Led Zeppelin / How The West Was Redone 2018 Remaster / 3CDR

Led Zeppelin / How The West Was Redone 2018 Remaster / 3CDR  / Non label

Translated Text:
Recorded at the L.A. Forum on 25th June 1972 and Long Beach Arena on 27th June 1972


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At the shop front or mail order during the period from March 16 (Fri) to March 20 (Tue), the general group of Beano, Tricone, Uxbridge, Wardour, Zion, Trial, Masterport etc. Progress series Virtuoso, Sigma, Amity , Gravy Train, Sirene, Ayanami, Windmill, Metal Zodiac, Shades, Power Gate, Black Box, Rising Arrow, DTB, Langley, Calm & Storm, and also two new “Import Title” items of the re-introduction gallery It is an introduction of items of gifts for items you purchased.

★ However, we will only target customers who wish. When purchasing, please tell by telephone, shop front, order form, e-mail.

“Best HOW THE WEST WAS WON” · “This is the original sound” and the masterpiece which was praised was revived with latest and meticulous remaster. What is the main point of this work is “HOW THE WEST WAS REDONE” produced by “WINSTON REMASTERS”. It is a masterpiece that blew out the world as the best sound version of the official live album “HOW THE WEST WAS WON”.
The beginning of the thing goes back to 2003 when the official “HOW THE WEST WAS WON” was released. It was a revolutionary official release that surprises the world, but its sound is excessive until it is loud. Although it is close to the power, it all sounded as a wall of sound, and fine details were buried in the sound. This was not only the story of “HOW THE WEST WAS WON”, it was also the trend of the rock world, and of the then music world at the time. Although the digital remaster became a major trend from the end of the 1990’s, high sound pressure became standard as master of the same work many times. The cause is human hearing. Human ears are easy to feel high sound pressure as “clear”. Of course, for a music fan who is deaf, it is a rumorous story, but the goods are sold for every layer. As a result, even if the mastering which should have been “high sound quality competition” is replaced with “sound pressure competition (loudness war said to the world”), engineers themselves are “too loud”, they are scared of reputation It has heated up to no dimension. Although it has calmed down now, in 2003 when “HOW THE WEST WAS WON” came out in the world, it was a time when Loudness War was about to reach its peak.
Of course ZEP mania of the whole world can not make Loudness War a reality. So “WINSTON REMASTERS” was the best sound, “HOW THE WEST WAS REDONE” was produced with aiming for the original sound. This is based on the official DVD-AUDIO 6 channel sound as the base, “more natural sound” · “more ears-friendly sound” oriented. All the sounds were strong now with nature being reborn, but Johnsy ‘s base notes buried in the sound wall, especially on the official board, were great. Recovering the dynamism and the groove, the maniacs all over the world are greatly impressed. One of them is Mr. Jimmy Paige himself / herself who hides what. Although I will visit our shop many times, I asked enthusiastically, “What’s the difference with the official board?” “What is the problem with the official board?”, I was very interested in the finish .
But the story is not over yet. The original “REDONE” was also a product of 2012, which has a worldwide rebound against Loudness War. Four years have passed since then, reflections on Loudness War have shown calmness, and something “really good sound is being pursued” in a dimension exceeding mere “high and low of sound pressure” is pursued. This work is what was remastered by that 2016 standard. Of course, there is neither the original nor the child when making flashy equalization, so carefully adjust the sound image / volume that seems to be optimal. While making full use of the original texture, I added scales up and a little brightness, and made a natural yet powerful sound. You can understand the difference as soon as you compare it.
This work is “HOW THE WEST WAS WON” that our shop is best. You can feel the detailed details in a natural and natural detail that is completely different from the sound of the official board, and you can also enjoy the heavy listening response that is different from the original “REDONE” on that. Although this work alone can fully taste ZEP LIVE ‘s Taoyuan Town, even if you listen to it further, you can double your fun. Please, enjoy this superb sound to your heart’s content.


★ Early in 2018, we have done a full re-master again this time. The points are as follows. If you listen with headphones, you will understand well, but it is definitely the best version compared to the official, past 2016 remaster. The depth of the sound is completely different. By all means, please compare listen with the already released board. You can easily judge that upper.

(Remaster point)
★ I adjusted the point of the impression that the treble is cloudy and the crash feeling of the cymbal.

