Paul McCartney / Austin City Limits 2018 Weekend One / 1DVD

Paul McCartney / Austin City Limits 2018 Weekend One / 1DVD / Non label

Live at American Express Stage, Zilker Park, Austin, TX, USA 5th October 2018 PRO-SHOT

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Translated Text:

Is not it already the peak in the 2010’s? I wonder if it is the current pole that made it completely imperative so that I could not stay without thinking before I came to Japan. The new album released with full evolution into a huge hit, looks also tightened, yet elegant style making the most of gray hair. Besides, I can not think that it is an old man in his 70s, such as being able to dance to his songs on SNS. The dance also performs it suppleably much more flexibly than when I was singing “P.S. Love Me Do” without instruments (laugh). As if to express Paul ‘s confidence that can be called outstanding without a doubt, there are already two latest live images already. Although it is “LIVE FROM NYC” as “UNDER THE STAIRCASE” already released, the video from the main part of Frechenn Up Tour will finally come on!
I think now that the album production has reached the final phase, but this year’s Paul ‘s live activity has not been announced very well. The live appearance which became the first obvious in such a situation was “AUSTIN CITY LIMITS MUSIC FESTIVAL” which was held in Austin this month. After that the whole tour was announced and it was translated into the present, but the stage of the first October 5 was delivered a few days later in the Austin festival performed for two weeks, and delivery in the morning in Japan I wonder if there were more people who saw it. The point that this broadcast was revolutionary is that the festival itself was an event involving public broadcasting stations called PBS, so the live broadcasting would have been committed. Not only that, it is high point that the entire show was broadcast this time. Although the same broadcasting was realized when it appeared in the event “OUTSIDE LANDS FESTIVAL” in 2013, only one third of the actual live was released, and the Japanese performance will be broadcast later And there was a picture that the value has halved. However this time the entire live broadcasting well.
This year’s pole that was already blessed with two professional shots and live images, but with this it will be compatible with the emergence of a splendid pro shot from the main part of Frechenn Up Tour. The image of special gigs such as Abbey Road Studio and Grand Central Station is of course attractive, but the stage that the album was released and the engine was fully opened The main story is what I want to watch quality live images. Paul’s confidence of this year can be heard from the place which fulfilled wishes of such fans most easily fulfilled.
In case
There are only things that have already performed some shows after the start of the tour, and both Paul and the band are doing great. Also, a little tightened Paul’s looks are “cool pro shoot”. Regarding his singing voice, it is not comparable with the early stage of “UNDER THE STAIRCASE” who was also warming up. It is remembered that this is also the condition of the main part of the tour. It seems that Shout of “Maybe I’m Amazed” which seemed to be one side faded for a while, seems to be able to sing powerfully as old age got it firmly. This may also be a technique that Paul’s current confidence can do. It is the first time in the horn section that became clear by the gig at Grand Central Station that I can not miss anything. As a result of their participation, the part supplemented with the sampling of the keyboard of Wix was reborn as a suddenly realistic and exciting sound.
Though they are already proven in such examples as “Letting Go” and “Lady Madonna” in the example gigs, they feature more extensively in the main tour. Among them, the finale “Golden Slumbers – Carry That Weight – The End” that will make the performance a wonderful presence. Because sampling was still somehow at Grand Central Station, the power of the horn ‘s realistic sound is masterpiece. I feel like being able to show the innate nature of the Nama musical instruments. In the same way “Horn and Let Die” added with the above “Letting Go”, it seems like it seems like an illusion as if watching the 1976 wings. In addition, “Ob – La – Di, Ob – La – Da” etc is also fun to hear freshly by adding horn. Director’s performance is also expected, as horn section appears from the audience.
And the content of the enhancement to record “Confidante” from the new album from the image of Abbe Road, Studio Gig, surely will not be picked up in the stage performance surely in the bonus. As you can see if this Austin’s video has already been viewed in real time in Japan in the morning, releasing on press DVD is perfect without complaint of image quality and sound quality. Even more so if you can see Freshin Up Tour tour in the best quality Pro Shot video. Prepare to catch up with Abbey Road Studio before album release, Grand Central Station just after release of album, and Paul who will visit Japan this time in Austin!

