Michael Schenker Temple Of Rock / Rock Hard Festival 2015 /1DVD

Michael Schenker Temple Of Rock / Rock Hard Festival 2015 /1DVD /Non Label

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Amphitheater, Gelsenkirchen, Germany 24th May 2015.


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Amphitheater, Gelsenkirchen, Germany 24th May 2015 PRO-SHOT  Graham Bonnet the century of Japan also entered the countdown state MICHAEL SCHENKER’S TEMPLE OF ROCK. to the growing expectation, I think like many people of feel like back in the teens, but the latest professional shot of the Michael Schenker is appeared in the press DVD! This work, which has recorded a pattern of ROCK HARD FESTIVAL appearance at this year “May 24 in Gelsenkirchen”, live video broadcast by ROCK PALAST. After doing one performance in the Czech Republic to this day, that because the next scheduled is the Japan tour, is exactly what their visit to Japan just before the last minute can be confirmed! Of course, because it is the latest digital professional shot of multi-camera, the quality is perfect one installment that is not inferior at all with the DVD works of general release. In addition to the familiar black-and-white V, red-black Michael figure for full use of V and also yin and yang symbol V is also a vivid, vibration from the arm of the blood vessels of the strings, also zoom which can be seen in ultra-clear plenty to choking to bend to still exciting. All is too perfect, it is more trouble to the point to introduce.  For festival appearances, it is not a show of full scale, the minute, and the quotient is not cut also concentration, set packed with “It’ll” list also fully holding TEMPLE OF ROCK altogether the liver of. And the “liver”, UFO, SCORPIONS and new song,. The MSG the loves Japanese, “Victim Of Illusion,” but is a place lonely because only from MSG, led the Francis Buchholz and Herman Rareberu person who supported the golden age “Michael version of SCORPIONS” is, TEMPLE is OF can not taste only in ROCK taste.  Moreover, Deguy White of vocals best condition. The latest tour of the sound source to reach one after another, unsatisfactory poor tone is noticeable Deguy (in fact, seemed suffering from an infection of the lungs during the tour, Toronto performances of April 22 has been canceled), but is, in this work whether physical condition also got better, singing voice, as I suspect not since RAINBOW. The TEMPLE OF ROCK, but he is participating as a guest of the first album, singing in two tour and a full album, no longer even style as “TEMPLE OF ROCK signs” Il for himself.SCORPIONS number you think that dangerous a few years ago, we also have a doing singing magnificently.  TEMPLE OF ROCK repertoire still own the original of its Deguy shine. Epic “Where The Wild Winds Blow”, catchy from the intro riff about cake in mind, “Lord Of The Lost And Lonely”, begins with praise the feat of Ronnie James Dio and Jon Lord at the beginning of “Before The Devil Knows etc. You’re Dead “and the like. Sore sing of Deguy while that monkey, in Michael’s guitar Kirekire, will no longer to hear the presence of immobility as a new Schenker anthem. Then, when said sharp guitar, also this song. “Rock Bottom” in the last! Ultra-ultra-super beautiful professional shots at hand Tanmari of guitar solo! No way to be waged in, even after the announcement in ’40, and can watch expires was solo about this is ….  In addition, two of the video also included which became a hot topic in the co-starring with Kirk Hammett of METALLICA in this work. The first is, VH1 Classic program “THAT METAL SHOW”. Kirk, we have professed Michael of fan for a long time, cover album “GARAGE INC.” The proposed the UFO even (a result, millet not to death in the band), and the one that has changed the life enough to mention the “FORCE IT” . In this work, it has been recorded from the moment of face-to-face, but will be watching the heartwarming scene from the beginning in the fan mode fully open. Then, expand the jam that compete for the riff of “Natural Thing” motif (I’m not a “Let It Roll”, “FORCE IT” is in spite like) solo. Kirk himself “unconsciously Michael of Rick would come out in the improvisation. In particular,” KILL ‘EM ALL “It is something” As says, despite its Kirk seems phrase, let hear the reply of solo there is no discomfort. Bloodline of Michael alive in METALLICA that became the modern heavy metal of that is the moment that glimpse.  Second, the pattern that Kirk was jump in the TEMPLE OF ROCK live that have been made ​​after half a month from co-star. Of but is a real audience shooting here, super quality of the sound quality for both, it is not overshadowed to be followed after the pro shot. In addition to the clear pole ball image quality, to Judging from where ultra-throat up the audience of the arm is not reflected at all, you may staff shooting of photo pit.Video of the previous co-star begins with “Holiday”, Kirk along with the riff of “Natural Thing” appeared. Also it will play further “Blackout”.  Even so, pro-shot of Michael really long time. I have followed his appearance in a variety of audiences the video, but also digital professional shot is exceptional. But got off a week until the Japan tour of the large expectations, also the highest in this work is preparation just before the last minute. However, after seeing the historical co-star in any more, it is also a great one that will change to that unforgettable the finish. And, even for those who can not go to live, this work is crucial video, along with official was shot in 2012 Netherlands DVD “LIVE IN EUROPE”. In the future, I do not know much or tour continues, will not probably come out a video of more than this work. Official and the equivalent of super video, it is certainly a one piece that you can collection at hand permanently. By all means, do not miss this opportunity!★ only the first 80 sheets, will be the release of dated numbering into sticker. Live at Amphitheater, Gelsenkirchen, Germany 24th May 2015.

