Police / Synchronicity Williamsburg 1984 / 2CDR

Police / Synchronicity Williamsburg 1984 / 2CDR / Gypsy Eye Project

Translated text:

Live At William & Mary College, Williamsburg, Virginia February 8th 1984. Soundboard

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From the “Synchronicity” national tour, which was the last tour of The Police in the 80’s, February 8, 1984 Williamsburg Performance in Virginia appeared as a complete 2 pairs by soundboard sound source! Although the tour of Atlanta has been left in the official footage for 83 years since this tour, there are few tunes in the editing, and the complete recording sound board / live sound source of this 84 year performance is a collector’s item of interest as the last record of this tour! !


01. Voices Inside My Head
02. Synchronicity I
03. Synchronicity II
04. Walking In Your Footsteps
05. Message In A Bottle
06. Walking On The Moon
07. O My God
08. De Do Do Do
09. Wrapped Around Your Finger
10. Tea In The Sahara

01. Hole In My Life
02. Spirits In The Material World
03. Invisible Sun
04. One World
05. King Of Pain
06. Don’t Stand So Close To Me
07. Every Breath You Take
08. Murder By Numbers
09. Roxanne
10. Can’t Stand Losing You
◆Live At William & Mary College, Williamsburg, Virginia February 8th 1984

Gypsy Eye Project. GEP-343A/B

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