Paul McCartney / Wings From The Wings / 2CDR

Paul McCartney / Wings From The Wings / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live at the Forum, Inglewood, CA. USA 23rd June 1976

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Wings The over-the-America tour of 1976 not only won literally the whole country, it is also a tour that produced important items that became a turning point for the history of bootleg. Since it is a tour that is extremely popular all the way, a number of audience recording titles have been produced, centering on the TMOQ series of labels. Among them, the legendary existence was “luxury box set” WINGS FROM THE WINGS “.
This is the item which recorded the LA forum performance of June 23 which is the final day of the tour on 3 LPs on the LP, because of the nature of the LP media, when the live complete recording board was not enough, the latest stage of Wings It appeared spectacularly as a captured item. Of course the package packed in the box from the volume of three sets. Besides, it seems that it stubbornly showed that it pressed three LPs against the 200th anniversary of American Independence commemoration with the color / vinyl of the three color (red and blue white) of the star stripe flag. There is no reason not to sell with this.
The prospect of being a set of luxury packages containing the latest Wings’ s latest US tour that everyone wanted to listen to was spectacularly recording Ultra Sales. However, the authorities were noticed that it was sold too much. It was also a trigger for large-scale crackdown on bootlegs that had never been done in the United States. It turned out to be a big turning point in a bad way that it turned out to be a peaceful market until the wings’ box was released, actually with the bootlegers that were active at the time.
It was also due to this box set that the official live album “WINGS OVER AMERICA” was released half a year after the live end, at that time the timing of a speed release was realized considerably.

On the other hand, although the stereo audience recording contained in this set was quite high quality sound, it was completely overlooked from the appearance of a further high quality sound source on the same day by Mike Millard recording in the CD era It became existence existence. Although there was also a CD that was recorded with LP dropping of only box set (package was also box specification), considerable equalization was given to scratch scratch noise which frequently occurs due to color / vinyl, impairing the appeal of the original sound source It was done.
After this, the Millard sound source and its items got popular, but also familiar with the Beatles’ gift item “20 × 4” and “THE STEREO WALK” REMASTER WORKSHOP will digitize “WINGS FROM THE WINGS” Daring. That is one of the latest works of the label, but there are some songs such as “The Long And Winding Road” in the first half of the live, that the introduction chipping has occurred due to a mistake in file creation, and at the acoustic corner As scratch noise was scattered, etc. REMASTER WORKSHOP as rough as a rough was seen (“I’ve Just Seen A Face” in the early stage is the state from the original LP), it is a title that is not widely circulated At the same time, if there is no such trouble, is it also possible to release with items on press CD? I will be missed what I thought.
Nevertheless the charm as an item that you can play back the sound source of legendary LP box set easily with CD is enough. Let’s say that although it is beyond the range of each superb audience recording excavated in the CD era, it is still a sound quality that you can enjoy enough. Or, is not it troublesome to pull out the LP box set and play it? (LOL)

ウイングス1976年のオーバー・アメリカ・ツアーは文字通り全米を制覇しただけでなく、ブートレグ史にとってターニングポイントとなった重要アイテムを生み出したツアーでもあります。何しろ人気の頂点を極めたツアーですので、TMOQ系列のレーベルを中心としていくつものオーディエンス録音タイトルが生み出されたもの。その中でも伝説的な存在となったのが「WINGS FROM THE WINGS」という豪華なボックスセット。
またオフィシャルのライブアルバム「WINGS OVER AMERICA」がライブ終了から半年後という、当時としてはかなりのスピードリリースなタイミングが実現したのもこのボックスセットのせいでした。

この後でミラード音源とそれのアイテムが普及してしまったのですが、ビートルズのギフト・アイテム「20×4」や「THE STEREO WALK」でもおなじみREMASTER WORKSHOPが「WINGS FROM THE WINGS」のデジタル化を敢行。それが同レーベルの最新作の一つなのですが、ライブ前半における「The Long And Winding Road」などいくつかの曲でファイル制作時のミスによるイントロ欠けが生じてしまったこと、さらにアコースティック・コーナーではスクラッチノイズが散見されるなど、REMASTER WORKSHOPらしかぬ粗が見られた(「I’ve Just Seen A Face」序盤の欠損は元のLPからの状態)ことから、あまり広く出回っていないタイトルであると同時に、それらのトラブルがなければプレスCDでのアイテムでのリリースも可能では?と思えたことが惜しまれます。

Disc 1(64:58)
1. Venus And Mars/Rock Show 2. Jet 3. Let Me Roll It 4. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
5. Medicine Jar 6. Maybe I’m Amazed 7. Call Me Back Again 8. Lady Madonna
9. The Long And Winding Road 10. Live And Let Die 11. Picasso’s Last Words
12. Richard Corey 13. Bluebird 14. I’ve Just Seen A Face 15. Blackbird 16. Yesterday

Disc 2(64:03)
1. You Gave Me The Answer 2. Magneto And Titanium Man 3. Go Now 4. My Love
5. Listen To What The Man Said 6. Let ‘Em In 7. Time To Hide 8. Silly Love Songs
9. Beware My Love 10. Letting Go 11. Band On The Run 12. Hi Hi Hi 13. Soily

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