Prince / The Beautiful Experience 1994 / 2DVDR

Prince / The Beautiful Experience 1994 / 2DVDR / Johanna

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Japanese Satellite TV, Live At Paisley Park, Feb, 13th 1994. NTSC



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JOHANNA label storage warehouse excavated from the master!

Limit of sound and beauty of the video area – that and 1994 … genius Prince has reached
High-quality recording – the concept · TV show should hand down to posterity –

★ 1994 years, TV show “Beautiful Experience” high-quality included!
★ 1993 years, after-show “Sacrifice Of Victor” TV aired version!
★ 1997 years, during the renamed Panic – the original Prince of appearance “Muppets Tonight” Japan version, high-quality full inclusion!
★ 2004 year, live recording of the legend of the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”, a lifetime best guitar solo!

April 1994, as a killer program that domestic certain satellite broadcasting raise the pay-per-view’s, Prince & Warner with the exclusive contract to acquire the broadcast has been concept · TV show ~ “the BEAUTIFUL experience”.
The secret gig was taken to put the audience in the Paisley Park in February 1994 in the main video, show the progress along the sub-story was appointed the daughter Nona Gaye of Marvin Gaye to starring. Some songs are inserted video clip was produced individually from time to time, featuring erotic dance to the super powerful music and his wife Mayte of NPG.
“All of the new song is six songs, yet is pending launch of the sound source,” is an important important TV show that can not be considered in Futsu that not different to the catchphrase of the.

Moreover, while unexpected is still a regular sale, complete recording of this program now also virtually shelved state of 2016, in the all-time high image quality from the time of digital S-VHS master, including the trailer CM before the broadcast.

To Nona Gaye impersonate Highness live the girl to spend the lonely night unfolds in access was “beauty experience” site from the remains home PC to be invited to magazine advertising, involuntarily mind retracted while program to follow chasing the Prince of “LOVE” message content.

Suddenly funky riffs played intense rock number “interactive”, the Oazuke to Crystal Ball “Days of Wild” is incoming to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, such as the TV broadcasting only take, and “Pheromone” “serious such Highness?! “to become front of his real exert tune of” His Royal Highness was bought erotic to the strongest ground “is plenty.

Of course downturn break of revival hit and became pop soul of the ultra-classic of “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” and, rogue techno rock “Loose”, impact work was the theme of the arrangement – abuse of the static and dynamic “Papa etc. “, the talented of Kira Mekiburi, there is only longer sigh.

From encounter with genius female dancer Mayte, song that James Brown did not wear tracing also Jimi Hendrix, play, live and dance, lighting. To lead all of every impulse, was reached by multiplying the all music genres, there are all of Prince flow performance of unprecedented is here.
And it’s continues to complain of “love and freedom” of Sly Stone Jikiden.
At the end of the program it will be displayed until the telephone number for access to this “beauty experience” … clogging Prince side.
66 minutes of shock artist should hand down forever … that would not appear the future to make this program.

And will be released at a later date further in the VHS in 1995, it was filmed in London in 1993
Also adding recorded satellite broadcast on-air version of the session live video work “Sacrifice Of Victor” in the live house at the after-show.
This is to play while interwoven guitar solos of Jimi Hendrix Beams the blues and soul numbers with perfect control and command also band while relaxing, just “live” video work.
Sumio live without lie falsehood can be the ability as a musician Highness witnessed!
I want to see more the Prince of part of the Mavis Staples and Steele’s a guest have quite featuring! I will think, but I think in such a such also have fan very grateful ~ late-night secret live in the atmosphere after London show has been filled, including live.

And in this time of the initial release version comes with a disc-2 as a limited bonus, there in about 25 minutes uncut recorded broadcast of the times who appeared the Prince in “Muppets Tonight” in 1997.
Just in the appearance of the time of the renamed uproar, showcase appearances, the two songs as starring Niki was Di artists to the broadcasting station while being teased as “(laughs habit no name” to the Muppet our program as “original Prince” .
This is the “Sign Of The Times,” recorded in the hidden masterpieces “Starfish and Coffee”, this song is actually sang the classmates with intellectual disabilities in a positive if you look at the Japanese subtitle lyrics You should be aware that it is the song.
And the other one song “I GAVE HER ANGELS”. So, beautiful and fleeting tears of masterpieces devoted to children and wife Mayte that birth was soon widowed.
This hidden masterpieces to performance in the Innovation Sarah kids program expressive power of the “original Prince”, you do not have exactly only with natural endowment to say so.

