Black Sabbath / Towards The End Of Century / 4CDR

Black Sabbath / Towards The End Of Century / 4CDR /Shades

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Live At Bank One Ballpark, Phonix, AZ, USA 31st December 1998 & Live At Helsinki Icehall, Helsinki, Finland 12th December 1999.

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Reunited original BLACK SABBATH set the unusual live sound source, the long-awaited 2 performances · released in 4 sets! If you make the pressboard title “BOTTOMLESS PIT” that contains the soundboard sound source the royal road of Collector’s sounds that can be enjoyed even if you are a beginner, this is exactly the rare package that maniacs give for maniacs. Amazing that “Are you playing songs like this” too? Rare numbers of inevitable, riffs that are inevitable, valuable live in which BGM stunning the notation was scattered. The more you love SABBATH, the more it will be 210 minutes full of surprises to hear for the first time!

SABBATH, which was reorganized in original formation in ’97, was scheduled to start the tour with Ozzy, IOMI, GIZER and Bill · WORD from June ’98, but the building with a long blank collapsed suddenly , Tour participation becomes impossible. The band suddenly greets Vinnie Apis from DIO and digests the Europe tour of all 13 performances from June 3 to 30, but the tour was forced to re-partition.
It was in late October ’98 that the building recovered from bad condition and returned to the band. SABBATH will begin the American tour with the original organization at the end of the same year. In addition, I went to a European tour including England, and I did a large-scale world tour for the whole year till the end of the year ’99.
This work became the first show of ’98 – ’99 Tour ’98 December 31, the pattern of “New Year’s Eve Live” at Phoenix, Arizona, the tour pressed to the end December 1999 The day, the appearance of Helsinki Finland in Finland, all recorded from the excellent audience source which will be released for the first time.

Performed at the end of 1998 in Phoenix “Bank One Ball Park” at the end of 1998 recorded on Discs 1 and 2 was a show that many fans took notice as a first day of the US tour of Reunion SABBATH and was also reviewed in magazines. Although it seems that some hard-to-see audience shot pictures are known among traders, this sound source which appears this time is outlined from the intro’s “Supertzar” Outline of sound clearance · Contour of performance and separation feeling · It gives us a relaxing presence and a superb audience recording with triple players to re-experience this special live. Although it may feel the stage a little far from the fact that the scale of the hall is large, it is a pleasing point that the audience’s voice is not so concerned much. As a recording for more than 10 years ago, there is no doubt the quality that passed out of the atlas, and excellent sounds will draw out the patterns of the live in rich colors in the listener!
“After Foever” will decorate the opening in this long SABBATH history (first performance after reunion). Iomi’s guitar is as powerful as ever, but fans will also be surprised at the sound that makes the sound of the Geezer’s bass and the building’s drum floating oddly floating in some places. The set list that continues from here to “Into The Void” “Snowblind” resonates freshly more to the familiar ear listening to reunion SABBATH. And the middle of ‘Killing Yourself To Live’ deciding the special feeling of this live! Although it is a song that is representative of SABBATH in the mid-’70s, it was not picked up at the official live “REUNION”, and the only rare selection where this live was played until today even after reunion was “without this price As long as “the surprise of the day! Ozzy’s songs seem to suffer the chorus part, but I sing the melody that is seeking a high voice overall in unexpectedly good fight.
Even when you move to Disc 2, you will not only have a masterpiece “Sbbath Bloody Sabbath” but also “Lord Of This World” which is the last performance at the moment, “Sweet Leaf” · “Symptom Of The Universe” · “Supernaut” Medley etc., dripping like rare seems as if you do not know the place to stay! Although the first day was suddenly a big stage and the band had somewhat mistakes and hardness, it is also interesting in the document. Immediately after the introduction of the members, at the beginning of “Black Sabbath” SE you can confirm the mistake that the SE of “After Forever” will accidentally flow, but this does not mean that the quality of the performance will not go down and the spectators I do not mind listening to the play of the band (It seems that the New Year celebrated around this “Black Sabbath”, inferred from the magazine articles and the speech of the audience). A set list that skillfully intertwined classic songs and rare songs is a sumptuous look that overlooks the history of the band and is reminiscent of the ‘reunion live’ in Birmingham in December ’97. The appearance of this sound source that contained a special night that is inferior to “REUNION” should reconcile fans as one of the best live materials reunited SABBATH.

