Paul McCartney / Closed Circuit 1990 / 1DVD+2Bonus CDR

Paul McCartney / Closed Circuit 1990 / 1DVD+2Bonus CDR / Non Label
Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 9th March 1990 plus Ltd Bonus 2CDR “Closed Circuit Osaka 1990” PRO-SHOT

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Paul McCartney’s first visit to Japan was a great success, but due to overwork that had occurred in the tour so far, the schedule was changed just before, so Wings had to stop visiting Japan twice. The happening, which should be called the final test for the Japanese fans who have been tasted, took place. Due to this change, there were fans who could not go to Tokyo Dome, and before that it was introduced as a good measure against the accident of last-minute change as a live broadcast in the public viewing format of the concert, which was closed at that time. What was called a circuit. The last issue was a last-minute change, so it’s too short a time to sign a live recording and broadcast deal with any TV station. It was the bitterness plan that was considered there.
Ironically, thanks to this policy, we were fortunate to have two days worth of professional shot footage left at Paul’s first performance in Japan. It is the same situation as the Beatles’ first performance in Japan. Preparations are required for live broadcasting on a closed circuit, where a test recording with the same settings as the production scheduled for March 9 will be performed at the show on the 7th. As you can see from the fact that there was also a day for test shooting in the Rolling Stones TV recording that was held at Tokyo Dome a month ago, such careful preparation was essential at the time.
And on the 9th, the live circuit of the concert was successfully performed in various places by the closed circuit, but in both images, the video recorded via the local station involved in the closed circuit event leaked, It was a real surprise that the professional shots of the two shows leaked less than half a year after the end. Looking back on it now, I am impressed that it often leaked at that speed in times when there was no Internet.

However, it was not easy to see that the two performances were also professional shots… On the 7th, the image quality was rough although it was completely recorded, and on the other hand, on the 9th, the image quality was quite clear at that time, but the recording ended when “Let It Be” started. Each had its merits and demerits. Well done.
In any case, unlike the Stones, two kinds of professional shot images were released from Paul’s first performance in Japan where television broadcasting did not materialize, so it quickly spread to the boot video store that was extremely popular at the time and explosive sales Recorded. There may be many enthusiasts who acquired it at the time. As anyone who has seen them can understand, the images on the 7th, which had a rough image quality from the time, are tough to see now. Therefore, when the DVD age is reached, the frequency of item releases will be overwhelming on the 9th.
However, it is undeniable that the image quality on the 9th, when many items have been released, has a rough image quality as a DVD level. In addition, about 15 years have passed from the outflow of videos to the appearance of DVD items, and in addition to the number of times of dubbing of the acquired video, the realistic problem that the tape itself deteriorates over time is added. It has become. In fact, many of the DVD versions available today have the symptom peculiar to video tape deterioration, such as noise at the top and bottom of the screen and shaking.
However, the better copy videotape provided by maniacs was in very good condition, and almost no such noise peculiar to aging was included. Of course, the image quality is still not at a level that can be called master quality this time, but even though the image quality was slightly improved compared to the items released in the past, it is compatible with the limited press DVD release. It was.
At the time of release, we will restore as much video and audio problems as possible. Interestingly, the quality of this image is concentrated in “Band On The Run” in any version, and depending on the item, even horizontal lines due to video degradation will be recorded on DVD as it is. There is. However, this version has only a slight break in sound, which is a proof of better copy. Nevertheless, we are also restoring this issue.

Speaking of world tours from Paul 1989 to 1990, movies are made, and it was a new place to remember that it was released as “GET BACK SPEED CORRECTED EDITION”. The pitch of the movie (laughs) full of that sense was finally corrected, making it easier to see at a stretch. Compared to that, genuine live images are exceptional. The movie “GET BACK”, which has a lot of discomfort in the finish, is too much for the audience to see, but on the contrary, this image shows almost no audience seats because it is a live broadcast of the stage itself. You can watch the performance carefully.
Also, unlike the DVD items that have been released so far, it is also a high point that it is recorded that Paul was interviewed at the entrance of the dressing room before the concert and the scene where the special merit award in Grammy of the same year was awarded. At that time, the scenes of the Grammy Award were already being broadcast in Japan in real time, but the point is that more accurate subtitles were added at that time. At the time of broadcasting at the Grammy Award, there was a strange translation that “Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder had a tingling back”, but here it is more accurately translated as “back tingling”. ..
And since it is a closed circuit that will be released in various places, it is smiling that the band below Paul is clearly aware of the recording. However, because Paul’s singing voice itself was hit by a slump like a rescheduled schedule, it seems to be hard to sing around “Got To Get You Into My Life” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. Perhaps this is the reason why television broadcasting did not materialize. However, it is certain that the hot performance of pushing it will be transmitted because of the image without small work. Surprisingly, Robbie Macintosh waving at the audience several times. Or maybe it’s precious now that a close-up of Linda’s drumming of “Let’Em In” that Denny Lane had been playing in the days of Wings was a close-up.
Including these scenes, a classic professional shot image produced from the performance of the first visit to Japan that is full of nostalgia now. Although it is a standard item, it is still a dissatisfied image in terms of image quality. By making it a DVD from this better copy, we will release items that can be enjoyed in a much more stable state than past items. However, it is certainly easier to see than the live video in Rio after the Japan performance. What’s more, the 1990 Tokyo Dome, which can be seen as a genuine live image without any small work, is truly amazing!

