Rolling Stones / Washington 1999 2nd Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Washington 1999 2nd Night / 2CD / Non Label
Live at MCI Center, Washington, D.C. USA 8th March 1999 Schoeps MK4 New DAT Master

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Although Taper released the surprisingly first sound source of 1999 Washington appearance on the net this time, he was happy to record it on the second day. Also in 1999, the item “WELCOME TO WASHINGTON” was released from the VGP label in 1999. The sound image was closer than the previous day, but this time a problem arose that the voices of the surrounding audience were noisy. In addition, there is a muffled sound caused by the taper dropping the mic several times (whether it was removed from the jacket?), and when that started Keith’s guitar solo at “Sympathy For The Devil” in the finale, the mic was flashy. Perhaps it was dropped, and even a situation near skipping sound had occurred. Also, although it is a small issue, it was said that it was a slight cut before the start of “Start Me Up”.
The sound source this time does not directly pick up the voices of the surrounding audience, and even in that respect it is much easier to hear than the VGP sound source. In addition to the crispy equalization, it is also a great charm that it is warm and gentle on the ears. However, the sound source this time also has a slight fluctuation of the sound image due to the fact that the microphone moved occasionally, for example due to the ending of “Respectable” etc., but as much adjustment as possible is added at the time of release. I will. Thanks to that, a sense of stability has increased considerably compared to the original state.

And, as with the day before, it was the performance of the Stones with a high voltage that surprised me. Above all, it seems that Mick is pulling the band with Guigui in a realistic manner. At that time, I was deeply aware that they were still performing the show for two consecutive days, and they were performing as well. However, this is the Stones Show in America. When the “Moonlight Mile,” which was the centerpiece of the No Security Tour, began, they started talking immediately. This may be a scene that tells a story that mania could not go because of the ticket price.
Also, the two songs sung by Keith are completely different from the previous day, and tonight’s “Thief In The Night” is “You Don’t Have To Mean It” Babylon tournament. These two songs are surprisingly fresh because they are no longer played. Even more, Keith’s song selection in the official San Jose was the same as Washington’s day before, so the pattern of two songs with a strong Babylon color on the No Security Tour is also interesting.
Another interesting thing is probably the result of the taper’s recording position, but when the horn corps joins in the latter half of the live, their timbre sounds more pronounced than usual. When it becomes a song such as “Tumbling Dice” or “Brown Sugar”, it feels like Europe 73. Isn’t this a crazy balance for enthusiasts?

Certainly, it is a sound image with a sense of distance compared to the recording of the day before that appeared on the net this time, but still the warm and fresh sound quality is very attractive. Moreover, the point that there is almost no problem that causes stress in listening like the already released board is high. It will be possible to re-recognize the wonderfulness of the performance again with this sound source. Anyway, I’m afraid that the No Security Tour will release too many releases with recording conditions and sound quality too much, so it’s really amazing that 20 years later, a new audience recording boasting such freshness was excavated. is.
And the recording of the previous day had a change in the sound image at the B stage, but it is another advantage that there is almost no such problem here. It was also a dilemma that the items released in 1999 had many sound sources with large changes in sound quality that occur in this part. I wonder if there are many enthusiasts who would like to hear back even now, even if they had items released at the time. For that reason, the new sound source of this time is a long-awaited one, and at the same time, it has a quality that you can enjoy very much even if you listen to it with your current ears. Stones, who was still young, had a full-engined no-security tour in March. Please try again with the day before!

(Remastered memo)
★Adjustment to improve the sound without losing the atmosphere of the original sound and the balance of right → left → right across the stage change make it easier to listen.

驚きの1999年ワシントンの初登場音源を今回ネットに公開してくれたテーパーですが、嬉しいことに二日目もちゃんと録音してくれていました。こちらに関しても1999年当時、VGPレーベルから「WELCOME TO WASHINGTON」というアイテムがリリースされています。前日よりも音像は近かったのですが、今度は周囲の観客の声が騒がしいという問題が勃発。おまけに何度かテーパーがマイクを落としたか(上着から外れた?)して生じた音のこもりがあり、それがフィナーレの「Sympathy For The Devil」でキースのギターソロが始まるとマイクを派手に落としたのか、いよいよ音飛びに近い状況すら発生していました。また細かい問題ではりますが「Start Me Up」の始まる直前で微弱ながらもカットまであったという。

そして前日と同様に驚かされるのがボルテージ高めなストーンズの演奏ぶり。中でもミックがグイグイとバンドを引っぱっている様がリアルに伝わってくる。この頃の彼らはまだ平然と二日連続のショーをこなしていて、なおかつこれほどまでのパフォーマンスを披露していたのだと痛感させられます。しかしここはアメリカでのストーンズ・ショー。ノー・セキュリティ・ツアーの目玉であった「Moonlight Mile」などが始まると、途端にお喋りを始めてしまう。これはチケット代のせいでマニアが行けなかったツアーであったことを如実に物語る場面かもしれません。
またキースが歌う二曲が前日とまるで違うのもこのツアーらしいところで、今夜は「Thief In The Night」に「You Don’t Have To Mean It」というバビロン大会。これら二曲も今となっては演奏されなくなってしまっただけに、意外なほど新鮮に聞こえる。ましてやオフィシャルのサンノゼにおけるキースの選曲が前日のワシントンと同じだっただけに、ノー・セキュリティ・ツアーでバビロン色が強い二曲というパターンも面白い。
もうひとつ面白いのが、テーパーの録音ポジションの結果なのでしょうが、ライブ後半でホーン隊が加わる曲になると、彼らの音色がいつも以上に際立って聞こえるということ。それが「Tumbling Dice」や「Brown Sugar」といった曲になると、それこそヨーロッパ73のような雰囲気に映ってしまう。これはマニアにとって思わずグッとくるバランスではないでしょうか。




Disc 1 (65:37)
1. Intro
2. Jumping Jack Flash
3. Respectable
4. All Down the Line
5. You Got Me Rocking
6. Honky Tonk Women
7. Moonlight Mile
8. Saint of Me
9. Some Girls
10. Paint It Black
11. Band Introductions
12. Thief of the Night
13. You Don’t Have to Mean It
14. Out of Control

Disc 2 (53:46)
1. B-Stage S.E.
2. Route 66
3. Just My Imagination
4. Midnight Rambler
5. Tumbling Dice
6. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
7. Start Me Up
8. Brown Sugar
9. Sympathy for the Devil

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