Led Zeppelin / Zurich 1980 / 3CD

Led Zeppelin / Zurich 1980 / 3CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland 29th June 1980


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If I think about it, in 1988, the CD bootleg began to appear and the Renaissance was blown off. However, the ZEP that appeared around that time was only an easy thing that traced LP sounds such as “JAPAN TOUR 71” and “IN THROUGH THE OUTTAKES”. In the world of LP, the time when LP “HOW MANY MORE TIMES” which contained Mike · Millard sound source ‘s genial erosion pitch rising long beach was recorded was said as sound board recording etc. In such a situation it appeared like a comet “TOUR OVER EUROPE 1980”. Suddenly, except for BBC and Fillmore of each era 929 and Destroyer only ZEP live soundboard did not exist Suddenly, sound board of Zurich performance on June 29, 1980 which appeared on the media of CD suddenly appeared. Speaking of the impact of recording!
“TOUR OVER EUROPE 1980” which recorded Zurich’s soundboard recording which could not be heard in the age of LP was a shocking work that became a rumor even among fans other than ZEP mania. Of course, there was also a fall in that it was recorded to the middle of “Kashmir” that hit the tape change while rejecting such a topic, and the part of the second tape containing the latter part of the live was released without being recorded yet but…. “SILVER COATED RAILS” to discover the latter half of the live is more than a year away from the release of “TOUR OVER EUROPE 1980”.
As a matter of course, historical importance as such a release item is important, but it was Zurich’s performance to cut the front of the 1980 Tour · Soundboard, which will be released in large quantities after this, I can not help feeling something like. Because the best performance of 80 years tour was this day. If this was around Mannheim in July the evaluation may have been completely different. Or perhaps he never called such a topic. Not so much Zurich is a performance outstanding among the 80 years tour, and the impact that it was able to hear with excellent soundboard recording of sound quality was too big.

It can be said that the performance of this day matured the momentum and liveliness that was in Brussels. As I mentioned in Brussels which will be releasing at the same time this time that the 80 year tour is good in June, events like this have occurred that foresee the latter tragedy in the meantime. Happening that Nuremberg’s performance on 27th will be cut off with just three songs due to Bonzo’s poor physical condition (a case of eating too much banana). It can be said that Zurich has achieved a dramatic revival after a day off from there.
Actually ZEP here is also full of momentum and vibrancy that are transmitted just by listening just like Brussels. I feel like I’m feeling a sense that I have to recover the Nuerberg ‘s work on my feet absolutely. Still the most noteworthy in Brussels is the good tone of the plant’s voice. As if to respond to Paige’s declining play quality in this tour, the plant can not deny the impression that the voice has gotten older further on this tour. Even when compared with the time of Nebworth, even borrowing the power of a harmonizer is also clearly conveyed from sound board recording.
In the face of such decay of the play face and the physical face, still the joy that ZEP was able to return to tour of long time from the tour of June was overflowing. I wonder if that vertex was Zurich. Anyway, the fact of the plant ‘s foggy is realistically recorded, it is really funny to listen to the audience urging audiences to repeat the “eye thank you” posed this day. Still, the strength of the performance that the entire band emits is truly wonderful.
After all, “All My Love” is very popular, and “Since I’ve Been Loving You” in which Paige plays with gui guitar is a masterpiece. The plant that I was watching it sideways praises him after playing, so it’s smart again because Paige is answering “Thank you so much” in front of the microphone. Cohabitation of this margin and strength will be the attraction of Zurich performance. And saying that it’s funny is what makes you say “Kashmir” big stray. Once you get lost once in a while, as long as Johnsie managed to steer somehow, someone would go in a different direction. It might be a miracle to have such a masterpiece happening happened in the 80 years tour’s leading performance.

Not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of sound quality Zurich was also the preeminent sound source boasting the best clearance among the 80 year tour and sound board. Therefore, in recent years, items that supplemented the “Kashmir” deficiency in audience recording became commonplace, but as a result, items with crazy pitch of the soundboard main part were released, and so on, the 80 The point that Zurich, which can be referred to as the basics, was missed as unexpectedly is disappointing.
Therefore, this time it is recorded again from Winston Remasters version of security. The equalization sense of Winston Remasters and the clearness of Zurich sound board are outstanding compatibility, finish which can be called definite version without complaint. Accuracy of pitch is natural, and the example audience recording adjustment is perfect. Not only ZEP mania but also all the rock fans finished in exquisite Zurich who would like to take full care of the ZEP final lively performance.
And this time bonus disc-3 is also included. There, the American radio station Westwood One contains the program that broadcast Zurich’s sound board. To tell the truth, I was shocked by the high sound quality of the Westwood One ‘TOUR OVER EUROPE 1980′, and since it was released this time Zurich was on air publicly broadcasting on public radio for many times. In addition, we had repeated broadcasting with BBC Live in 1969 and 71 when Westwood One was acquiring broadcasting rights in the United States. For example, the bootleg of “RARE BROADCASTS” had been released in the past, but it also included programs that Westwood One broadcasted with Zurich.
This time includes the version broadcasted by Westwood One in 2000 and only “Stairway To Heaven” takes 71-year BBC take. Besides, BBC take was broadcasted, but I cut them and recorded them on one disc. It is interesting that this broadcast is interesting to eliminate the disparity from the BBC sound source, it will cover the Zurich sound source with fierce equalization and fake cheers. Even from such treatment, interesting sound sources that can reconfirm that Zurich Soundboard is an excellent sound source are recorded at the same time. After all, Zurich in 1980 is an exceptional name sound source!

