Led Zeppelin / Winterland Ballroom 1969 Day 2 / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Winterland Ballroom 1969 Day 2 / 2CD / Non Label

Translated text:
Only Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA. USA 26th April 1969



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Turn back and forth, but the April 26 ZEP has appeared on the eve of Fillmore, Meien of winter land will also be released in limited press CD. From the fact that sound board recording, numerous ZEP Compared with the Fillmore is one of the classic among the live sound source, it overlooked to this day because it is indeed ’69 specific audience recording. Certainly the sound quality is not denied feeling rank fall than the day after the audience recording, it will be especially seen the trend in the second set. However it is not a January of AUD sound source as vintage quality that sit in a row of the Fillmore, but also “in ’69 like maniacs prefer” From one of the sound source (from the era of analog LP to the split, such as “First Concert As The New Yardbirds” that the item has been issued it is surprising might might) would be fact. To put it the other way around, decisively mania is I exist plainly also reason to prefer this day. That is because to obtain a solid reputation among addition to the “splendor of playing content,” “fun of the set list” of mania.
First After all plant of Scream different dimension level of the day. At least until the middle of 1971 is the Who to the plant, which has created a legend in the Screaming voice that can not be imitated also, but this Once trees and his day, no longer overwhelm the American audience at hyper-Scream enough to not think that the work of man You. And even more so because of it has been issued from the beginning of the live. Obvious as great performance through ’69 are left many is “I Can not Quit You Baby”, but performance of here Among them will affirm that it is Meien enough among the best three.

However, it does not stop only to Scream of young plant’re responsible for the splendor of the performance of the day. Paige also in the next day of the sound source that was introduced earlier over to live full-length technical play in tricky it was me showing off as much as to say whether even this. Also shine his play this day. “How Many More Times,” he let me hear in the middle of, when you before the modal of speedy play earnestly, that without being allowed to re-recognize that he had been referred to as “the three major guitarist” with Clapton and Beck not help. And also excellent compatibility with the first Les Paul that was put into live. Here we were able foundation of sound of ZEP.
Yet free and creative stage performance, which is also that unfolded around the Page of the guitar does not miss to hear that are inscribed to the sound source of this day. After all is the next day exactly the configuration is different from. Where in had been playing in the encore “Communication Breakdown” is here opening. Although in the same the next day of live I had been playing at the end of the second set, “Dazed And Confused” is still playing in the first half, the deployment of surprise in the second half of the performance. So, I psychedelic play appeared using the theremin to be synonymous with “Whole Lotta Love” after. The song what is different, but the Paige has turned the theremin in live It was a historic moment this day for the first time called.

However, it is. More historic moment will come to the ending of live this day. They were Mise playing in Encore, has not yet been recorded even done, it what it is not except that surprised because it was a just was composed “Whole Lotta Love”. Become synonymous with ZEP, but that riff or song part I have already been completed, the deployment of intermediate completely undecided state. It is for it was the play rolled playing transcendence of Paige was Mise buried there. Interestingly, the theremin, which is unveiled earlier is not used here. Rather machine ahead of the introduction, you will of what flashed that we should use the theremin in this song. Thus BBC radio version or more innocent playing that became the same as in the previous release showcase will even be impressive.
The first performance was it was not Moriagara at all when the beginning (you might rather the new song was drinking Katazu to the scene that has been unveiled …) Even the audience, where you are sending the enthusiastic applause and the performance is finished also I can not help but remember the excitement. Appearance of repertoire birth to be a staple of late ZEP live after. Such historical sound source was Mise was recorded in the most natural state (please try compared all means listen to past items) of it is this release. Fillmore and line up in ’69 the first half, the ultimate Meien is here!

