Rolling Stones / Garden State 78 / 4CD

Rolling Stones / Garden State 78 / 4CD / Non Label
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Live at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey, USA 14th June 1978

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For Stones Mania the 1978 US tour is the most popular one is the sound board recording that contained small gigs held at the Capitol Theater in Pasayik on June 14th. Immediately after starting this tour, we have held small gigs using theaters class venues many times, and they striked the Stones which returned to a simple and straight rock sound with the album “SOME GIRLS” .
Although the interest of maniacs is not exhausted just by the fact that such a gig was done, the fact that Pasaic’s gig was epochal is that the pattern was recorded as a sound board recording of the earlier and as a boot leg It will have been circulated. Even if it is sound board recording, it is not a recording for a live album by a multitrack recorder but a rough thing recorded from a PA out to a cassette. This unique recording state has won a solid position as a name sound source that conveys the wild performance of Stones in 78 years and even the special atmosphere unique to Small Gig.
The first thing that conveyed the state of the wildest gig at the Capitol Theater was masterpiece LP “GARDEN STATE 78”. It is a proof of the name sound source that the best seller was recorded in the blink of an eye on the grounds for the previous reason, the recurrence from the same manufacturer and copying machines were produced to such an extent that it could not be counted. Naturally as many CD items have been created, but the power of the unique bass and the dynamism of the performance are still the “GARDEN STATE 78” analog LP is the best, is not it made from such thought There was “GARDEN STATE 78” of our version that I released a few years ago.
In the case of
From the thought that “If you can listen to that sound easily on a CD”, this title quickly became Sold Out and many requests for re-releasing were also received. So this time a new “GARDEN STATE 78” will appear in limited press CD. Its content is surprisingly a volume called four-piece set. What does Pasic think of four-piece set? Mania who seems to be more are probably more.
Among the four, the first two discs are recorded on the American FM radio station, the version said to have been broadcast by WPLJ. Of course there are no places for the first appearance, there is nothing to say, the phenomenon and place where the limiter is applied to Charlie’s bus drawn, which is a chronic disease in the passaic sound source, and the left channel periodically turns off. Moreover, it becomes a stereo from the middle of “All Down The Line”, and states like wandering between monaural and stereo depending on songs are the same.
I guess from DJ’s announcement heard at the beginning that WPLJ has turned it on after “GARDEN STATE 78” LP was released. Interestingly, spreading in the sound is born by getting on the FM radio waves, and among them the presence that appears in the cheers of the audience sounds much more increased than the original LP. Because the original is such a recording, it seems that the feeling heard is “Mix different?”
Meanwhile, it seems to make me realize that the noise of America’s FM that seems to be in the 70’s is certainly heard through the whole story as well as being broadcasted on the radio. The sound which is different from the scratch noise of LP, the sound of “crackling” or bass noise which continues to become “bo” is exactly the same quality as that heard during the radio broadcast of the Bruce Springsteen 75 year bottom line. I wonder if it is American FM state.
Therefore this time it is the same concept as “ZURICH 1980” which our shop had released in the past, that is, in addition to the soundboard recording representing the tour, it is an item coupled with the same sound source broadcasted by FM is. Even so, the differences in sound quality and atmosphere are even more pronounced in ZEP, and you will be able to enjoy different mix different listening. However, at the time of broadcasting, only the “Street Fighting Man” that was incomplete recorded was not broadcasted, and the person who uploaded the FM sound source to the net is the VGP version “OUT ON BAIL” which completely recorded this song with the mixture of SBD and audience From the rough timing I added it. Of course, as our shop, how to record this as it is, “Street Fighting Man” supplemented the analog of this time and supplemented the same day audience recording that is considered best and the best after that. Of course, the whole pitch was also corrected.

And on the second half of the disc, it is recorded again from the endless famous “GARDEN STATE 78” two piece set LP. However, this time it was not a recurrence of the previous release, but this time from another version of another person upgraded to the net by transferring LP. As for scratch noise, while being scattered more than the previous version, it is finished to enjoy that rich bass faithful to LP and natural taste. Of course, “Street Fighting Man” here is a fade-out in the middle.
Even now, nearly 40 years have passed since the gig of Pasayik, the enthusiasm that this LP vacuum-packed and the Wilderness of the performances heard by Stones are special. You can taste this unique special gig with the most realism. As an item that can be easily played back on CD this time as well, it is assurance that you can enjoy listening compare with the unique sound quality of the FM broadcast version that was not known until now!

