Rolling Stones / MSG 2006 2nd Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / MSG 2006 2nd Night / 2CD /  Non Label

Translated text:
Live At Madison Square Garden, New YHork City, NY, USA 20th January 2006


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Venue Stones hustle at any time, it is Madison Square Garden. Chosen as the venue of the tour the last day in the 1972 Tour, continuous performances have been made in ’75. It has already become Endoi venue by tour giant of Stones then, but came to be used again from ’98, has now led to it become a venue masterpiece is produced again. That great performance is showcased from this venue in the tour in recent years, such as the 2003 and ’98 has been well known, but the masterpiece has been and he showed off his 2006 Stones visited the MSG again.

Pattern of performance at this time that have been made two days I was able to listen to it all in the title “BANG AT THE MSG 2006” at the time, swelling of surrounding a harsh too audience recording of the second day, 2014 it was a state hard to hear about realism European tour of the year seems to elegant manners. It was a sound that sang the first time Mick stand out throughout the live of this day does not come at all transmitted. But there is no possibility that it has been released at the time this time, unearthed audience recording of their own that are not floating around as well traders between addition until now, it has become a carry to see the light of day in this release.

Sound source of its outstanding balance was that not only excitement around, the sound image also feel a considerable distance. Than the closeness of about say sound source of this also turned on for sound image contrast, there is a balance praised the sense of distance still, but balanced with a focus on vocals Mick is likely to listen very, yet the balance of excitement surrounding also smart . I guarantee the ease of listening that not comparable to a sound source in the past.

Moreover, is the venue loved that Stones also play, luxurious set list that classic is lined with Zurari this day. And sing the first time Mick was earnestly incoming yell over the wheel. It is seen as the spirit is to listen to one “Oh No, Not You Again” in such as “It’s Only Rock’n Roll” in particular. Stones legend tension of playing up to become a big city still is famous, but I’m sure towards the stage in the tension up a notch further when it comes to New York and MSG. I think playing Stones whole not just Mick is a wonderful thing also, details of playing these and had been overlooked completely because of the state of the sound source releases at the time.

But what about when I tried to listen to the sound of this time, playing beyond challenge, momentum Speedy has been full of terrible that is different again with playing the first time of the tour rock-solid 2007 release of recently from our shop continues even violently. And the same is why an “A BIGGER BANG” tour, but yet the atmosphere of playing that’s different about this thing of change over selection of music that appeared in the set list is being viewed clearly. Barcelona shop has released earlier about not playing a runaway feeling with respect to “Is not Too Proud To Beg”, but may be more a tension high with respect to sore sing Mick, such as the ’75 tour it is enough that for a moment reminiscent of even the wild. However Goofy ed and intro of “As Tears Go By” that begins with how to play and have no idea whether it any song Mick to sing of (laughs) Keith as usual.

But playing remains high tension only. When the last of the “Satisfaction” was approaching the end, emotional scene that repeats the lyrics of his “Mustang Sally” in remembrance of Wilson Pickett Mick died the day before appeared to Remarkable. Those who deploy such a surprise is also noticed by sound source of this I think this is one of the many. Thus new sound source this time, was revived in 2006 MSG legend anew will be released at a press CD limited!



二日間行われたこの時の公演の模様は当時『BANG AT THE MSG 2006』というタイトルでそのすべてを聴くことが出来ましたが、二日目のオーディエンス録音は周囲の盛り上がりがあまりに耳障りで、2014年のヨーロッパツアーの臨場感が上品なマナーに思えるほど聴き辛い状態でした。この日のライブの全体を通して際立つミックの熱唱ぶりがちっとも伝わってこない音源だったのです。しかし今回は当時リリースされたことがなく、しかも現在に至るまでトレーダー間にも出回っていない独自のオーディエンス録音を発掘、今回のリリースで日の目を見る運びとなりました。


しかもこの日はストーンズも演奏することを愛した会場です、名曲がズラリと並んだ豪華なセットリスト。それに輪をかけて気合の入りまくったミックの熱唱ぶり。特に「It’s Only Rock’n Roll」や「Oh No, Not You Again」などではその気合が一聴して解るほどです。やはり大都市になると演奏のテンションが上がるストーンズ伝説は有名ですが、それがニューヨークやMSGになるとさらにワンランク上のテンションでステージに向かっているのでしょう。ミックだけでなくストーンズ全体の演奏がまた素晴らしいもので、こういった演奏の詳細は当時のリリースでは音源の状態のせいで完全に見過ごされていたと思います。

ところが今回の音源を聴いてみるとどうでしょう、文句のつけようがない演奏、激しくもスピーディな勢いは最近当店からのリリースが続く2007年ツアー盤石の演奏ぶりともまた違った凄みに溢れています。しかも同じ「A BIGGER BANG」ツアーな訳ですが、それでいてこれほど演奏の雰囲気が違うというのはセットリストに現れた選曲の変化以上のものがはっきりと捉えられているのです。「Ain’t Too Proud To Beg」に関しては先に当店がリリースしたバルセロナほど暴走気味な演奏ではありませんが、ミックの歌いっぷりに関してはこちらの方がハイなテンションであり、75年ツアーのようなワイルドさすら彷彿とさせる一瞬があるほどです。もっとも「As Tears Go By」のイントロなどはミックが歌い出すまでどの曲だかさっぱり解らない(笑)キースの弾き方で始まるというずっこけ編は相変わらず。

しかし演奏はあくまでテンション高いまま。極めつけはラストの「Satisfaction」が終盤に差し掛かった際、ミックが前日に亡くなったウィルソン・ピケットを偲んで彼の「Mustang Sally」の歌詞を繰り返すという感動的な場面が登場します。そんなサプライズな展開も今回の音源によって気付かれる方が多いのではないでしょうか。こうして今回、新たに2006年MSG伝説を蘇らせた新音源が限定のプレスCDにてリリースされます!

Disc 1 (72:04)
1. Intro 2. Jumping Jack Flash 3. It’s Only Rock’n Roll 4. Let’s Spend The Night Together
5. Oh No, Not You Again 6. Sway 7. As Tears Go By 8. Rain Fall Down 9. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
10. Gimme Shelter 11. Tumbling Dice 12. Band Introductions 13. This Place Is Empty 14. Happy

Disc 2 (56:03)
1. Miss You 2. Start Me Up 3. Get Off Of My Cloud 4. Honky Tonk Women 5. Sympathy For The Devil
6. Paint It Black 7. Brown Sugar 8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 9. Satisfaction


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