Helsinki Finland Helsinki “Helsinki · Ice Hall” performance on December 12, 1999 which can be enjoyed with discs 3 to 4 is the 4th performance of the Europe tour in which 10 performances were performed from December 5, the same year after the end of the national tour I will. Compared to the Phoenix performance where there was overwhelming spectacle, although it gives up in the spread of sound, the outlook has not been defeated, and it is excellent compared with the performance balance or equalization, and this is also an excellent audience source.
From the Phoenix performance that marked the start of the tour, the set list also flows to “Sabbath Medley” and “War Pigs” · “NIB” at the main source after ’99 Brazil ‘tour in’ BOTTOMLESS PIT ‘ It has become a typical one at that time. However, the result which has continued live for one year, together with a stable set list representative of Reunion SABBATH, appears as a sense of solidarity and a performance that can be heard with confidence. In the first half of the tour you will hear somewhat simplistic playing of the buildings in “Fairies Wear Boots” and “Electric Funeral” here with the exceptional hands and techniques.
The live beginning with the flow from guitar solo featuring the intro of “Die Young” to “Snowblind” is a listening place even in the 4 books book production. ‘The classic song’ Dirty Women ‘in the late’ 70s is not played in the Phoenix performance and it will not be picked up until 2005 by the same year tour, so the take here will be worth a single listening. Further continued to play is “Tomorrow’s Dream” from “Vol.4”! Although this song is not “one day only” like “Killing Yourself To Live”, it is still a rare number of “as long as this tour” just seven times since reuniting (in the reunion version it is the first collector’s item It seems to be made). Compared with the take on the press CD 3 set “1974” released the other day, listening while listening while high tension, ’74 years, both the performance and expression power took office’ The difference in ’99 was clear So we can reconfirm how we changed them over 25 years. Of course, the climax of the venue will celebrate with the peak of the excitement of the venue with “Absolute” selection of “Iron Man” “Children Of The Grave” and “Paranoid” of Encore from “Black Sabbath” as well as live climax.
With this sound source, you can firmly confirm the full story to the outro using “Robin Hood” after the end of the live. Speaking of SABBATH’s outro, “Fluff” and “Laguna Sunrise” are familiar, but alongside “Changes” used after the reunion, this “Robin Hood” is a rare selection and it is also a point to listen to this in full length version The sound source will surprise the SABBATH maniac.

At that time, “It is announced that SABBATH will be dissolved with the end of the tour in ’99”, Heavy rock fans around the world waited for the resurrection, finally revived “SABBATH” the original “Satan” should fall asleep In 2001, when they celebrated the new century, they pulled the new song “Scary Dreams” and started moving again (’01 schedule of the tour can be enjoyed at’ SCARY DOCKS ‘).
This work, which “Today’s only” special live and “As long as this tour” rare songs can be tasted at once with a good sound, this work is one that embodied the attractiveness and fun of audience recording. Even the intrinsic SABBATH mania that even with the press CD title “BOTTOMLESS PIT” recorded with the same ’99 year sound as a soundboard sound source, even if it is not enough, even after listening to this 4 sheet set no sound of gw will come out I guess.
This week’s Reunion BLACK SABBATH 2 Showing the Truth of Collectors Items The big title is the dark treasure box filled with rare numbers, which fulfills the desire of maniacs “I wanted to listen!”! Do not forget your fans absolutely!

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.134 (September 2011 issue). For your information.

CD-R that recorded valuable two performances of BLACK SABBATH that Ozzy & Bill has returned and was reunited with original members.
On December 31, 1998 – USA – tour in Arizona – Disc – 1 & 2 has recorded the stage of the first day with an audience recording of good sound quality. While the opening SE was flowing, the band who confirmed that Ozzy who appeared on the stage fueled the audience and the venue’s volumes rose at a stretch played “After Forever” so that the audience’s announcement was touched. This opening seemed to be astonishing even for core fans, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is the best gift for fans who know the stage of ORIGINAL SABBATH. The set list is a mix of famous songs and rare songs by live and it is enough to satisfy core fans. Among the rare songs of the live, “Killing Yourself To Live” can be said to be the most special song, and since the reunion was played only at this time, the fans are listening! Staging is hard to say because it is the first day of tour, but it is the best pleasure for fans that the set list can catch a glimpse of the experimental elements unique to the first day. It is enough to recognize the splendor of the stage on this day that the enthusiastic cheers are never interrupted until the last “Paranoid”.
On December 12, 1999, Disc – 3 & 4 recorded the stage in Finland – Helsinki with a good sound quality audience recording. You can listen to “Dirty Woman” which is not played in Arizona and “Tomorrow’s Dream” which is played only during the tour, only on the stage after about 1 year tour from the stage in Arizona It is also nice, and it is safe to say that “Snowblind” played from Tony’s guitar solo where the fans drank spiritedly as “Die Young” is played.
It is not an exaggeration to say that both stages are extremely rare stages, so it must be a valuable item for fans who love SABBATH, as well as core fans, and if you want it to be released on a press CD if possible It is.