ストーンズ・マニアにとって1978年アメリカ・ツアーでもっとも人気が高いのは6月14日にパサイックのキャピトル・シアターで行われたスモール・ギグを収めたサウンドボード録音ではないでしょうか。このツアーを開始した直後はシアター・クラスの会場を使ったスモール・ギグを何度も行っており、アルバム「SOME GIRLS」でシンプルかつストレートなロック・サウンドに回帰したストーンズには打ってつけでした。
キャピトル・シアターでの最高にワイルドなギグの様子を最初に伝えてくれたのは名作LP「GARDEN STATE 78」。先の理由から瞬く間にベストセラーを記録、同じメーカーからの再発やコピー盤が数えきれないほど生み出されたことも名音源の証だと言えましょう。当然のごとくCDでも多くのアイテムが生み出されてはきたものの、独特の低音の迫力や演奏のダイナミズムなどは、やはり「GARDEN STATE 78」アナログLPが一番なのではないか…そんな思いから作られたのが数年前にリリースした当店バージョンの「GARDEN STATE 78」でした。

「あの音をCDで手軽に聴けたら」という思いから、このタイトルは瞬く間にSold Outとなってしまい、再リリースの要望も多く寄せられていたもの。そこで今回は新たな「GARDEN STATE 78」が限定のプレスCDにて登場いたします。その内容は意外にも四枚組というボリューム。パサイックが四枚組ってどういうこと?と思われるマニアの方が多いことでしょう。
四枚の内、最初の二枚のディスクに収録されるのはアメリカのFMラジオ局、WPLJが放送したと言われるバージョン。もちろんそこには初登場の箇所などなく、何と言ってもパサイック音源における持病である、チャーリーのバスドラにリミッターがかかり、左チャンネルが周期的にオフとなってしまう現象や箇所も変わらない。さらには「All Down The Line」の途中からステレオとなり、曲によってはモノラルとステレオの間を彷徨う状態なども同様です。
冒頭で聴かれるDJのアナウンスから推測するに「GARDEN STATE 78」LPがリリースされた後でWPLJがそれをオンエアしたのではないでしょうか。面白いことに、FMの電波に乗ったことで音に広がりが生まれ、中でもオーディエンスの歓声に現れる臨場感は元のLPより格段に増したように聴こえるのです。元があのような録音ですので、パッと聴いた感じが「ミックス違いか?」と錯覚しそうになるほど。
よって今回は当店が過去にリリースしたレッド・ツェッペリンの「ZURICH 1980」と同じようなコンセプト、つまりツアーを代表するサウンドボード録音に加え、同じ音源をFMで放送したバージョンをカップリングしたアイテムだということです。それにしても音質や雰囲気の違いはZEPのそれ以上に顕著なものであり、ある種ミックス違い的なリスニングが楽しめることでしょう。ただし放送時には不完全収録であった「Street Fighting Man」だけが放送されなかった模様で、FM音源をネットにアップした人物はこの曲をSBDとオーディエンスの混成で完全収録したVGP版「OUT ON BAIL」からラフなタイミングで付け足していました。勿論、当店としては、これをそのまま収録するのはどうかということで、「Street Fighting Man」は今回のアナログを補填し、以降は最良・最長とされる同日オーディエンス録音を補填しました。勿論、全体のピッチも修正しました。

そして後半二枚のディスクには不朽の名盤「GARDEN STATE 78」二枚組LPから再び収録。ただし前回リリースの再発ではなく、今回は別の人物がLPをトランスファーしてネットにアップしたバージョンから収録。スクラッチノイズに関しては前回のバージョンよりも散見される一方で、よりLPに忠実なあの豊かな低音やナチュラルな味わいが楽しめる仕上がりとなっています。もちろん、こちらの「Street Fighting Man」は途中でフェイドアウト。
WPLJ FM Radio Broadcast

Disc 1 (45:08)
1. DJ Intro. 2. Introduction 3. Let It Rock 4. All Down The Line 5. Honky Tonk Women
6. Star Star 7. When The Whip Comes Down 8. Miss You 9. Just My Imagination 10. Lies
11. Beast Of Burden

Disc 2 (46:53)
1. Respectable 2. Far Away Eyes 3. Love In Vain 4. Shattered 5. Sweet Little Sixteen
6. Tumbling Dice 7. Happy 8. Brown Sugar 9. Jumping Jack Flash 10. Street Fighting Man

GARDEN STATE 78 (Double album vinyl rip)

Taken from the original 2LP Records “Garden State 78″(SD 3957, Smiling Dork Records)

Disc 3 (46:07)
1. Introduction 2. Let It Rock3. All Down The Line 4. Honky Tonk Women 5. Star Star
6. When The Whip Comes Down 7. Miss You 8. Just My Imagination 9. Lies 10. Beast Of Burden

Disc 4 (45:58)
1. Respectable 2. Far Away Eyes 3. Love In Vain 4. Shattered 5. Sweet Little Sixteen
6. Tumbling Dice 7. Happy 8. Brown Sugar 9. Jumping Jack Flash 10. Street Fighting Man

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