★ 2 hours longest recording.


もっとも二公演もプロショットが見られる…と手放しで喜べる状態でなかったのが一筋縄ではいかないところ。7日の方は完全収録ながら画質が粗く、反対に9日の方は当時としてはかなりクリアーな画質でしたが「Let It Be」が始まったところで録画が終了という不完全収録。それぞれ一長一短な状態だったのです。よくできたものですね。
そのリリースに際しては、映像や音声の問題も可能な限りレストア。面白いことに本映像はどのバージョンでも「Band On The Run」で画質の劣化が集中しており、アイテムによってはビデオの劣化による横線が周期的に入ってしまう状態のままでDVD化されたものまであるほど。しかし今回のバージョンは微弱な音切れだけにとどまっており、これがベターコピーの証となるでしょう。それでいてこの問題に関してもレストアしています。

ポール1989年から90年にかけてのワールドツアーといえば映画が作られており、それが「GET BACK SPEED CORRECTED EDITION」としてリリースされたのは記憶に新しいところ。あの演出感が満載な映画(笑)のピッチがようやく補正されて一気に見やすくなったものです。それと比べて純正のライブ映像というのはやはり格別。色々と違和感のある仕上がりが今となっては目立つ映画「GET BACK」は観客の姿が映りすぎるきらいがありましたが、反対に本映像はステージそのものを生中継という目的から、客席がほとんど映らず演奏をじっくりと鑑賞できる。
そして各地で公開されるクローズド・サーキットということから、ポール以下バンドが明らかに収録を意識している様子が微笑ましい。ただしポールの歌声自体はスケジュールを組みなおした程の不調に見舞われたせいで「Got To Get You Into My Life」や「Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band」辺りになると歌うのが辛そう。この辺りがテレビ放送の実現しなかった理由かもしれません。しかし、それを押しての熱演ぶりが小細工のない映像故に伝わってくるのも確か。また意外なところではロビー・マッキントッシュが客席に向かって何度か手を振ってみせている。あるいはウイングス時代にはデニー・レインが叩いていた「Let ‘Em In」の太鼓をリンダが叩いてみせる姿が大写しとなるのも今となっては貴重かと。



DVD (121:56)
1. Interview ★既発未収録

2. Opening Film: Grammy Awards 1990★既発未収録
Grammy Awards honoring Paul McCartney with the Lifetime Achievement Award on 21st February 1990

3. Figure Of Eight
4. Jet
5. Got To Get You Into My Life
6. Rough Ride
7. Band On The Run
8. We Got Married
9. Let ‘Em In
10. The Long And Winding Road
11. The Fool On The Hill
12. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
13. Good Day Sunshine
14. Can’t Buy Me Love
15. Put It There
16. Things We Said Today
17. Eleanor Rigby
18. This One
19. My Brave Face
20. Back In The U.S.S.R.
21. I Saw Her Standing There
22. Coming Up
23. Let It Be



Paul McCartney / Closed Circuit Osaka 1990 / 2CDR / Non Label
Recorded at May Theater, Suita, Osaka 9th March 1990 *Audience Mike Recording(from Original Masters)
Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 9th March 1990

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It’s a bonus that comes only in the first week of this release, but it’s a valuable sound source that can be called the maniac’s extreme. It’s an audience recording that was performed at the venue where the closed circuit of the show on March 9 was held. It can be said that it is similar to the Rolling Stones 1995 Paradiso sound source. The location is Suita Mei Sitter in Osaka. The recording seat is located in the 5th row center on the 2nd floor of the S seat, which is the optimum position for recording. In fact, the sound quality is stable all the time. Of course, it is the first appearance original live master provided by the recorder.