グラハム・ボネットとの世紀の来日もカウントダウン状態に入ったMICHAEL SCHENKER’S TEMPLE OF ROCK。高まる期待に、まるで10代に戻ったような気分の方も多いと思いますが、そのマイケル・シェンカーの最新プロショットがプレスDVDで登場です! 本作は、今年「5月24日ゲルゼンキルヒェン」でのROCK HARD FESTIVAL出演の模様を収録したもので、ROCK PALASTで放送されたライヴ映像。この翌日にチェコで1公演こなした後、その次の予定がジャパンツアーですから、まさに来日間際ギリギリの彼らが確認できるのです!
フェスティバル出演のため、フルスケールのショウではありませんが、その分、ショウは集中力も切れず、“コレぞ”を詰め込んだセットリストもTEMPLE OF ROCKの肝をことごとく押さえきっています。その“肝”とは、UFO、SCORPIONS、そして新曲。MSGをこよなく愛する日本人としては、MSGから「Victim Of Illusion」だけというのは寂しいところですが、黄金時代を支えたフランシス・ブッフホルツとハーマン・ラレベル本人を率いた“マイケル・バージョンのSCORPIONS”は、TEMPLE OF ROCKでしか味わえない旨みです。
しかも、ヴォーカルのドゥギー・ホワイトも絶好調。次々に届く最新ツアーの音源では、今ひとつ調子の悪さが目立ったドゥギー(実際、ツアー中に肺の感染症を患ったらしく、4月22日のトロント公演はキャンセルされました)ですが、本作では体調も良くなったのか、RAINBOW以来ではないかと思うような歌声。TEMPLE OF ROCKには、ファーストアルバムのゲストとして参加した彼ですが、ツアーとフルアルバム2枚で歌い、もはや“TEMPLE OF ROCKの看板”としての風格も身についている。数年前には危なっかしいと思えたSCORPIONSナンバーも、堂々と歌いこなしています。
そドゥギーが映えるのはやはり自身がオリジナルのTEMPLE OF ROCKレパートリー。勇壮な「Where The Wild Winds Blow」、イントロリフから脳裏にこびりつくほどキャッチーな「Lord Of The Lost And Lonely」、冒頭でロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオやジョン・ロードの偉業を讃えて始まる「Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead」などなど。ドゥギーの歌いっぷりもさることながら、マイケルのギターもキレキレで、もはや新たなシェンカー・アンセムとして不動の存在感を聴かせてくれます。そして、ギターのキレと言ったら、やはりこの曲。ラストの「Rock Bottom」! 超ウルトラ・スーパー美麗プロショットで繰り広げられる手元たんまりのギターソロ!! まさか、発表から40年経っても、これほどキレたソロが観られるとは……。
さらに、本作にはMETALLICAのカーク・ハメットとの共演で話題になった2つの映像も収録。1つめは、VH1 Classicの番組「THAT METAL SHOW」。カークは、古くからマイケルのファンを公言しており、カバーアルバム「GARAGE INC.」でもUFOを提案(結果、バンドに合わず没)し、人生を変えた1枚に「FORCE IT」を挙げるほど。本作には、対面の瞬間から収録されていますが、最初からファンモード全開で微笑ましいシーンが観られます。その後、「Natural Thing」のリフをモチーフに(「FORCE IT」が好きな割に「Let It Roll」じゃないんですね)ソロを取り合うジャムを展開。カーク自身「インプロでは無意識にマイケルのリックが出てしまう。特に『KILL ‘EM ALL』なんかはね」と語る通り、カークらしいフレーズでありながら、違和感がないソロの応酬を聴かせます。現代ヘヴィメタルの祖となったMETALLICAに息づくマイケルの血脈が垣間見える瞬間です。
2つめは、共演から半月後に行われたTEMPLE OF ROCKのライヴにカークが飛び入りした模様。ここのみオーディエンス撮影ですが、サウンド・画質共に、プロショットの後に続いても見劣りしないスーパー・クオリティ。クリア極まりない画質に加え、観客の腕が一切映っていない超どアップなところから察するに、フォトピットのスタッフ撮影かも知れません。映像が共演前の「Holiday」から始まり、「Natural Thing」のリフと共にカークが登場。さらに「Blackout」も演奏します。

1. Intro 2. Doctor Doctor 3. Live And Let Live 4. Lights Out 5. Where The Wild Winds Blow
6. Natural Thing 7. Victim Of Illusion 8. Lovedrive 9. Coast To Coast 10. Vigilante Man
11. Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead 12. Lord Of The Lost And Lonely
13. Rock You Like A Hurricane 14. Rock Bottom

Bonus Tracks

That Metal Show with Kirk Hammet
Metropolis Studios, New York City, New York, USA 14th April 2015
1. Conversation #1 2. Jam #1 3. Conversation #2 4. Jam #2 5. Conversation #3

Live at RockBar Theater, San Jose, California, USA 3rd May 2015
6. Holiday 7. Natural Thing (with Kirk Hammet) 8. Blackout (with Kirk Hammet)




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