Paul McCartney & Wings / Antwerp 1972 Soundboard /1CD

Paul McCartney & Wings / Antwerp 1972 Soundboard /1CD /Non Label

Cine Roma, Antwerp, Belgium, 22nd August 1972 SBD(UPGRADE)

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Compared to contemporary artists such as ZEP and 70’s Clapton, Wings has hardly ever leaked direct-coupled soundboard recordings. At the height of popularity such as the 76-year-old Over America tour, most of the performances were recorded on multitrack, and even in Europe where it was the beginning of the band for 72 years, it was multiple for “ THE BRUCE McMOUSE SHOW ” It has been found that the recording was being performed. On the contrary, it is said that the same recording was made on August 22 in Antwerp, which will be released this time.
It is presumed from these circumstances that the PA-out soundboard recording was not performed (there was no request from the members, not only for the staff’s check), but there were really few outflows of the directly connected sound source It is also Antwerp that has been realized. In addition, it was a valuable sound source that revealed the fact that he played Redberry’s “Cottonfields” only on this day.
In 1990, an item bearing the title appeared on both LPs and CDs, and at this time, the first directly connected Antwerp sound board was revealed. The recording time was less than 40 minutes, but it was a level enough to raise a topic among enthusiasts because it was a valuable early wings sound source.

After that, “GOT ANY TOOTHPICKS?” With a toothpick and the longest recording board “BELGIUM 1972″ from VOXX combined with the audience recording of the same day have been considered the best. However, since all of these items were based on sound sources that had been turned around in the Genesis drop copy era during the cassette trade era, there was a consistent problem that the sound quality was quite rough. Above all, the swell of the cymbals, which had been amplified during the noise reduction that was common in the dubbing and cassette days, was really stressful and painful. It was a spilled soundboard, but this problem definitely raises the bar for listening.
Under these circumstances, no brand new items appeared, and the brand of direct connection sound board for enthusiasts was being pushed. However, in recent years, a bonus part titled “ BIRD ON THE WINGS ” containing the audience recording of the Danish performance on August 1st saw the secret sound board of Antwerp’s table directly connected sound board greatly improved in sound quality .
Therefore, the swelling and muffled sound of the cymbals, which had been a chronic disease of past releases, were largely eliminated. Still, the sound quality was still muffled, and the monaural recording was localized near the left channel, so it was presumed that the copy was still a few generations in between. Above all, it was recorded as a bonus, so it doesn’t seem like it didn’t catch the attention despite being the upper version.

72It is a direct connection sound board of Antwerp in ’72 that has been facing unfortunate as time has passed, but this time, a row generation version was provided independently by overseas traders. The upper feeling is a vivid word. Not only is it a pure monaural state where the muffled sound and localization bias have been wiped out, but the listening comfort of the overwhelmingly natural state is outstanding especially above all.
In the end, there is no cross-fade processing between the songs in the past items, and the very ‘raw’ sound source, which is exactly the same as the space generated when the staff stopped recording on the recorder for each song and recorded it as it was It was available. Regarding this crossfade, it was remarkable at the end of “ Give Ireland Back To The Irish ” where the performance itself was not recorded in the first place, but that part was also firmly recorded until the sound disappeared and recording stopped Was.

And while it is a monaural recording that is inferior to the stereo sound of multitrack recording, Antwerp’s multitrack recording that saw the sun on the bonus disk “ WINGS OVER EUROPE ” of the “ WINGS 1971-1973 ” box that is difficult to obtain is gorgeous In fact, the Rolling Stones were all blue-red dubbed for release, and it was a fact that they were not in their raw state. The point that this sound source conveys the actual performance realistically is high.
For example, “Best Friends” can hear the sound of Akogi in “WINGS OVER EUROPE”, but no one plays Akogi on the day’s stage (laughs). It’s clear that this is just getting picked up for the release, and it’s fun to hear and compare.
魅力 Another thing that appeals to the directly connected sound board is that the singing voice of Paul is pushed to the front. It’s just a fresh balance. It’s too appealing to hear the cover of such a rare “Cottonfields” with such a real sound source. In addition, the sound quality is suddenly improved.
よ り Above all, the performance that combines the roughness and momentum of the early Wings is also attractive. For Paul, it’s just a whim of songs that have been sung since the quarry men’s era, but even so, a fun atmosphere can be conveyed realistically thanks to the directly connected sound board. Although it is a live sound source that is less than 40 minutes in net, anyway, natural and clear reborn amazing sensation of upper will surprise manias all over the world!

ZEPや70年代クラプトンといった同世代アーティストと比べ、ウイングスは卓直結サウンドボード録音がほとんど流出していません。76年のオーバー・アメリカ・ツアーのような人気絶頂期はほとんどの公演をマルチトラックで録音しており、バンドにとっては駆け出しの時期だった72年のヨーロッパですら「THE BRUCE McMOUSE SHOW」用にマルチの収録が行われていたことが判明しています。それどころか、今回リリースされる8月22日のアントワープ公演も同様の録音が行われていたという。

その後、つまようじ付きの「GOT ANY TOOTHPICKS?」、さらには同日のオーディエンス録音と組み合わせたVOXXからの最長収録盤「BELGIUM 1972」がベストとされてきました。ところが、これらのアイテムはどれもカセット・トレード時代にジェネ落ちコピーで回ってきた音源を元にしていたことから、かなり荒っぽい音質であったという一貫した問題があったのです。中でもダビングとカセット時代にありがちなノイズ・リダクションが繰り返される中で増幅してしまったシンバルのうねりは本当にストレスを感じさて辛かった。せっかくの流出サウンドボードだったのですが、この問題がリスニングの敷居を上げてしまっていたことは間違いありません。
こうした中で新たなアイテムが登場することもなくマニア向け卓直結サウンドボードの烙印が押されつつありました。しかし近年になって8月1日のデンマーク公演のオーディエンス録音を収めた「BIRD ON THE WINGS」というタイトルのボーナス・パートで大幅に音質の向上したアントワープの卓直結サウンドボードがひっそり日の目を見ました。

とどめは過去のアイテムにあった曲間のクロスフェード処理もない、正にスタッフが曲ごとにレコーダーのスイッチの停めながら録音した際に生じた空白もそのままな、極めて’raw’な状態の音源を入手できたのです。このクロスフェードに関しては、そもそも演奏自体が未収録だった「Give Ireland Back To The Irish」が終わる際に顕著だったのですが、その箇所も音が消え行って録音が止まるところまでしっかり収録されました。

そしてマルチトラック録音のステレオ・サウンドには及ばないモノラル録音である一方、あのゴージャスで入手困難な「WINGS1971-1973」ボックスのボーナス・ディスク「WINGS OVER EUROPE」で日の目を見たアントワープのマルチトラック録音はどれもリリース用にローリング・ストーンズも真っ青なオーバーダビングが施されており、生のままの状態とは言えない状態であったのは事実。その点こちらの音源が実際の演奏をリアルに伝えてくれるというポイントは高い。
例えば「Best Friends」などは「WINGS OVER EUROPE」ではアコギの音が聞こえますが、当日のステージでアコギは誰も弾いていません(笑)。ここを挙げただけでもリリースに向けて手に加えられていることは明白ですし、それが聞き比べられるのも一興。

1. Best Friend
2. Soily
3. I Am Your Singer
4. Seaside Woman
5. Say You Don’t Mind
6. Henry’s Blues
7. Give Ireland Back To The Irish
8. Cottonfields
9. My Love





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