Iron Maiden / Beyond Time To Go / 2CDR

Iron Maiden / Beyond Time To Go / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 13th May 1987.

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Brave IRON MAIDEN8_nenburinorainichikoenmadekauntodaunkaishi! Such this week, masterpiece sear the hearts of MAIDEN Freaks is a revival in the gift title !!
In this work we’re also must listen point shining precisely because this week, but the one before that the present work is how special, let’s from there started talking. It says the so special live itself. Of this work are contained in a record,’s the “May 13, Nippon Budokan in 1987”. So far visited Japan 13 times in 35 years from the first visit to Japan, (except for the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake) have made 71 performances they. But, the stage of “Nippon Budokan” Among them there are only only twice. This work is the direct CD phased audience album from the master cassette that has been smoked the first-Budokan of air.
Taper you have recorded such this work, virtuoso one of the best in Japan. “BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982” even large masterpiece “TOKYO BEAST (Shades 191)” is pushed a hallmark as the “Best Japanese in 1982” from the mania around the world is a go-getter that was in mono. In addition, this recording artist is strong also in Budokan. For example, “THRILL OF THE CHASE (Darker Than Blue (095/096)” of DEEP PURPLE, “FAST & FURIOUS (Shades 200)” of JUDAS PRIEST, Gary Moore, “PRAY FOR VICTIMS (Shades 201)” and so on, 錚 people upcoming I have been a string of press CD.
It only of first-Budokan only to IRON MAIDEN master of Budokan was recorded, really great sound. From beginning to end muffled without, Zubuto of the musical tone, clear is also preeminent. Without that two guitars are mixed with each other, also based voice also Bakkibaki of extending the Bruce Dickinson clearly. However, as can be seen from the fact that has not been press of, it can not be said that “masterpiece of this taper”, I mean there is also a little sense of distance, it is intended to stick the makurakotoba of “is in this taper” to Aqua. In fact, the taper is from overseas collectors that do not recognize someone’s the name recordings have been acclaimed as the “Best Japanese in 1987!” (Does not go to say that the best of the World Tour).
And, also sufficient spirit of precisely because Budokan. Dickinson also the MC after “Stranger In The Strange Land”, talks about the joy of being able to play in a thank-you and traditional venue of the things that come been back to Japan. Moreover, has apparently this is so was not out of politeness, out the name of the “Budokan” and then also from members of the mouth. It In the Budokan for the second time in 2006 is said Adrian Smith wanted to eager to know the history of the Budokan in the back stage, even Steve Harris this time is likely to asked the “Budokan did not free?”. History, in spite of only two degrees, they remain strong impression has become a venue to symbolize the “Japan”. ‘re Stuck in this work, it was their to the planting of the image “for the first time of the Budokan”.
Well, the other one. Why this film is brilliant for this week. Although the beauty of “SOMEWHERE ON TOUR 1986-1987” unique are numerous, exhausted to say what “Children Of The Damned”! In “THE BOOK OF SOULS WORLD TOUR 2016” is currently in progress, and this song has undergone a long time of resurrection, is likely to be played at this time of the Japan tour. The more towards the detailed collector to MAIDEN, but you might think “so I think we are not uncommon?”, Is the first time in 29 years of this song is played in Japan. That is, since “SOMEWHERE ON TOUR 1987” of this work. Also occur winding huge chant in the “magic of the engraved” even through like a dramatic one song only to this work, but this melody, this large chorus is I come back again to Japan!

Ringing in Japan in 29 years to “Children Of The Damned”, after a little. In the field, will only most of the fans are intoxicated to masterpieces to simple. However, if you listen to this work, the weight, excitement is completely different. This is what IRON MAIDEN of the real thrill that only taste Koamania. Tell it, shining name recorded on the glory of 29 years ago “Japan Best”. By all means, we would like you to remember precisely because this week, this one I would like you to taste.