Live at Bank One Ballpark, Phoenix, AZ. USA 31st December 1998

再結成オリジナルBLACK SABBATHの中でも珍しいライヴ音源をセットした、ファン待望の2公演・4枚組でリリースです!サウンドボード音源を収録したプレス盤タイトル「BOTTOMLESS PIT」が初心者でも理屈ぬきで楽しめるコレクターズ音源の王道とするならば、こちらはまさにマニアがマニアのために贈るとびきりのレア・パッケージです。「こんな曲もやっていたのか」と驚くこと必至の希少ナンバー、懐かしいあのリフ、意表を突くBGMが散りばめられた貴重なライヴ。SABBATHを愛すれば愛するほど、初めて聴く驚きに満ちた210分となるでしょう!


「After Foever」がオープニングを飾るのは長いSABBATHの歴史でもこの日くらい(再結成後は初演奏)。アイオミのギターは相変わらずの迫力ですが、場所によってはギーザーのベースやビルのドラムも妙に生っぽく浮かんで聴こえるサウンドにはファンも驚くでしょう。ここから「Into The Void」「Snowblind」へと続くセットリストは、再結成SABBATHを聴き慣れた耳にほど斬新に響きます。そしてこのライヴの特別感を決定付けているのが中盤の「Killing Yourself To Live」! ’70年代中盤のSABBATHを代表する曲でありながら、公式ライヴ「REUNION」では取り上げられず、再結成以降も今日まで演奏されたのは本ライヴ1回だけというレア選曲は、掛け値なしに”この日限り”のサプライズ! オジーの歌はコーラス部分こそ苦しそうになりますが、全体的に高い声を求めるメロディを意外なほどの健闘で歌い上げています。
ディスク2に移っても、名曲「Sbbath Bloody Sabbath」のほか、これが現時点で最後の演奏になっている「Lord Of This World」や、「Sweet Leaf」・「Symptom Of The Universe」・「Supernaut」のメドレーなど、滴るようなレアさは留まる所を知らないかのようです! 初日がいきなり大舞台とあってバンドには幾分ミスや固さが見られるものの、それもドキュメントの面白さ。メンバー紹介直後、「Black Sabbath」の冒頭S.E.では誤って「After Forever」のS.E.が流れてしまうというミスタッチを確認できますが、これで演奏の質が下がる訳でもなく、また観客もそんな些細な事は気にせずバンドのプレイに聴き入っています(雑誌の記事やオーディエンスの話し声から推測すると、この「Black Sabbath」あたりで新年を迎えたようです)。定番曲とレア曲を巧みに織り交ぜたセットリストはバンドの歴史を俯瞰するような豪華さで、’97年12月のバーミンガムにおける”再結成ライヴ”を思い出させる内容になっています。「REUNION」にも劣らない特別な一夜を収めた本音源の登場は、再結成SABBATH屈指のライヴ素材としてファンを驚喜させるはずです。

ツアーの幕開けを飾ったフェニックス公演から、「BOTTOMLESS PIT」に収められた’99年アメリカツアーを経た後の本音源では、セットリストも「Sabbath Medley」そして「War Pigs」・「N.I.B.」へ流れる、当時の典型的なものとなっています。しかし1年間にわたってライヴを続けてきた成果は、リユニオンSABBATHを代表する安定したセットリストと相まって、磐石の一体感と安心して聴ける演奏になって現われています。ツアー前半はややシンプルに感じたビルのプレイもここでの「Fairies Wear Boots」や「Electric Funeral」では彼らしい手数と小技を挟んで聴かせます。
「Die Young」のイントロをフィーチャーしたギターソロから「Snowblind」への流れで始まるライヴ後半は4枚組の本作中でも聴き所です。’70年代後期の定番曲「Dirty Women」はフェニックス公演では演奏されていない上に、同年ツアー後は’05年まで取り上げられなくなるだけに、ここでのテイクは一聴の価値があるでしょう。さらに続けて演奏されるのは「Vol.4」からの「Tomorrow’s Dream」! この曲は「Killing Yourself To Live」のような「1日だけ」ではないものの、それでも再結成してからわずか7回、”このツアー限り”のレアナンバーです(再結成版では初めてのコレクターズ・アイテム化と思われます)。先日リリースされたプレスCD3枚組「1974」でのテイクと比較しながら聴くと、ハイテンションで荒々しかった’74年に対し、演奏・表現力ともに円熟味を帯びた’99年の違いは明瞭で、25年という時間がいかに彼らを変えたのかを再認識させられます。ライヴのクライマックスはもちろん「Black Sabbath」から「Iron Man」「Children Of The Grave」そしてアンコールの「Paranoid」という”絶対”の選曲で、会場の盛り上がりがピークのままクロージングを迎えます。
本音源ではライヴの終了後、「Robin Hood」を用いたアウトロまで全編をしっかりと確認できます。SABBATHのアウトロと言えば「Fluff」や「Laguna Sunrise」がお馴染みですが、リユニオン後に用いられた「Changes」と並んでこの「Robin Hood」は珍しい選曲で、これを全長版で聴ける点でも本音源はSABBATHマニアを驚かせるでしょう。

