Paul McCartney / Tokyo 2002 1st Night / 2CDR

Paul McCartney / Tokyo 2002 1st Night / 2CDR / Non label

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Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 11th November 2002



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High sound quality and full inclusion from the original master , the 11 performances November is the first day of the Tokyo Dome performance from Japan tour in 2002 . Use the master DAT tapes are limited release to touring after 12 years ago , was used in Masterport of relapse-free after having fallen closed out in the blink of an eye . The properties of sound , hiss I or noticeable in a quiet part enough to seem this is DAT? Honest ( It is estimated that the result of adjusting the least the REC level to avoid clipping ) , musical sound itself is the minute , and it is recorded securely in a quality sense of stability and balance . It is a recording and B block from the arena front , but no one is noisy crowd around Fortunately , during a performance because it is particularly quiet , you can be so Kikiiru without stress . Last week , the bonus release , because it is recorded in the same equipment and in 2003 Budokan Stones was popular unexpectedly , sound and pleasant nature , you can enjoy the Tokyo opening night in 2002 memorable . Performances later , as a representative of the place where it was said that Ultra Zone and Sylphy, ultra- high-quality sound board of the angry waves has been released one after another , as compared honesty , and impregnable sound of them , sober impression is not wiped , but excessive equalization do not rely on , the sound recording of the original if you prefer , and I think in would listen to this fun piece . After enjoying the best sound board of the press such as ” TOKYO 2002 2ND NIGHT ” Enjoy also to the board that this was recorded in somehow nostalgic sound while sober .

2002年日本ツアーから東京ドーム公演初日である11月11日公演を、オリジナルマスターより高音質・完全収録。12年前にツアー公演直後に限定リリースされ、瞬く間に売り切ってしまって以後再発なしのMasterportで使用されたマスターDATテープを使用。音の特性としては、正直これがDAT?と思える程に静かな部分ではヒスノイズが目立ったりするのですが(音割れを防ぐためにRECレベルを控えめに調整した結果と推測されます)、楽音自体はその分、良質なバランスと安定感でしっかりと録音されています。アリーナBブロック前方からの録音とのことですが、幸い周囲に煩い観客がおらず、特に演奏中は静かですので、それほどストレスなく聴き入ることができます。先週、ボーナスリリースされ、意外と好評だったストーンズの2003年武道館と同一機材で録音されているので、自然で気持ちの良いサウンドで、記念すべき2002年東京初日公演を楽しめます。公演後、SylphyやUltra Zoneと言ったところを代表として、怒涛の超高音質盤が続々とリリースされ、正直、それらの鉄壁サウンドと比べると、地味な印象は拭えないのですが、過度なイコライズに頼らない、素の音の録音が好みの方なら、この一枚も楽しく聴けてしまうのではないでしょうか。プレス盤の「TOKYO 2002 2ND NIGHT」のような極上サウンドを楽しんだ後は、地味ながらも何となく懐かしい音で録音された本盤も合わせてお楽しみ下さい。

Disc 1 (79:59)
1. Opening SE 2. Hello Goodbye 3. Jet 4. All My Loving 5. Getting Better 6. Coming Up
7. Let Me Roll It 8. Lonely Road 9. Driving Rain 10. Your Loving Flame 11. Blackbird
12. Every Night 13. We Can Work It Out 14. You Never Give Me Your Money / Carry That Weight
15. The Fool On The Hill 16. Here Today 17. Something 18. Eleanor Rigby 
19. Here, There And Everywhere 20. Michelle

Disc 2
1. Band On The Run 2. Back In The U.S.S.R. 3. Maybe I’m Amazed 4. Let ‘Em In 5. My Love
6. She’s Leaving Home 7. Can’t Buy Me Love 8. Live And Let Die 9. Let It Be 10. Hey Jude
11. The Long And Winding Road 12. Lady Madonna 13. I Saw Her Standing There
14. Yesterday 15. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) 16. The End

Paul McCartney – Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Piano Rusty Anderson – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brian Ray – Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals Paul Wickens – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Abe Laboriel, Jr. – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

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