勇者IRON MAIDEN8年ぶりの来日公演までカウントダウン開始! そんな今週、MAIDENフリークスの心を焦がす名作がギフトタイトルで復活です!!
そんな本作を録音したテーパーは、日本でも屈指の名手。“BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982”でも世界中のマニアから「1982年の日本ベスト」と太鼓判を押される大傑作『TOKYO BEAST(Shades 191)』をモノにした凄腕です。しかも、この録音家は武道館にも強い。例えば、DEEP PURPLEの『THRILL OF THE CHASE(Darker Than Blue(095/096)』、JUDAS PRIESTの『FAST & FURIOUS(Shades 200)』、ゲイリー・ムーアの『PRAY FOR VICTIMS(Shades 201)』等々、錚々たるプレスCDを連発しているのです。
それだけの武道館の名人が記録しただけにIRON MAIDENの初・武道館は、実に素晴らしいサウンド。終始篭りもなく、楽音の図太さ、クリアさもバツグン。2本のギターが混じり合うこともなく、ブルース・ディッキンソンの伸びる声もバッキバキのベースもクッキリ。もっとも、プレス化されなかったことからも分かる通り、「このテーパーの最高傑作」とは言えず、やや距離感もあるわけですが、それはあくあまで「このテーパーにしては」の枕詞が付くもの。実際、テーパーが誰かを認識していない海外コレクターからは「1987年の日本ベスト!」と絶賛されている名録音なのです(ワールドツアーのベストというわけにはいきませんが)。
そして、武道館だからこその気迫も十分。ディッキンソンも「Stranger In The Strange Land」後のMCで、日本に戻ってこれたことのお礼と伝統会場で演奏できることの喜びを語る。しかも、どうやらこれは社交辞令ではなかったようで、その後もメンバーの口から「Budokan」の名が出ている。2006年2回目の武道館ではバックステージでエイドリアン・スミスがしきりに武道館の歴史を知りたがっていたそうですし、今回もスティーヴ・ハリスは「武道館は空いてなかったの?」と訊ねたそう。歴史上、たった二度にも関わらず、彼らには強烈な印象が残り、「日本」を象徴する会場となった。本作に詰まっているのは、彼らにイメージを植え付けた“初めての武道館”だったのです。
さて、もう1つ。なぜ、今週本作が光り輝くのか。“SOMEWHERE ON TOUR 1986-1987”ならではの美点は数多くあるものの、何と言っても「Children Of The Damned」に尽きる! 現在進行中の“THE BOOK OF SOULS WORLD TOUR 2016”では、この曲が久々の復活を遂げており、今回の日本公演でも演奏される公算が大きい。MAIDENに詳しいコレクターの方ほど「そんなに珍しくはないんじゃないか?」と思われるかも知れませんが、この曲が日本で演奏されるのは29年ぶり。つまり、本作の“SOMEWHERE ON TOUR 1987”以来です。『魔力の刻印』でも通好みなドラマティックな1曲だけに本作でも巨大な唱和が巻き起こりますが、このメロディ、この大合唱が再び日本に帰ってくるのです!

29年ぶりに日本で鳴り響く「Children Of The Damned」まで、あと少し。現場では、ほとんどのファンがシンプルに名曲に酔いしれるだけでしょう。しかし、本作を聴いていれば、その重み、感動はまるで違う。これこそIRON MAIDENのコアマニアだけが味わえる醍醐味。それを教えてくれる、29年前の「日本ベスト」の栄光に輝く名録音。ぜひ、今週だからこそ思い出していただきたい、味わっていただきたい1本です。

Disc 1
1. Opening : Blade Runner 2. Caught Somewhere In Time 3. 2 Minutes To Midnight 4. Wrathchild
5. Children Of The Damned 6. Stranger In The Strange Land 7. Wasted Years
8. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner 9. Walking On Glass 10. Heaven Can Wait

Disc 2
1. Phantom Of The Opera 2. Hallowed Be Thy Name 3. Iron Maiden 4. The Number Of The Beast
5. Run To The Hills 6. Running Free 7. Sanctuary

Bruce Dickinson – Vocal Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar Adrian Smith – Guitar
Nicko McBrain – Drums



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