3月16日(金)~3月20日(火)の期間、店頭または通販にて、ジェネラル系のBeano, Tricone, Uxbridge, Wardour, Zion, Trial, Masterport等、プログレ系のVirtuoso, Sigma, Amity, Gravy Train, Sirene, Ayanami, Windmill、メタル系のZodiac, Shades, Power Gate, Black Box, Rising Arrow, DTB, Langley、Calm & Storm, また新作及び再紹介ギャラリーの「Import Title」のアイテムを2枚ご購入頂いたお客様へのプレゼント・アイテムのアイテムのご紹介です。


“ベストなHOW THE WEST WAS WON”・“これぞ本来のサウンド”と激賞された大傑作が最新・細心リマスターで蘇りました。本作の大元になっているのは、“WINSTON REMASTERS”が制作した『HOW THE WEST WAS REDONE』。公式ライヴアルバム『HOW THE WEST WAS WON』のベストサウンド・バージョンとして一世を風靡した名作です。
事の始まりは、オフィシャル『HOW THE WEST WAS WON』がリリースされた2003年に遡る。世界を驚かす画期的な公式リリースではあったのですが、そのサウンドは過剰なまでにラウド。ド迫力に迫るサウンドではあるものの、すべてが音の壁として押し寄せ、細やかなディテールが埋没してしまうサウンドだったのです。これは『HOW THE WEST WAS WON』だけの話ではなく、ロック界、ひいては当時の音楽界全体の傾向でもあった。90年代末期からデジタルリマスターが一大潮流となったわけですが、同じ作品が何度もマスタリングされるうち、高い音圧がスタンダードになっていったのです。その原因は人間の聴覚。人間の耳は高い音圧を「鮮明」と感じやすいのです。もちろん、耳の肥えた音楽ファンにとっては噴飯物な話なのですが、商品はあらゆる層に向けて販売される。その結果、「高音質競争」だったはずのマスタリングがいつしか「音圧競争(世に言うラウドネス・ウォー)」へと代わり、エンジニア自身が“ラウドすぎる”と分かっていても、世評が怖くて下げられない次元にまで加熱してしまったのです。現在は落ち着いてきましいたが、『HOW THE WEST WAS WON』が世に出た2003年は、まさにラウドネス・ウォーが最盛期を迎えようとしている時代だったのです。
もちろん、全世界のZEPマニアがラウドネス・ウォーを是とするはずがない。そこで“WINSTON REMASTERS”がベストサウンド、本来のサウンドを目指して制作したのが『HOW THE WEST WAS REDONE』でした。これは公式DVD-AUDIOの6チャンネル音声を大元とし、“よりナチュラルなサウンド”・“より耳に優しいサウンド”を志向。すべての音が自然に生まれ変わって今強いたが、特に公式盤では音の壁に埋没していたジョンジーのベースノートは素晴らしかった。躍動感とグルーブを取り戻し、世界中のマニアが大感動。その1人が、何を隠そうジミー・ペイジ氏本人。当店に何度も足を運んでくださいますが、「公式盤となにが違う?」「公式盤の問題は何?」と熱心に訊ね、その仕上がりには非常に興味を持っていらっしゃいました。
本作は、当店が最良と信じる『HOW THE WEST WAS WON』です。公式盤の音とはまるで違うナチュラルで詳細なディテールをビビッドに感じ取れ、その上でオリジナル『REDONE』とも違う重厚な聴き応えも堪能できるのです。本作だけでもZEPライヴの桃源郷を十分に味わえますが、さらに聴き比べていただければ楽しさも倍増する逸品。どうぞ、この極上サウンドを心ゆくまでご堪能ください。


★ 2018年初頭、このたび再度の、全面的なリマスターを敢行致しました。ポイントは下記の通り。ヘッドフォンで聴けば良く分かりますが、公式、過去の2016リマスターと比較して、間違いなく最良のヴァージョンに仕上がっています。音の奥行きが全然違います。是非、既発盤と聴き比べてみて下さい。そのアッパーぶりは容易に判断できます。


Disc 1(56:09)
1. LA Drone * 2. Immigrant Song *** 3. Heartbreaker *** 4. Black Dog ***
5. Over The Hills And Far Away *** 6. Since I’ve Been Loving You * 7. Stairway To Heaven ****
8. Going To California * 9. That’s The Way ** 10. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp *

Disc 2(53:10)
1. Dazed And Confused ** Walter’s Walk The Crunge 2. What Is And What Should Never Be *
3. Dancing Days *** 4. Moby Dick **

Disc 3(40:52)
1. Whole Lotta Love ** Boogie Chillun * Let’s Have A Party ** Hello Mary Lou * Going Down Slow *
2. Rock And Roll * 3. The Ocean ** 4. Bring It On Home **

*From the Long Beach Arena **From the LA Forum ***From a mix of the 2 nights ****Mellotron from Southhampton, 1973.

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