順番は前後しますが、フィルモアの前日にZEPが出演した4月26日、ウインターランドの名演も限定のプレスCDにてリリースとなります。サウンドボード録音ということから、数多いZEPライブ音源の中でも定番の一つであるフィルモアと比べると、いかにも69年的オーディエンス録音であることから見過ごされがちなのがこの日。確かにその音質は翌日のオーディエンス録音よりもランクが落ちる感は否めず、特にセカンド・セットにその傾向が見られてしまいます。もっとも一月のフィルモアの居並ぶAUD音源ほどビンテージな音質ではありませんが、やはり「69年好きのマニアが好む」音源の一つ(その割にアナログLPの時代から「First Concert As The New Yardbirds」といった収録アイテムが出されていたのは意外かもしれません)であることは事実でしょう。逆に言うと、決定的にマニアがこの日を好む理由もはっきりと存在するのです。それは「演奏内容の素晴らしさ」に加え「セットリストの面白さ」がマニアの間で揺るぎない定評を得ているからです。
まず何と言ってもこの日のプラントのスクリームは異次元レベル。少なくとも1971年の半ばまでは誰にも真似できないスクリーミング・ボイスで伝説を作り上げていたプラントですが、この日の彼ときたら、もはや人間業と思えないほどのハイパー・スクリームでアメリカのオーディエンスを圧倒します。しかもそれがライブの序盤から発せられているのだからなおさら。69年を通して当たり前のように素晴らしい演奏が数多く残されている「I Can’t Quit You Baby」ですが、その中でもここでのパフォーマンスはベスト3に入るほどの名演だと断言いたします。

しかし、この日の演奏の素晴らしさを担っているのは若きプラントのスクリームだけにとどまりません。先に紹介した翌日の音源でもライブ全編に渡ってトリッキーでテクニカルなプレイをこれでもかと言わんばかりに見せつけてくれたペイジ。彼のプレイはこの日も輝きを放っています。「How Many More Times」の中間で聴かせてくれた、スピーディーな弾きまくりの様を前にすると、彼がクラプトンやベックと共に「三大ギタリスト」と称されていたことを再認識させられずにはいられません。しかも初めてライブに投入したレスポールとの相性も抜群。ここでZEPのサウンドの基礎が出来たのです。
それでいて自由で創造的なステージ・パフォーマンス、これもまたペイジのギターを中心として繰り広げられたことがこの日の音源に刻み込まれている点も聞き逃せません。何しろ翌日とまったく構成が違うのです。そこではアンコールで演奏されていた「Communication Breakdown」がここではオープニング。同じく翌日のライブではセカンド・セットの終盤に演奏されていた「Dazed And Confused」がやはり前半で演奏しているのですが、その演奏の後半では驚きの展開が。そう、後に「Whole Lotta Love」の代名詞となるテルミンを使ったサイケデリックなプレイが登場するのです。曲こそ違いますが、ペイジがライブでテルミンを投入したのはこの日が初めてという歴史的な瞬間でした。

ところが、です。それ以上の歴史的な瞬間がこの日のライブのエンディングに訪れます。アンコールで彼らが演奏してみせたのは、まだ録音すら行われていない、それこそ作曲されたばかりの「Whole Lotta Love」だったのだから驚くほかはありません。ZEPの代名詞となる、あのリフや歌パートは既に完成しているのですが、中間の展開が完全に未定な状態。そこを埋めてみせたのがペイジの超絶弾きまくりプレイだったのです。面白いことに、先に披露されたテルミンがここで使われていません。むしろ先の導入を機に、この曲でこそテルミンを使うべきだとひらめいたのでしょう。よって同じようにリリース前の披露となったBBCラジオのバージョン以上に初々しい演奏は感動的ですらあります。

Disc 1 (56:04)
1. Intro. 2. Communication Breakdown 3. I Can’t Quit You 4. Dazed And Confused
5. You Shook Me 6. How Many More Times

Disc 2 (59:07)
1. White Summer/Black Mountain Side 2. Killing Floor 3. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
4. Pat’s Delight 5. As Long As I Have You 6. Whole Lotta Love

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