And even the Prince of live in in 2004 “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” award ceremony, pro-shot recording from EPK source of the same program. LET’S GO CRAZY~SIGN ‘O’ THE TIMES~KISS with three songs that have been showcased in a continuous medley song, guitar, band playing, the perfect content in all arrangements!
And Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, play of Dhani Harrison et al. Traveling Will Belize
Terekyasu manipulate long guitar solo and impromptu to the Beatles song “WHILE My Guitar” is,
Frown on the Beatles fan? ! While buying also be part fan and guitar solo, which is also referred to as “His Royal Highness lifetime best solo!” Has become a long talk about grass-legend in all Highness believers.




1994年4月、国内某衛星放送が有料視聴者を募るキラー番組として、プリンス&ワーナーと独占契約を獲得し放送されたコンセプト・TVショウ〜”the BEAUTIFUL experience”。



いきなり演奏されるファンキーなリフが強烈なロックナンバー”インタラクティブ”、Crystal Ballまでお預けとなる”デイズ・オブ・ワイルド”はこのTV放送だけのテイク、そして”Pheromone”などエホバの証人に入信し「真面目な殿下?!」になる前の「地上最強にエロかった殿下」の本領発揮チューンがたっぷり。

もちろん低迷打破の起死回生のヒットとなったポップなソウルの超名曲”The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”や、狂暴なテクノロック”Loose”、静と動のアレンジ〜虐待を題材にした衝撃作”Papa”などなど、あふれる才能のキラめきぶりに、もはや溜息しかありません。



そしてもう1曲は”SHE GAVE HER ANGELS”。そう、生後間もなく死別した子供と妻マイテに捧げられた美しくも儚い涙の名曲。

そして更に2004年に「ロックの殿堂」授賞式でのプリンスのライヴを、同番組のEPKソースからプロショット収録。LET’S GO CRAZY〜SIGN ‘O’ THE TIMES〜KISSと連続メドレーで披露された3曲は歌、ギター、バンドの演奏、アレンジ全てにおいて完璧な内容!
■DISC-1;1DVDR■ 112mins / PROSHOT
━the BEAUTIFUL experience 1994━
[Live at Paisley Park, Feb.13th, 1994] JPD Slate
Days of wild
All Blues
The Jam
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

━The Sacrifice Of Victor 1993━
[Aftershow ; London, 8th Sept 1993] Introduction
The Ride
The Undertaker (Mavis Staples & the Steeles)
Jailhouse Rock
House In Order (Mavis Staples & the Steeles)
Intermission (the NPG Hornz)
Call The Law feat.Prince Guitar Solo (the NPG)
Heart In My Hand (the Steeles)
Love (the Steeles)
In The Mood (the NPG Hornz)
Soldier In The Army Of The Lord (the Steeles)
━Bonus Clip━
Beautiful(music video)
■DISC-2;1DVDR■ 60mins / PROSHOT
━Muppets Tonight 1997━
[US Air Date September 13, 1997] Opening / Muppets Tonight Theme / skit #1;Delirious
Hoo-Haw Ha Ha Ha Hayseed Band with PRINCE
Starfish And Coffee performed by PRINCE 日本語字幕
She Gave Her Angels performed by PRINCE 日本語字幕
skit #Le’s Go Crazy / ending

*from Officail EPK Video with slate & Cue
[AT THE WALDORF HOTEL, N.Y.C. Mar 15th 2004] Program introduction
Outkast & Alicia Keys Speech
Prince ; Comment
Tom Petty & Jeff Lynn
HANDLE WITH CARE(Tom Petty, Jeff Lynn, Dhani Harrison)
WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS (Tom Petty, Jeff Lynn, & Prince on Guitar)
ALL CASTS – FEELIN’ ALRIGHT (Keith Richards on Gtr)



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