Rolling Stones / All Meat Music Winter Tour 1973 / 1CD

Rolling Stones / All Meat Music Winter Tour 1973 / 1CD / Non Label

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Live at the Forum, Inglewood, CA. USA 18th January 1973 Special benefit concert for the Nicaraguan earthquake victims

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Stones The impression that I said Australia of ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICKY’ of Japanese performance and outflow sound board which was stopped when speaking of the winter tour of 1973 was strong, but the beginning of the tour is American and LA Forum The fact that it was tend to be overlooked. Before going to Australia why did you live in LA, since there was a massive earthquake that collapsed 90% of the city in the Managua of Nicaragua, the hometown of Bianca that was the wife of Mick in the previous year in December of the previous year , It was done as a charity concert to Nicaragua suddenly.
Also, the concert has another aspect of creating items that first conveyed the state of the winter tour. It is “WINTER TOUR 1973” released by name label TMOQ (Trade Mark Of Quality). Although it is a vintage item released on label stamper cover, it may be better to have a street more like saying “ALL MEAT MUSIC” of a slick cover with William · Stout’s comic books on it. Item reflecting the situation that two releases existed in the same record because the release was continued while the label management was divided into two at the time. To tell the truth, until the appearance of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICKY” in the mid-1980s, this was the only item in the winter tour.

Talking about winter tours now “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~”, the impression of the outflow sound board is overwhelmingly strong, but from the LP era mania this tour is “ALL
MEAT MUSIC “only I could not find out. As a result, the interesting part of the show on this day was that it was a live show of a different menu from the US tour of the half a year ago and the main tour after this. The LA Forum just went on a show six months ago and it seems as though the Stones side seemed to have had a desire to change the set list and also served as a test case for the Australian schedule I will.
Although the composition of the first half is the same as six months ago, “Route 66” which became the only live performance in the stage of the first half of the 1970s appeared where it began to enter the middle stage. “It’s All Over Now” which appeared following the straight play was performed also in Hawaii later, but it is valuable to try one-off arrangements only at this time. Unlike Hawaii ‘s time, it is very interesting to arrange a mix of “Rip This Joint” and “Roll Over Beethoven” 70 years version. Furthermore, even “No Expectations” since Hyde Park appeared. And the flow from “Dead Flowers” to “Live With Me” seems to be a remnant of goodbye UK tour in 1971. It is a show that is wrapped around in a winter tour at a time but in fact it was enough to call it as a single special stage.

TMOQ had the only thing that produced the first Stones Boot “LIVE’R THAN YOU’LL EVER BE”, and it was a strong label for their latest tour. If the winter tour had been done in Australia and Hawaii only (and even in Japan!), The release from the label would not be realized, probably the likelihood that it was probably left blank in Stones’ 70th live history It was. But fortunately thanks to the realization of the concert at the LA Forum, TMOQ has also turned to recording.
As is well known, the audience recording contained in this LP is a surprisingly on sound image, while only Mick Taylor’s guitar stands outstanding. Still, I can only hear clapping and talking from the person next to me. It is easy to guess that it was a recording at the front row because of that, but probably it was recorded from a position close to the Taylor or the support member side. Actually not only Taylor but also the sounds of Nicky Hopkins and Horn Corps are close. However, it is a fact that it is very good sound quality even if this habitual sound image is subtracted, and I am used to this balance while listening (laugh).
But the era has changed and it became the era of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICKY” and the Hawaiian sound source, CD varia- tion of the vintage album was not realized easily, when finally appeared it was an item raised from the TMOQ board as it was. After another ten years have elapsed, the CD board “ALL MEAT MUSIC” finally comes from the tape from the VGP label. It was revolutionary that it became possible to hear it with the scratch noise peculiar to LP wiped out, but on the other hand it was a fact that the sound quality had changed considerably.
It was pointed out that it became a dark and poor sound in common among maniacs and professional magazines, and it was said that the CD of LP dropped out before was more faithful and clear than the original sound. However, those who dropped LP had a lot of scratch noise, and at the same time it was a time when the items dropped from the Stones’ LP items were randomly erased and not evaluated. In the early 1990s, there was a tendency that “analog raising” caused from LP is an easy thing, and there was a trend that CD itemized spurred without considering the condition of the board and the environment of the cartridge is.

Although it is a little personal talk, I heard “ALL MEAT MUSIC” for the first time in the cassette of the shop which was in front of Kashiwagi Park (copy of fan club’s review to inlay), it is made by double speed dubbing Because it was what was being done, the pitch was raised and the original good sound quality was further emphasized (laugh). As a result, I felt a sense of incompatibility when making CDs ahead. Therefore, this time carefully trace from the TMOQ board of the mint condition in order to contain the original sound quality in the limited press CD. It is a TMOQ board which is now highly popular as a vintage item, but since it is an initial boot, the quality of the printed material is rough from the beginning (there were a lot of press factories and the quality of vinyl changed due to differences in titles and plates) Transfer is difficult. Of course, scratch noise was also precisely deleted, and finished in an item that you can listen with this sound quality with literally refreshed sound quality. And it is easy to hear further by fitting on one CD by cutting the part which is unrelated to the performance and MC which started with the recording announceance which was recorded at the beginning of the board. It is this sound that mania wanted to hear!

