Led Zeppelin / Honolulu 1970 / 1CD

Led Zeppelin / Honolulu 1970 / 1CD / Non Label

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Honolulu International Center Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii 6th September 1970


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ZEP since the debut of, Upon completion of the historic Meien at the LA Forum that became the trigger for the first time together live sound source items are produced, ZEP will head to Hawaii to serve as the off or on vacation in the United States tour. After all until April 70 から 1969, signs of ZEP success that won the America of popular schedule word energetic is perfect comes, not appear in the US tour schedule through August to September 70 I was.
This regard to the Hawaii gig, there was a feeling that was wrapped in a veil even among enthusiasts there is also the land pattern. On this day in color 8mm video of first it appeared to the audience was taken from, those currently seen even at the Official Site in. That from the video is wearing a shirt patterned the plant was wearing in the previous press conference and the LA Forum and after the Madison Square Garden, even here, can ask that it was his for the favorite stage costumes of the time . And ZEP of this tour is that as dressed to prove the plant, it is not unimaginable sex appeal fully open costumes everyone “bitter” interesting because he had been wrapped in fashion and unshaven face after.
However, this film does not hear the essential performance mean that silent 8mm. Sound source has also been excavated about 20 years ago in such. This Hawaii gig originally, has been scheduled as the quotient of twice a day, for I have not confirm the accuracy obtained that sound source to be this release is either of the times, as the acoustic song is omitted, yet ” Configuration of “Dazed And Confused” is interrupted between the Immigrant Song “and” Heartbreaker “was not proven to be was irregular gig.

But it is valuable sound source that has been long-awaited excavation, but it is not blessed to unexpectedly release is also up to the present. It has blessed the item. If you say what it, what was released in the 1990s still become a foe that was the time just before the sound source trade in DAT and CD-R is popular, it is the less than superimposed sound dubbing becomes large in the original I Kirai there was had. Also caused deviation of the pitch of course. On the other hand in recent years, although the release was based on the previous low generation sound source from reason had appeared, this time there was a dilemma of becoming a state in which the sound quality is changed by equalize. Indeed, if not the floor until the recording state of Blueberry Hill class, as the sound source to be ranked at the top definitely in ZEP live recordings of 1970, and I was only Anyhow misfortune of treatment.
In this study is based on first-generation copy, yet has achieved recording of non-equalized. Precious Hawaii gig monaural sound quality this sound source was caught in the audience recording of, because there is inherently firm texture, and there would subjected to equalize, it is easy to fall into a state such that absolutely listening fatigue. The difference of the neighborhood is I would say it’s a point that I be perceived by this release.

Even so, the sound quality of this sound source There are very nice! In particular, recording the state of the Bonzo drum so much fresh, it is “Dazed And Confused” realistic enough to likely be thrilled in the intro of Atari. It’s more than wonderful it would state that captures the Scream of the plant in this also realistic. In addition to originally was 2 times of the show, what since has changed from usual configuration, in the two songs the first half of the live, and reflected in the somewhat flushed feeling wind. However, well seen it was a large explosion also begin “Heartbreaker” is also the band from around the plant from the intro that tantalize in ’70. After all, it finished that Blueberry Hill LA, if familiar this after the Madison Square Garden is time, yet in ’70 that had been ahead of ZEP, play quality is like is guaranteed.
And also because a compact configuration is brought show the entire listening ease, unique charm that can not taste only in this Hawaii gig. By the previous time, such as, one of the heyday live without doubt, yet sound source who have caught at a high level of sound quality as ’70 at that time will be finally released in ideal shape. Here also of course limited press CD with the release of, please enjoy the short stage of after-Blueberry Hill to your heart’s content in the natural sound quality!

しかしこのフィルムはサイレントの8mmということで肝心の演奏が聴かれません。そんな中で音源も今から約20年前に発掘されました。このハワイ・ギグは元々、1日2回のショウとしてスケジュールされており、今回リリースされる音源がどちらの回かという確証は得られていないのですが、なるほどアコースティック・ソングが省かれ、しかも「Immigrant Song」と「Heartbreaker」の間に「Dazed And Confused」が割り込むという構成がイレギュラーなギグであったことを証明していました。


それにしても、この音源の音質は非常に素晴らしいものがあります!特にボンゾのドラムの録音状態は生々しいほどで、それが「Dazed And Confused」のイントロ辺りでは続々させられそうなほどにリアル。それ以上に素晴らしいのがプラントのスクリームをこれまたリアルに捉えた状態でしょう。元々が2回のショウであったことに加え、いつもと構成を変えたからでしょうか、ライブの前半2曲では、やや流し気味な風に映ります。しかし、70年にはよく見られた、じらすイントロから始まる「Heartbreaker」辺りからバンドもプラントも大爆発。何しろ、あのブルーベリー・ヒルLAを終え、この後はマディソン・スクエア・ガーデンが控えていたという時期でしかも70年のZEPとなれば、プレイ・クオリティは保障されたようなもの。

1. Intro 2. Immigrant Song 3. Dazed And Confused 4. Heartbreaker 5. Since I’ve Been Loving You
6. What Is And What Should Never Be 7. Moby Dick
8. Whole Lotta Love (incl. Boogie Chillen’ Hideaway, Stop Messin’ Round, I’m Movin On, Roll ’em Pete – Some Other Guy, I’ve Got To Find My Baby)
9. Communication Breakdown (incl. Sing A Simple Song, American Woman)

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