奏が聴かれるショウのすべてをステレオで収録し、かつもっとも安定した状態で収録した決定版が遂に限定のプレスCDで登場しました!この見過ごされた名演を心ゆくまでお楽しみください。

★beatleg誌 vol.137(2011年12月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

放送時に暴風雨に見舞われてしまったことで安定したエアチェックが難しかったアトランタ公演は、ダークネス・ツアーにおける一連のラジオ放送の中で唯一アイテムに恵まれない音源だった。何しろLPブート時代に放送全体がリリースされたことはなく、CDブート時代に入ってからも『HERE’S TO YA』のような不完全なものがリリースされていたくらいだ。それが21世紀に入ってブルースに強いCD-RレーベルのDOBERMANから『SAME OLD PLAYED OUT SCENES』というタイトルでようやく完全版がリリースされ、さらに今年に入ってGODFATHERレーベルがそれをプレスのディスクでコピーした『EVERYBODY’S ROCKING TONIGHT』がリリースされた際には本誌でレビューしたばかり。しかし、これらのタイトルは四種類の音源を駆使して作り上げた完全版という涙ぐましいタイトルだったものの、アンコールのみがモノラルで、しかもピッチが下がった状態で収録されるという欠点があった。ところが、今年の夏の終わりになって、JEMSが突如この放送のプレFM、つまり放送のエアチェックではない音源を広めてファンを大いに驚かせた。しかもその音質の向上ぶりが凄まじく、これまでのエアチェック音源が比較にならないほどクリアーな音質にも驚かされたものだ。ただし、この音源はプレFMのマスターではなく、マスターから一度コピーされた音源が元となっていて、その際に「Prove It All Night」の後半が未収録だったり、さらにはアンコールが未収録という大きな欠点があった。そこでJEMSはネットに上げる前に、それらの欠損部分をこれまた独自のエアチェック音源で補っていた。おかげでアンコールのすべてが初めてステレオで収録されるという快挙を実現したものの、先のタイトルでも音質が悪かった最後の二曲に関しては音飛びが発生するという問題があった(このことからも、ショウの終盤で天候が悪化したことが推測される)。さらに「Prove It?」の後半ではモノラルのエアチェック音源で補われており、極端に音質の違和感が生じていたのだった。このアイテムはそれらの問題点に目を付けたもので、これらの個所には『SAME OLD?』音源が補われている。おかげで「Prove It?」はステレオのままで収録されているし、アンコール最後の二曲もピッチを合わせて補填してくれたのがありがたい。ようやくアトランタの決定版といえる音源が、さらに決定版と呼べる形でリリースされたのは本当に嬉しい。演奏も非常に素晴らしく、特にこの日の「She’s The One」メドレーは本ツアーにおける最高のバージョンだろう。当然プレスのディスクでのリリースである。名盤だ。

Disc 1
1. Good Rockin’ Tonight 2. Badlands 3. Spirit in the Night 4. Darkness on the Edge of Town
5. Independence Day 6. The Promised Land 7. Prove It All Night 8. Racing in the Street
9. Thunder Road 10. Jungleland

Disc 2
1. Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town 2. Night Train 3. Fire 4. Candy’s Room
5. Because the Night 6. Point Blank 7. Not Fade Away / Gloria / She’s the One
8. Backstreets 9. Rosalita (come out tonight)

Disc 3
1. Born to Run 2. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 3. Detroit Medley 4. Raise Your Hand

Bruce Springsteen – Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Piano
Roy Bittan – Piano, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Clarence Clemons – Tenor, Baritone and Soprano Saxophones, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Danny Federici – Organ, Piano, Accordion, Glockenspiel, Backing Vocals
Garry Tallent – Bass, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Steven Van Zandt – Guitar, Mandolin, Backing Vocals
Max Weinberg – Drums

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