思えば1988年、CDブートレグなるものが登場し始めてルネッサンスが吹き荒れたものです。ところがその頃に出ていたZEPはと言えば「JAPAN TOUR 71」や「IN THROUGH THE OUTTAKES」といったLPの音をトレースした安直なものばかり。またLPの世界ではマイク・ミラード音源のジェネ落ちピッチ上昇ロングビーチを収録したLP「HOW MANY MORE TIMES」がサウンドボード録音などと言われていた時代。そんな状況の中で彗星のごとく現れたのが「TOUR OVER EUROPE 1980」。各年代のBBCとフィルモアを除けば929とデストロイヤーしかZEPライブのサウンドボードが存在しなかった状況の中で突如、CDというメディアに乗せられて現れた1980年6月29日のチューリッヒ公演のサウンドボード録音という衝撃といったら!
LPの時代には欠片も聴けなかったチューリッヒのサウンドボード録音が収録された「TOUR OVER EUROPE 1980」はZEPマニア以外のファンの間でも噂になるほどの衝撃作でした。もっとも、そうした話題をさらった一方でテープチェンジに当たった「Kashmir」の途中までの収録となり、ライブ後半を収めたセカンド・テープのパートが未収録のままでリリースされてしまうという落ちもあったのですが…。「SILVER COATED RAILS」でライブ後半が発掘されるのは「TOUR OVER EUROPE 1980」のリリースから一年以上先のこと。

そうしたプレイ面や肉体面の衰えに直面しつつ、それでもなお6月のツアーからはZEPが久々のツアーに戻れた喜びがあふれていました。その頂点がチューリッヒだったのではないでしょうか。とにかくプラントのゴキゲンぶりがリアルに記録されていて、この日繰り返された「eye thank you」ポーズを観客に促す様子などは聴いていて本当に微笑ましい。それでいてバンド全体が発する演奏の力強さも本当に素晴らしいものがあります。
やはりこの日も「All My Love」は大人気ですし、ペイジがグイグイと弾きまくる「Since I’ve Been Loving You」は名演。それを横で見ていたプラントが演奏後に彼を称えている程で、ペイジがマイクの前で「どうもありがとう」と応えているのだからまた微笑ましい。こうした余裕と力強さの同居がチューリッヒ・パフォーマンスの魅力でしょう。そして微笑ましいと言えば何といっても「Kashmir」の大迷走。一度迷い出したらさあ大変、ジョンジーが何とかして舵を取ろうとしても、誰かが別の方向に行ってしまう。80年ツアー屈指の名演の中でこんな傑作なハプニングが起きてしまったのも奇跡といえるかもしれません。

そこで今回は安心のWinston Remastersバージョンから改めて収録。Winston Remastersのイコライズ・センスとチューリッヒ・サウンドボードのクリアネスは相性が抜群で、文句なしの決定版と呼べる仕上がり。ピッチの正確さは当たり前ですし、例のオーディエンス録音アジャストも完璧。もはやZEPマニアだけでなく、すべてのロックファンにZEP最後の躍動と呼べる名演をじっくりと味わっていただきたい極上のチューリッヒに仕上がりました。
そして今回はボーナス的な存在なDisc-3も付属。そこではアメリカのラジオ局Westwood Oneがチューリッヒのサウンドボードを抜粋放送した番組を収録しています。実をいうとWestwood One「TOUR OVER EUROPE 1980」の高音質に衝撃を受けており、同盤のリリース以降何度もチューリッヒを公共の電波に乗せて堂々と放送していたのです。しかもWestwood Oneがアメリカでの放送権を獲得していた1969年や71年のBBCライブと抱き合わせでの放送を繰り返していました。例えば「RARE BROADCASTS」なるブートレグが過去にリリースされたことがありましたが、それもWestwood Oneがチューリッヒ込みで放送した番組を収録したものだったのです。
今回は2000年にWestwood Oneが放送したバージョンを収録しており「Stairway To Heaven」のみ71年のBBCテイク。他にもBBCテイクが放送されていましたが、それらをカットして一枚のディスクに収録しています。この放送が面白いのはBBC音源との格差をなくすため、チューリッヒ音源に激烈なイコライズとフェイクの歓声を被せていることでしょう。そんな扱いからも、むしろチューリッヒ・サウンドボードが卓越した音源であることを再認識してもらえる面白音源が同時に収録されるのです。やはり1980年チューリッヒは別格の名音源!

Disc 1 (74:44)
1. Intro 2. Train Kept a Rollin’ 3. Nobody’s Fault But Mine 4. Black Dog 5. In The Evening
6. Rain Song 7. Hot Dog 8. All My Love 9. Trampled Underfoot 10. Since I’ve Been Loving You
11. Achilles Last Stand

Disc 2 (50:03)
1. MC 2. White Summer / Black Mountainside 3. Kashmir 4. Stairway to Heaven
5. Rock and Roll 6. Heartbreaker

Disc 3(39:58)
FM Broadcast
Westwood One Broadcast DAT Master

1. WXRT Intro/J.J. Jackson Intro 2. Trampled Underfoot 3. Since I’ve Been Loving You
4. Achilles Last Stand 5. Stairway To Heaven 6. Outro.

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