もはや2010年代における頂点を迎えたのではないでしょうか…そう思わずにいられないほど完全無敵状態なのが来日を目前に控えた現在のポール。満を持してリリースしたニューアルバムは大ヒット、ルックスも引き締まり、なおかつ白髪を活かしたエレガントなスタイルへと進化。おまけにSNS上で自身の曲に合わせて踊ってみせる姿など、とても70代の老人とは思えない。その踊りも「P.S. Love Me Do」を楽器無しで歌っていた頃と比べて随分としなやかにこなしてくれてます(笑)。疑いなしに絶好調と呼べるポールの自信を表わすかのごとく、最新ライブ映像は既に二種類も存在しています。それが既にリリース済の「UNDER THE STAIRCASE」に「LIVE FROM NYC」だった訳ですが、今度はフレッシェン・アップ・ツアーの本編からの映像が遂に登場します!
今思えばアルバム制作が最終局面を迎えていたからなのですが、今年のポールのライブ活動は予定がなかなか発表されませんでした。そうした状況で最初に明らかになったライブ出演が今月オースティンで行われた「AUSTIN CITY LIMITS MUSIC FESTIVAL」でした。その後ツアー全体も発表されて現在に至る訳ですが、都合二週に渡って行われたオースティンでのフェス出演は最初の10月5日のステージが数日後に配信され、日本でも朝の配信を観られた方が多かったのではないでしょうか。この放送が画期的だった点は、フェス自体がPBSという公共の放送局絡みのイベントであったことから、ライブの放送が確約されていたことでしょう。それだけでなく、今回はショー全体が放送されたことがポイント高い。2013年には「OUTSIDE LANDS FESTIVAL」というイベントに出演した際に同様の放送が実現したものの、公開されたのは実際のライブからわずか3分の1程度に過ぎず、後に日本公演が放送されると価値が半減してしまったという映像がありました。しかし今回はライブ全体をしっかり放送。

既にツアー開始後いくつかのショーをこなしているだけのことはあり、ポールもバンドも絶好調。それに、ちょっと引き締まったポールのルックスが「プロショット映え」するカッコよさ。彼の歌声に関してはウォーミングアップを兼ねていた「UNDER THE STAIRCASE」の序盤とは比べ物にならないほど。これがツアー本編のコンディションというもなのかと思い知らされます。そのせいで一時は衰える一方かと思われた「Maybe I’m Amazed」のシャウトが老いたなりに力強く歌いこなせるようになった様もしっかりと捉えてくれている。これもまた現在のポールの自信が成せる技かもしれません。それに何と言っても見逃せないのがグランド・セントラル駅のギグで明らかとなったホーン・セクションの活躍ぶり。彼らが加わってくれたことによって、それまでウィックスのキーボードのサンプリングで補っていたパートが俄然リアルでエキサイティングなサウンドに生まれ変わったのです。
例のギグの「Letting Go」や「Lady Madonna」などで既に威力が証明されていた彼らですが、ツアー本編ではさらに大々的にフィーチャー。中でも素晴らしい存在感で演奏を盛り立ててくれるのがフィナーレの「Golden Slumbers – Carry That Weight – The End」。グランド・セントラル駅では何故かサンプリングのままでしたので、ここでのホーン隊のリアルな音の迫力は圧巻。ナマ楽器ならではの生々しいさを見せつけられる思いがします。同じようにホーンが加わった「Live And Let Die」などは先の「Letting Go」と共に、まるで1976年のウイングスを観ているかのような錯覚を受けそうなほど。さらに「Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da」などもホーンが加わったことによって新鮮に見聞きできるのも楽しいかと。客席からホーン・セクションが登場する演出などは来日公演でも期待されます。

1. A Hard Day’s Night 2. Hi, Hi, Hi 3. Can’t Buy Me Love 4. Letting Go 5. Come On to Me
6. Let Me Roll It 7. I’ve Got a Feeling 8. My Valentine 9. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five
10. Maybe I’m Amazed 11. I’ve Just Seen a Face 12. In Spite of All the Danger
13. From Me to You 14. Love Me Do 15. Blackbird 16. Here Today 17. Lady Madonna
18. Fuh You 19. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! 20. Something 21. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
22. Band on the Run 23. Back in the U.S.S.R. 24. Let It Be 25. Live and Let Die
26. Hey Jude 27. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
28. Helter Skelter 29. Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End

Bonus Track
Live at Abbey Road Studios, London, UK 23rd July 2018

30. Confidante


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