当時は「’99年のツアー終了をもってSABBATHは解散する」とアナウンスされていましたが、世界中のヘヴィロックファンが復活を待ち望み、ついに蘇らせたオリジナルSABBATHという”魔王”がこのまま眠りにつくはずがなく、彼らは新世紀を迎えた2001年に新曲「Scary Dreams」を引っさげ、再び動き出すのです(’01年ツアーの模様は「SCARY DOCKS」でお楽しみいただけます)。
“この日限り”のスペシャルなライヴと”このツアー限り”のレアな楽曲をどちらも良好なサウンドで一度に味わえる本作は、オーディエンス録音の魅力と面白さを体現した一本です。同じ’99年ライヴを破格のサウンドボード音源で収録したプレスCDタイトル「BOTTOMLESS PIT」をもってしてもなお飽き足らないという真性SABBATHマニアすら、この4枚組を聴いた後ではグウの音も出ないでしょう。
コレクタース・アイテムの真骨頂を見せつける今週のリユニオンBLACK SABBATH2大タイトルは「これを聴きたかった!」というマニアの願望を叶える、レアナンバーがぎっしり詰め込まれた暗黒のトレジャー・ボックスです!ファンの皆さんは絶対にチェックをお忘れなく!

★beatleg誌 vol.134(2011年9月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

オジー&ビルが復帰してオリジナル・メンバーで再結成されたBLACK SABBATHの貴重な2公演を収録したCD-R。
Disc-1&2には、1998年12月31日-アリゾナでのアメリカ・ツアー-初日のステージを良好な音質のオーディエンス録音で収録している。オープニングS.E.が流れる中、ステージに登場したオジーが観客を煽って会場のヴォルテージが一気に上がったのを確認したバンドは観客の意表を突くように「After Forever」をプレイ。このオープニングはコアなファンにとっても驚愕であったろうし、ORIGINAL SABBATHのステージを知るファンにとっては最高のプレゼントと言っても過言ではないだろう。セット・リストは名曲とライヴでのレア曲をミックスしたもので、コアなファンを満足させるに十分なものだ。ライヴのレア曲の中でも「Killing Yourself To Live」は最もスペシャルな曲と言え、再結成後にプレイされたのは、現時点で、この日のみとなっているので、ファンは必聴だ!ツアー初日ということでステージングはベストとは言い難いが、セット・リストは初日ならではの実験的な要素を垣間見ることが出来るのはファンにとっては最上の喜びと言える。ラストの「Paranoid」まで観客の熱狂的な歓声が途切れることがないことは、この日のステージの素晴らしさを認識させてくれるに十分だ。
Disc-3&4には、1999年12月12日、フィンランド-ヘルシンキでのステージを良好な音質のオーディエンス録音で収録。アリゾナでのステージから約1年のツアーを経過してのステージだけに、アリゾナではプレイされていない「Dirty Woman」やツアー中に数えるほどしかプレイされていない「Tomorrow’s Dream」を聴くことが出来るのも嬉しいし、まさか、「Die Young」がプレイされるのではとファンが固唾を飲んだトニーのギター・ソロからプレイされる「Snowblind」もサプライズと言っても良いだろう。

Live at Bank One Ballpark, Phoenix, AZ. USA 31st December 1998

Disc 1
1. Supertzar 2. Ozzy’s Appearance 3. After Forever 4. Into The Void 5. Snowblind
6. War Pigs 7. N.I.B. 8. Fairies Wear Boots 9. Killing Yourself To Live 10. Electric Funeral

Disc 2
1. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 2. Lord Of This World 3. Member Introduction 4. Black Sabbath
5. Sweet Leaf 6. Symptom Of The Universe 7. Supernaut 8. Drums Solo 9. Iron Man
10. Children Of The Grave 11. Paranoid

Live at Helsinki Icehall, Helsinki, Finland 12th December 1999

Disc 3
1. Sabbath Medley(Intro.) 2. War Pigs 3. Bassically/N.I.B. 4. Fairies Wear Boots
5. After Forever 6. Electric Funeral 7. Sweet Leaf 8. Into The Void
9. Band Introductions

Disc 4
1. Guitar Solo 2. Snowblind 3. Dirty Women 4. Tomorrow’s Dream 5. Black Sabbath
6. Iron Man 7. Embryo/Children Of The Grave 8. Supernaut/Paranoid 9. Robin Hood(Outro.)

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal Tony Iommi – Guitar Geezer Butler – Bass
Bill Ward – Drums Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards


Shades 354

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