ストーンズ1973年のウインター・ツアーと言えば中止となってしまった日本公演や流出サウンドボードの「HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICKY」のオーストラリアと言った印象が強かったのですが、ツアーの幕開けはアメリカでしかもLAフォーラムだったという事実は見過ごされがち。オーストラリアへ向かう前に何故LAでライブを行ったのかと言えば、前年12月にミック当時の妻だったビアンカの故郷ニカラグアのマナグアで街の90%が崩壊するほどの大地震が起きたことから、急遽ニカラグアへのチャリティー・コンサートとして行われたのでした。
また同コンサートはウインター・ツアーの様子を最初に伝えてくれたアイテムを生み出したという別の側面もあります。それが名レーベルTMOQ(Trade Mark Of Quality)がリリースした「WINTER TOUR 1973」。レーベル名物のスタンプ・カバーにてリリースされたビンテージ・アイテムですが、むしろウイリアム・スタウトの漫画が載ったスリックカバーの「ALL MEAT MUSIC」と言った方がより通りが良いかもしれません。当時レーベル運営が二手に分かれたままリリースが続いていたことから同じレコードで二つのリリースが存在するという状況を反映したアイテム。実を言うと1980年代の半ばに「HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICKY」が登場するまでは、ウインター・ツアーのアイテムと言えばこれしかなかったのです。

今ではウインター・ツアーと言えば「HAPPY BIRTHDAY~」を始めとした流出サウンドボードの印象が圧倒的に強いのですが、LP時代のマニアからするとこのツアーは「ALL
MEAT MUSIC」でしか窺い知ることが出来なかった。結果としてこの日のショーの面白いところは、半年前のアメリカ・ツアーとも、この後のツアー本編とも違うメニューのライブだったことでしょう。LAフォーラムは半年前にショーを行ったばかりですし、ストーンズ側としてもセットリストを変えて挑む心構えがあったように感じられると同時に、オーストラリア日程に向けてのテストケースも兼ねていたように思われます。
前半の構成こそ半年前と変わらないものの、中盤に差し掛かり始めたところで70年代前半のステージにおいて唯一のライブ演奏となった「Route 66」が登場。そのストレートな演奏に続けて登場した「It’s All Over Now」は後にハワイでも演奏されましたが、この時のみのワン・オフなアレンジメントを試しているのが貴重。ハワイの時と違い、まるで「Rip This Joint」と「Roll Over Beethoven」70年バージョンを混ぜたようなアレンジがとても面白い。さらにはハイドパーク以来の「No Expectations」までも登場。そして「Dead Flowers」から「Live With Me」までの流れは1971年さよならUKツアーの名残りのよう。時期的にはウインター・ツアーの中に括られるショーですが、実際には単独の特別なステージだと呼んでもいいほどでした。

TMOQは史上初のストーンズ・ブート「LIVE’R THAN YOU’LL EVER BE」生み出しただけのことはあり、彼らの最新ツアーに強いレーベルでした。もしウインター・ツアーがオーストラリアやハワイだけ(そして日本も!)で行われていたとしたら、同レーベルからのリリースは実現せず、もしかしたらストーンズ70年ライブ史における空白となってしまった可能性が高かった。しかし幸いなことにLAフォーラムでのコンサートが実現したおかげで、TMOQも録音に向かったという訳です。
しかし時代は変わって「HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICKY」やハワイ音源の時代となったことからビンテージ・アルバムのCD化はなかなか実現せず、ようやく登場した時はTMOQ盤からそのまま起こしたアイテムでした。それからさらに十年の歳月が過ぎたところでようやくVGPレーベルからテープを元にしたCD盤「ALL MEAT MUSIC」が登場します。それによってLP特有のスクラッチノイズが払拭された状態で聞けるようになったのは画期的でしたが、その反面音質がかなり変わっていたのも事実。

少し個人的な話になりますが、私が「ALL MEAT MUSIC」を初めて聞いたのは柏木公園前にあったショップのカセット(ファンクラブのレビューをインレイにコピー)で、それが倍速ダビングで作られていたものだから、ピッチが上がって元の抜けのいい音質がさらに強調されていたものです(笑)。それだけに先のCD化の際には違和感を覚えました。そこで今回はLP本来の音質を限定のプレスCDに封じ込めるべく、ミント・コンディションのTMOQ盤から丁寧にトレース。今やビンテージ・アイテムとして高い人気を誇るTMOQ盤ですが、初期ブートということから盤質は元から粗い(タイトルや版の違いによってプレス工場やビニールの質も変わっていた)ことが少なからずあり、クリーンなトランスファーが難しい。もちろんスクラッチノイズも緻密に削除しており、この名盤を文字通りスッキリした音質で聞けるアイテムに仕上がりました。そして盤の最初に収録されていた録音アナウンスを始めとした演奏やMCと無関係な部分をカットすることで一枚のCDに収まり、さらに聞きやすくなっています。マニアが聞きたかったのはこの音だ!


1. Intro 2. Brown Sugar 3. Bitch 4. Rocks Off 5. Gimme Shelter 6. Route 66
7. It’s All Over Now 8. Happy 9. Tumbling Dice 10. No Expectations 11. Sweet Virginia
12. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 13. Dead Flowers 14. Stray Cat Blues 15. Live With Me
16. All Down The Line 17. Rip This Joint 18. Jumping Jack Flash 19. Street Fighting Man

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