From the beginning, it was recorded from the beginning of the “We Can Work It Out” sung by the Grammy Awards and Stevie Wonder, confirming that this definitely captures the venue of the closed circuit. Of course, the video of the Grammy Awards will not be shown in the venue of Tokyo Dome.
The recording is a typical cassette recording and has a thin texture, but the sound coming from the speakers at the venue is captured in a great balance, so if you are a maniac, you can enjoy it with a quality that you can afford. However, since the recording is a cassette, there are some deficiencies, and the audio of the image (that is, monaural sound board recording) is patched at these points so that the performance can be heard completely.

▽ Of course, there are professional shot images that can be seen in this release until the live comes in the second half, and it is true that it is for maniacs. However, unlike the environment where it is different from a normal concert, it is interesting that the sound source recorded in a situation close to a movie theater. In addition, immediately after the screening started, I could hear the throat coughing right after the taper, but as of 2020, it is a scene that I will be pulled. In other words, it is ironically reminded that in 1990 people were able to innocently clear their throat in places where people gathered (bitter smile).
Aside from that, in the professional shot video, the value after listening to “Let It Be” after Paul started singing and immediately after it started, is high. In the past, an item that recorded the sound of the video of Tokyo Dome March 9 was used to supplement the missing part with an audience recording at a similar closed circuit venue, but it is a different sound source. In addition, listening to the entire sound source recorded at the venue this time will be a valuable presence for enthusiasts.
And the participants of the closed circuit who saw Paul singing like a singer without a musical instrument in the phantom song “PS Love Me Do” that was unveiled on the world day Did you see it? It’s fun to think about it. On the other hand, the interaction between the pole who got off the stage and the interviewer who was very touched was moving though it was short.
▽ It’s sure to be an extremely valuable sound source at the same time as the maniac sound source. In other words, it is an audience recording that catches the sound of the live broadcast venue. Make sure you get this in the first week of release!


冒頭からグラミー賞、スティービー・ワンダーが歌う「We Can Work It Out」の途中から録音されているところからも、これが間違いなくクローズド・サーキットの会場を捉えたものであることを確信させてくれます。当然ながら東京ドームの会場内にグラミー賞の映像は流されません。

それはともかく、プロショット映像ではポールが歌い始めてすぐに途切れてしまった「Let It Be」以降が聞ける価値という価値は高い。過去に東京ドーム3月9日映像の音声を収録したアイテムで欠損部を同じようなクローズド・サーキット会場のオーディエンス録音で補った編集が既に存在していましたが、それとは別の音源。それに今回は会場で録音された音源の全編を聞けるというのもマニアには貴重な存在となるはず。
そしてこの日が世界初公開となった怪曲「P.S. Love Me Do」でポールが楽器を持たず、まるでシンガーのように歌う姿を目の当たりにしたクローズド・サーキットの参加者はこの場面をどんな風に見ていたのだろうか?などと思いを巡らせるのも楽しい。反対にステージを降りたポールと感極まったインタビュアーのやり取りは短いながらも感動的。

Disc 1 (77:09)
1. Opening Film (Grammy Awards 1990)
2. Figure Of Eight
3. Jet
4. Got To Get You Into My Life
5. Rough Ride
6. Band On The Run ★3:40 – 5:15 SBD補填
7. We Got Married
8. Let ‘Em In
9. The Long And Winding Road
10. The Fool On The Hill
11. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band ★6:41 – 最後までSBD補填
12. Good Day Sunshine ★0:00 – 0:27 SBD補填
13. Can’t Buy Me Love
14. Put It There

Disc 2 (76:58)
1. Things We Said Today
2. Eleanor Rigby
3. This One
4. My Brave Face
5. Back In The U.S.S.R.
6. I Saw Her Standing There
7. Coming Up
8. Let It Be
9. Ain’t That A Shame ★1:20 テープチェンジで欠落 – 拍合わせで処理
10. Live And Let Die
11. Hey Jude
12. Yesterday
13. P.S. Love Me Do★世界初公開
14. Get Back
15. Golden Slumbers
16. Carry That Weight
17. The End
18. Interview (After Show) ★ショウ直後のバックステージ・インタビュー。ポール「ドウモ、ニッポン!アリガトウ」→会場アナウンス「本日の公演はこれで全て終了致しました。」★貴重!!

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